Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith - Chapter 3089 - Genius Commander (1)

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Chapter 3089: Genius Commander (1)

Eight Commanders walked up together and crowded around the small table.

The Team Leaders on the exterior totally couldn’t see the situation at all. All they could see was the commanders’ hands moving. They should be counting the quantity.

The Team Leaders looked at each other in dismay, and couldn’t help but whisper among themselves.

“How is it? How is it? Can you see the commanders counting the devil stones?”

“I can’t see at all! But that large pile of devil stones should be more than 200 pieces! I didn’t expect Li Yuehuang to be so incredible. He did kill so many devils…”

“Didn’t you hear him say? He’s not the only one who killed all of them. That was the fruit of labour from his Team 3!”

“Team 3 soldier’s abilities are just that, they aren’t any stronger than your team or mine, isn’t it? Can you bring your team and get more than 200 devil stones a day? In the end, isn’t it because their Team Leader is much more capable?”

“What you say is logical! But I really didn’t expect this! That Li Yuehuang looks very ordinary, and he doesn’t seem to have much ability. Why is he so powerful?”

“How would I know? I heard that Divine Lieutenant personally chose him to be a Team Leader…”

Just as the Team Leaders were whispering to one another, the eight Commanders and Li Yukun had already finished tallying the devil stones.

The Commanders dispersed and walked back to their seats.

Li Yukun coughed slightly and personally announced the results.

“Team Leader Li, the total amount of devil stones that you have obtained is 238 pieces.”

This figure was very close to the figure that Huang Yueli had initially reported.

Those practitioners all gasped unanimously.

After Li Yukun and so many Commanders tallying the figures together, no one had any further doubts. They could only admit that Huang Yueli was indeed an astonishingly capable genius!

Li Yukun asked again, “But the number of Earth Devil’s devil stones that you brought out is slightly wrong.”

“Wrong?” Huang Yueli blinked and said in surprise, “That’s impossible! I counted the Earth Devil’s quantity personally! I couldn’t have remembered wrongly!”

Hearing that, the other practitioners immediately pricked their ears, feeling that there should be some inside story.

“Could it be that although he brought out sufficient devil stones, those were just ordinary devil stones and the quantity of the Earth Devils wasn’t as many as what he initially said?”

Then again, to be able to bring out more than 200 devil soldiers’ devil stones was already an amazing achievement.

However, it wasn’t as shocking as bringing out 21 pieces of Earth Devil’s devil stones!

One had to know that killing an Earth Devil was extremely difficult. It was equivalent to 20 to 30 times more difficult than killing a devil soldier!

Everyone stretched out their necks, wanting to take a look at the pile of devil stones on the coffee table.

Unfortunately, Li Yukun was standing right in front of it, totally blocking the devil stones behind him. So they couldn’t see anything at all.

Li Yukun smiled and said, “Team Leader Li, don’t be mistaken. I mean… the devil stones that you took out, there’s a total of 22 pieces of Earth Devil stones! There’s one extra as compared to what you said earlier! Looks like your memory isn’t good enough!”

“What? 22 pieces!!!”

The practitioners in the main tent cried out in surprise!

When Li Yukun said the devil stones’ quantity was incorrect, everyone’s first reaction was that there was a shortage.

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