Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day - Chapter 782 - Master Danny Arrives; Lin Man Visits

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Chapter 782 Master Danny Arrives; Lin Man Visits

At an intersection not far away, a car with a Qing University logo was slowly driving over. The students’ enthusiasm was completely aroused again, and they raised colorful flowers to welcome the school’s guests.

“Welcome to our school, Master Danny.” In order to show respect to Master Danny and his family, the Qing University specially sent a vice principal to welcome him.

“Thank you.” Before Master Danny came to Qing University, he had specially learned some simple social Chinese.

“Welcome.” At the vice-principal’s signal, Xia Wanyuan walked forward and handed the flowers to Master Danny.

Master Danny had never paid attention to things on the Internet, so he did not know much about Xia Wanyuan. He only felt that this student of Qing University looked quite elegant and took another look.

The extra glance he gave Xia Wanyuan made Li Na’s heart skip a beat. Fortunately, Master Danny only took a glance before he resumed chatting with the vice principal.

“Teacher, let me help you hold the flowers.” Li Na walked over and pretended to help Master Danny get the flowers, but in fact, she squeezed Xia Wanyuan aside.

Xia Wanyuan didn’t plan to follow Master Danny to begin with and walked to the side.

As the vice principal spoke to Master Danny, he waved at Xia Wanyuan. “Teacher Xia, come here. This is Master Danny. You should learn from the master.”

Xia Wanyuan’s current status in the hearts of the principals was probably the same as the status of a genius to parents. As long as they met outsiders, they could not help but want to show off to others that they had such an outstanding child in their family.

After all, Xia Wanyuan could be used as a living signboard for enrollment and could attract many talented teachers both domestically and abroad to join Qing University. In just two months, the number of young men who applied for the position of a teacher in Qing University had doubled compared to previous years. Before Xia Wanyuan could answer, the vice principal looked at Master Danny. “Master Danny, speaking of which, our Professor Xia has a deep relationship with you. She even participated in the International Arts Competition a while ago.”

When the vice-principal said this, Master Danny looked at Xia Wanyuan in surprise. Li Na’s hand trembled.

“How’s your results? Which painting did you draw?” Master Danny did not expect that this young and beautiful Oriental woman was actually a professor at Qing University, nor did he expect that she was qualified to participate in the art competition.

“Teacher, I just wanted to say that Miss Xia participated in the competition with me. I’ve seen her painting. It’s not bad. She drew China’s landscape painting. It has a different meaning,” Li Na said first, afraid that Xia Wanyuan would leak the truth.

She knew that her teacher did not know much about China’s landscape painting. As expected, after hearing Li Na’s words, Master Danny’s interest was extinguished. He had accepted a Western-style painting system since he was young and did not know much about China’s mountains and rivers.

“Landscape painting? Not bad. To promote the national essence.” However, in China, Master Danny still had to praise Xia Wanyuan, to care of the Qing University’s reputation.

Xia Wanyuan glanced at Li Na and didn’t speak. She nodded at Master Danny. “Thank you for your encouragement, Master Danny.”

After exchanging polite greetings at the school gate, Master Danny was accompanied by the vice principal to the school meeting room.

According to the schedule, Master Danny first attended the school meeting and then gave a speech to the students of the Arts department at Qing University.

While they were away for a meeting, Xia Wanyuan returned to the office to prepare for the afternoon classes. However, just as she sat down, someone came to tell her that someone was looking for her in the school’s small garden.

Xia Wanyuan thought for a moment. “Got it. I’ll go now.”

Due to Master Danny’s visit today, the school was more tightly controlled. At this moment, the small garden was very quiet. Xia Wanyuan turned into a long corridor and saw an extremely beautiful middle-aged lady sitting in the garden.

“Hello, Professor Xia.” The noblewoman turned around and smiled when she heard footsteps. “I’m the madam of the Blue family. My Chinese name is Lin Man and I’m also Li Na’s mother.”

Xia Wanyuan had some guesses about the person who had come. Now that she had heard Lin Man’s introduction, she knew what Lin Man was here for.

“What’s the matter?” Knowing the other party’s intentions, Xia Wanyuan calmly sat opposite Lin Man. However, before the other party could answer, Xia Wanyuan looked up at Lin Man and saw that her gaze was a little strange.

Lin Man had always known that Li Na had a strong opponent named Xia Wanyuan, but she had handed everything to her subordinate and had never seriously understood Xia Wanyuan. Now, it was the first time she had seriously seen Xia Wanyuan’s appearance.

Xia Wanyuan’s eyes were actually a little similar to Old Madam Wei’s. (italis)

“I just admire your painting more, Miss Xia, so I took the liberty of coming here today to get to know you.” Lin Man swallowed the words she had prepared when she saw Xia Wanyuan’s appearance. “Oh? Then what do you want to know, Madam Lin?”

“Miss Xia, is your mother’s surname Wei?” Lin Man tried to act natural. “I think you looks a little like a friend I knew a long time ago.” “No, her surname is Tang.” After Xia Wanyuan’s mother fell out with the Wei family, she changed her name to Tang Ling.


“Oh.” Hearing Xia Wanyuan say this, Lin Man was relieved. The expression on her face became distant and arrogant. “Do you remember which painting you drew in the finals of the art competition?”

“I remember. The ‘Starry Sky’ painting was the one that you and your daughter stole to give to Master Danny.” Xia Wanyuan’s expression was calm, but her words angered Lin Man.

“Miss Xia, you have to watch your words. Without evidence, I can sue you for defamation. Miss Xia, don’t ruin your career because of a moment of anger.” Lin Man didn’t expect Xia Wanyuan to be so direct.

“So? Didn’t you look for me today because of this?” Xia Wanyuan lowered her head to look at the time. She was too lazy to argue with Lin Man anymore, so she stood up and prepared to leave.

Wait, since you’ve already said it clearly, then I’ll be honest. I heard that you do business. You’ve never drawn ‘Starry Sky’ in the finals. My Blue family will protect your business in Continent M. Other than the International Painter Association, I’ll give you a spot as an honorary member of any association.”

After Lin Man finished speaking, Xia Wanyuan stopped.

A confident expression appeared on Lin Man’s face. She knew that no one would reject her tempting conditions. After all, with the Blue family protecting them in Continent M, it was equivalent to stepping on the shoulders of a giant to do business. Any businessman knew how precious this opportunity was.

“Madam Lin, are you American or Chinese now??” Unexpectedly, Xia Wanyuan turned around and asked a baffling question.

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