Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire - Chapter 1872 - You Are Still You, The Most Wonderful You

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Chapter 1872: You Are Still You, The Most Wonderful You

At the mention of that car accident, Pei Ge’s eyes brimmed with tears. When she recalled the time when she was in the emergency room, she was afraid that Tang Xiaoyu would not wake up and would really leave her forever.

“At that time, I was wondering why the person who was knocked out was not me but Xiaoyu.”

“If it was me, would I be in less pain? If it was me, would Xiaoyu not be so anxious to see me being rescued? If it was me, would I really die without knowing anything?”

“But Ziming, do you know? At that time, when I saw the words ‘in resuscitation’, I sat outside the resuscitation room under the red light, I was unable to do anything and could only pray. That feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. I felt so hopeless that I wanted to replace Xiaoyu.”

She rambled on about how important Tang Xiaoyu was to her.

“Ge Ge, I know how important Tang Xiaoyu is to you, and you should know how important you are to me.”

Ji Ziming reminded Pei Ge. His gentle voice reminded her of how lonely Tang Xiaoyu was living in that bachelor’s apartment. Although she was pregnant, the reason for her leaving America was like a thorn in her heart.

It was not that she did not care if she did not think about it. It was not that she could pretend it did not exist once she did not care.

“Ziming, to me, you and Xiaoyu are the most important people in my life. I’m very honored and very glad to have met both of you. Everything I have now has a lot to do with the two of you. Everything I have now is given to me by the two of you. If not for you, I really don’t know where I am now, what I’m doing, and who I am.”

Pei Ge closed her eyes as tears trickled down her cheeks and dripped on his gray silk pajamas.

“You are still you, the most wonderful you.”

Ji Ziming pursed his lips and smiled. How could this Pei Ge not be the Pei Ge he knew? How could she not be the Pei Ge he wanted to meet?

No matter who it was, the person he loved was always the strong, optimistic, and kind Pei Ge.

“Ziming, I really can’t explain what Xiaoyu means to me. I even know where she will go if she really doesn’t want to be with Gu Zhengrong, but I don’t know where she will go if we get separated.”

“You two won’t be separated.”

Ji Ziming caressed Pei Ge’s soft hair as he listened to her talk about things he did not know. This was a precious relationship between two women.

Longer than love, deeper than friendship.

“But the moment I saw Xiaoyu, I thought that I was going to lose her. I thought that she would never return to my side. I thought that everything would come to an end here. I never wanted to fight with her over Gu Zhengrong.”

“I know that Xiaoyu cares about Gu Zhengrong the most, so why would I fight with her? She doesn’t understand. She thought that I would really fight with her, but it’s been so many years. If I wanted to fight with her, I would have done it long ago. Why would I wait until now?”

“However, Xiaoyu doesn’t know how much damage she’s done to me. The only thing that can hurt me is her distrust of me.”

Recalling Tang Xiaoyu’s gaze on Pei Ge, Pei Ge’s heart turned even colder. What could be hurt was never easily hurt.

“Don’t worry. Didn’t I already explain it to Tang Xiaoyu tonight? Since I’ve already explained it clearly, what are you afraid of? She’s not a child, so she should know her limits.”

Ji Ziming comforted Pei Ge. When he saw that the person in his arms was quiet, his cold eyes turned gentle.

“Ge Ge, no matter what happens between you and Tang Xiaoyu in the future, you have to believe that I’ll always be on your side. Of course, I also believe that Tang Xiaoyu won’t make things difficult for you. She won’t make things difficult for anyone, and her personality is as gentle as yours.”

“Ziming, you know that I really treat Xiaoyu as my best friend and family. If anything happens to her, I’ll be really sad.”

Pei Ge choked as she recalled how Tang Xiaoyu had endured so much pain without her knowing.

“When a person grows up, they should have their own responsibilities and the courage to face the difficulties they face, so you don’t have to worry. I believe that Tang Xiaoyu will take good care of herself. Now that she’s a mother, she should know what she should and shouldn’t do.”

Ji Ziming recalled what Tang Xiaoyu had said to Pei Ge in the Qu family’s backyard and could not help feeling unhappy.

“Ge Ge, it’s getting late. You should rest early. You still have to visit Old lady Qu tomorrow morning. If you don’t sleep well, you won’t have the energy to visit someone who once harmed you so badly.”

“Ziming, in this world, what is right and what is wrong?”

Pei Ge widened her eyes. The tears at the corner of her eyes were still clear. The tears on Ji Ziming’s silk pajamas were as bright as flowers. Looking at the familiar room in front of her, she suddenly felt a little regretful.

She could finally reveal all of her father’s grievances to the world and bring this bad woman to justice. She could finally eradicate the power that she had held over the Qu family for so many years. However, her father could no longer see all of this.

“How could it be so easy to distinguish right from wrong? It’s merely a so-called struggle between powerful people.”

Ji Ziming looked up at the huge chandelier above him and caressed Pei Ge’s hair. His voice was gentle as he said, “Ge Ge, all my territories are nothing compared to you, so you must know that no matter what you choose to do, I will always be by your side.”

“Ziming, you’re so good to me. Tang Xiaoyu is a friend that I can’t ignore in my life, and you’re the person that I can’t let down. It’s so good to have you guys in my life. It’s because of you guys that I cherish my time with you. If not for you guys, I probably wouldn’t even know where I am or who I am.”

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