Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith - Chapter 3090 - Genius Commander (2)

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Chapter 3090: Genius Commander (2)

No one expected the devil stones to increase instead!

Huang Yueli had a shocked look on her face. “What? 22 pieces? How is that possible? I really did count… ah!”

She suddenly thought of something and her eyes widened.

“Right, I remember now. Earlier when we were guarding the granary, I killed an Earth Devil and retrieved his devil stone. Earlier, the quantity that I tallied was after we were done protecting the granary, those resource transportation devils that we killed in the forest.”

“I see!” Li Yukun nodded.

The other practitioners were shocked but quickly understood what was going on.

This time, in front of the truth, no one dared to say that Huang Yueli was boasting.

But everyone still had plenty of doubts.

Li Yukun was no exception as well.

He got someone to move a chair over and indicated for Huang Yueli to take a seat. Then he asked, “I didn’t expect your team to kill so many devils under such a messy situation on the battlefield! But I don’t quite understand. Are these devils really found by you guys in the southeastern part of the forest?”

Huang Yueli nodded and explained, “Initially, I didn’t think too much. I just feel that the main battlefield was very messy and there are a lot of human soldiers. Even if we were to join in the battle, we won’t be able to earn many military merits. But it’s different in the forest. Although the resource transportation devil soldiers are scattered, as long as we can find them, they will become out military merits!”

Although this sounded rather unorganized and undisciplined.

But it was extremely sincere.

Li Yukun stared at her for a moment, but he wasn’t angry. “I know. But the forest is dim and your senses aren’t as good as the demon tribe. How could you possibly find so many devils? Moreover, you managed to kill them successfully?”

Huang Yueli didn’t hide the information and described the situation to them.

“Finding these devils isn’t difficult actually. I merely did some reverse thinking. If I’m a devil and need to transport resources in the forest, I also have to evade humans spying on us. So what should I do? Which route should I take? After I’ve thought through this, searching for the devils is much easier!”

Huang Yueli briefly concluded her experience.

“Army provisions will easily spill out, so the transportation route must be relatively flat. Only the place in the forest where the purple leaf camphor grows would have such a spacious path…”

“Also, when transporting Spirit Armaments…”

As she spoke, the commanders and team leaders revealed an astonished expression.

It seemed as though this was their first time hearing such logic.

Moreover, Huang Yueli’s deduction made all of them convinced. Some of them even felt that they were extremely stupid!

Before someone pointed it out, they just couldn’t understand certain matters. But once it has been pointed out, they felt that it was so simple that they couldn’t believe why they hadn’t thought of it in the first place?

All the commanders and team leaders felt the same way at this very moment!

Li Yukun was totally engrossed, and the more he heard, the brighter his eyes were! He stared at Huang Yueli without blinking at all.

His eyes were filled with joy!

Those who could kill Earth Devils meant that Huang Yueli’s innate talent in cultivation was not bad. Although it was very good, there was a limit to her contribution towards the allied armies.

But now, Huang Yueli’s analysis reflected the fact that she was extremely proficient in analysis and observation.

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