Prime Originator - Chapter 733 - Unstoppable Sharpness

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Chapter 733 - Unstoppable Sharpness

"Young Master Leonhardt… so you were still alive, huh? Did you do this?" Chief Darkwind pointed at the remains of the Mother Hellbiter.

However, Leon did not answer and gulped the cup of Hellbiter Venom in one go.

It had an acidic taste, quite similar to a mixed lemon drink with a bit of sourness and sweetness; overall, it did not taste bad.

Of course, only Leon could enjoy something like this.

"Although I don't know you, you know me, huh? I suppose this is the difference between celebrities and nobodies," Leon casually tossed aside the empty cup before he said commandingly, "I won't ask again. What happened to the Crimsonfog Tribe's group?"

"Watch your tone, young man." Chief Darkwind's expression darkened before he spoke in a low tone, "I'll be the one asking the questions here. Did you kill this big thing or not?"

"It seems like talking won't get us anywhere," Leon calmly said before standing up, followed by the tier-7 divine sword appearing in his hands.

He already understood their intent and greed for the Demon King's inheritance.

At the same time, the Revered Wind Tribe's Battle Masters stared at the tier-7 divine sword in Leon's hand before their eyes lit up.

They could tell it was extraordinary at a glance.

"There's no need to try reasoning with him, Chief. We should just suppress him with force and ask the questions later," a Mid-rank Battle Master suggested as he took a single step forward.


The unstable ground compelled the Battle Master to look down along with other tribesmen.

In that instance, they realized that in addition to the scattered remains of the Mother Hellbiter, they were standing on the countless corpses of wood creatures that piled like mountains.

Shortly after, they all formed their own picture of the situation in their mind.

"I think I understand the situation now…" a High-rank Battle Master stated before continuing to speak, "Chief, we don't need to worry about this person."

"The person must have waited for the big monster to be worn out by these wood-looking creatures before he killed it. He doesn't actually possess the strength to kill it directly otherwise."

"Yeah, that must be the case."

The Battle Masters had similar viewpoints, and all agreed with the person's guess.

At the very least, they agreed that Leon did not use a normal method to kill the giant spider, which may have been a very powerful Arch Demon-level monster.

"That sword in his hand must be very good. I've never seen a weapon possess such a divine glow before…"

The Venerable Shaman and Battle Masters all cast their covetous gazes on the tier-7 divine sword without trying to hide their greed.

"We can worry about splitting the inheritance later. But first…" Chief Darkwind pointed his weapon at Leon before questioning him, "The Demon King's inheritance must be with you, right?"

"Less nonsense. Just make your move," Leon coldly urged.

Killing intent flickered in Leon's eyes as the desire to slaughter the Revered Wind Tribe's people manifested in his heart.

Regardless of whether the Revered Wind Tribe had done anything to Aria and the others, he had given them the death sentence for lusting after other people's treasures.

"Ha, we have more people. To avoid bullying you too much, we'll generously let you have the first move," Chief Darkwind spoke generously, but his heart hid a hint of weariness.

It never hurts to be too careful.

"A bunch of pretentious people," Leon snickered with disdain and said, "Don't try to be upright when you are robbing fellow humans. Either way, it doesn't matter who makes the first move. People like you are all going to die anyway."

Shortly after, Leon tightened his grip on the tier-7 divine sword.

The divine glow on the sword immediately intensified with a sharp ring before Leon suddenly slashed out with a horizontal sword wave with sword intent.


The sword wave crossed the distance very quickly, causing the Venerable Shaman and the others to be alarmed.

"Block it!" Chief Darkwind cried.

The Revered Wind Tribesmen quickly raised their weapons to block the sword wave, but few succeeded in blocking the attack without being pushed back by a few steps.

Several Low-rank Battle Master lost their balance and tumbled down the mountain of wood-creature corpses.

"Is that all you got—"

Chief Darkwind prepared to ridicule Leon's sneak attack when he suddenly saw the big chip on his tier-5 soul weapon.


His eyes widened with shock instantly.

At the same time, the tribesmen also noticed the bigger chips on their tier-4 soul weapons, one of which nearly broke in half.

"What is this terrifying sharpness?! And that only came from a f*cking sword wave?!" a High-rank Battle Master exclaimed with shock, shaken beyond belief.

"He's coming!" Chief Darkwind roared.

Leon closed the distance with a quick dash, giving his enemies no time to recover from their shock, forcing them to receive his attack with their damaged soul weapons.


The tier-7 divine sword directly sliced through a High-rank Battle Master's damaged soul weapon before proceeding to slice off the person's head and send it flying in an arc.

However, Leon did not stop there.

He immediately shot after the next target in his line of sight without suffering any consequences from clashing blows with a person of higher physical strength than him.

The tyrannical sharpness of the tier-7 divine sword had directly sliced apart any force barring its path before they could reach him.

Unless they had the same level of defense as the Mother Hellbiter or higher, Leon would not suffer from any shock from clashing blows with them.

The tier-7 divine sword will cut through everything!

Puchi! Puchi!

In a short instance, Leon beheaded another two Mid-rank Battle Masters and directly cleaved a Low-rank Battle Master in half, soul weapon and all in a domineering manner.

He was simply unstoppable.

They couldn't make use of their superior strength, and speed has always been Leon's strong point, rendering their numbers useless.

"F*ck, f*ck, f*ck!"

Chief Darkwind continuously retreated with a nasty expression while using his fellow tribesmen as shields—only for them to be cut down with little resistance.

"Venerable Shaman, help me!" Chief Darkwind requested.

However, the strongest person in their group had long turned tail and fled the moment he realized defeat was inevitable.

"F*ck!!!!!" Chief Darkwind cursed after finding out.

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