Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day - Chapter 879 - CEO Jun Shows Off His Love To The Entire Company  

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Chapter 879: CEO Jun Shows Off His Love To The Entire Company

“Can you stop?” Although she had been crying the entire night, An Rao was in good spirits. She had woken up in the afternoon and sent Xia Wanyuan a message with a red face. After sending it, she felt embarrassed and rolled around on the bed. Bo Xiao’s heart itched from her rolling around.

“My waist hurts.” An Rao stopped and grabbed the corner of Bo Xiao’s shirt, whining coquettishly.

“Come here, I’ll massage you.” Bo Xiao pulled her over and saw the red mark on An Rao’s neck. His eyes darkened.

“Oh.” An Rao leaned over unguardedly and rested her head in Bo Xiao’s arms. “Are you happy?”

After all, they had lived together for so long. An Rao could feel that Bo Xiao had a hard time holding it in.

Bo Xiao could tell what An Rao was thinking at a glance. He smiled and whispered into An Rao’s ear, “Don’t you know if I’m happy or not? Did I not work hard enough last night?”

An Rao shrank back from the heat of his breath. “In that case, you must have been especially happy yesterday.”

Bo Xiao chuckled. “Oh? So, are you satisfied?”

“It’s alright. Keep up the good work.” An Rao forced herself to be calm, but her clenched fists under the blanket revealed her nervousness.

“Alright.” Bo Xiao reached out and pressed the switch. The curtains slowly closed. “I applied for leave for you in the morning. Stay at home for the next three days.”

“???” An Rao was stunned. She suspected that Bo Xiao had secretly read her CEO novel. Why did his speaking style sound like someone from a novel? “Bo Xiao, you beast.”

“Yes, I’m a beast.”


Xiu Yi’s secret was exposed. Soon, the culprit was found by Qin Shuang. It was an employee in charge of moving work in Xiu Yi who had been bribed by the shop opposite for two thousand yuan.

“CEO Xia, our opening time coincided with Camellia’s family. They’re having a big event. Do we need to avoid them?”

They had originally planned to open the day after tomorrow, but now that they had clashed with Camellia, they did not have any advantage. After all, they were an internationally famous big shot, and even the guests were so important.

“No, just the day after tomorrow. If they want to suppress us, they have to have the ability.” Xia Wanyuan was very confident.

Since Xia Wanyuan had said so, Qin Shuang did not hesitate anymore and went straight to arrange the related opening work.

After she was done, she finally remembered An Rao and called her.

An Rao groaned on the other end, her voice still sobbing. “Sister, Bo Xiao is a beast.”

Xia Wanyuan looked at the time. It was four in the afternoon the next day. It was rare that she did not refute An Rao’s words. Yes, he is indeed quite beastly.

“Are you free the day after tomorrow? My clothing store is opening.”

“Yes, yes, yes!!! Definitely!!” An Rao now felt that as long as she could leave this house, everything else was easy.

“Okay, take care. Bye.” Xia Wanyuan hung up.

“Hey, sister! Chat for a while more!” An Rao shouted for a long time, but Xia Wanyuan could no longer hear her.

“You can’t take it anymore?” Bo Xiao hugged An Rao from behind. “Didn’t you read those novels quite enthusiastically every day?”

“I’m afraid you can’t take it anymore.” An Rao moved to the side and was quickly pulled back by Bo Xiao. “Hmph.”

“Don’t worry, it’s fine.” Bo Xiao smiled. “Alright, I won’t torture you anymore. Sleep for a while.”

“Okay.” With Bo Xiao’s guarantee, An Rao turned around and snuggled into Bo Xiao’s arms, smiling in satisfaction. “I like sleeping with you so much.”

“Is sleeping a verb or a noun?” Bo Xiao’s smiling voice sounded above his head. An Rao punched him angrily. “Haha, good afternoon. Sleep.”

An Rao finally fell asleep in peace. She buried her entire face in Bo Xiao’s chest and felt An Rao’s warm breath. Bo Xiao felt his heart warming up.

Gently kissing An Rao’s hair, Bo Xiao was about to sleep with her when the message transmission at the head of the bed rang.

Bo Xiao’s heart sank.

This was a special information transmission device in the military. There was a mission, and this noise was a high-level mission.

Bo Xiao hesitated for a moment before reaching out to take a look at the transmission device. His gaze instantly darkened.

He had been assigned a mission again. His intuition told him that this mission was very dangerous. If it was in the past, he would not hesitate. But now, he actually felt some fear.

“Sleep together.” Feeling the movement above her head, An Rao snuggled into Bo Xiao’s arms.

“Okay, sleep,” Bo Xiao replied to An Rao naturally. He replied that he had received it and placed the transmitter back on the bed.

An Rao’s breathing gradually calmed down, but Bo Xiao, who was hugging her, did not fall asleep for a long time. He opened his eyes and looked out of the window quietly, thinking about something.


It was rare to get off work early today. When Xia Wanyuan returned to the manor, it was only half-past four in the afternoon.

It was rare for Jun Shiling to have to work overtime today. A big client had come from abroad. He had to finish his meeting at the company and leave China afterwards. Jun Shiling had no choice but to call Xia Wanyuan and tell her that he was not going home for dinner.

Xia Wanyuan stayed in the study to draw for a while before suddenly walking out. “Mother Li, let me cook dinner.”

Everyone in the manor knew how pampered Jun Shiling treated Xia Wanyuan. No one dared to let her do it herself. If she was injured, they did not dare to imagine how angry Jun Shiling would be.

“It’s nothing. I’ll make dinner for Jun Shiling and send it over. Let me do it.” Since Xia Wanyuan had already said so, everyone let her do it. However, everyone stood at the side as if they were facing a formidable enemy, afraid that something would happen to Xia Wanyuan.

At six in the afternoon, after work, the Jun Corporation provided dinner for the employees. Hence, although it was time to get off work, there were still a large number of people in the company’s canteen.

Everyone was eating when someone suddenly exclaimed, “F*ck, is that CEO Jun?!!”

“Impossible, how could CEO Jun…” Before he could finish speaking, everyone saw Jun Shiling walk into the most eye-catching spot in the canteen with a bag.

Then, he slowly took out a plate of braised pork ribs, a grilled lamb chop, a bowl of steamed shrimp eggs, and a plate of vegetables.

The originally noisy cafeteria fell silent. Everyone was dumbfounded as they watched Jun Shiling eat in the cafeteria.

Sensing the silence around him, Jun Shiling looked up. “Continue eating.”

“Oh, okay.” Everyone hurriedly buried their heads in their food, but their eyes were still fixed on Jun Shiling.

Jun Shiling had never eaten at the corporation’s canteen. This was the first time many people had seen him in person.

Everyone was curious why Jun Shiling had come to the canteen to eat on a whim today. They discussed softly.

“What’s going on? Is CEO Jun here to check on the people?”

“I don’t understand. I only know that he’s so handsome!!! My legs are weak. I feel that I’ve seen so many celebrities, but none of them are as good-looking as him. Boohoo, there’s such an outstanding man in the world. Amazing!”

Jun Shiling took a bite and suddenly began to care for his subordinate. He looked at a male subordinate diagonally opposite him. “Is the food in the canteen okay?”

“It’s very delicious!!! It’s even better than my food at home!” The subordinate hurriedly expressed his loyalty to the company.

“Oh.” Jun Shiling nodded. “I’m not used to the food in the canteen. My wife’s food suits me better.”

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