Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire - Chapter 1879 - You Deserve All Of This

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Chapter 1879: You Deserve All Of This

If there was no dagger, Old lady Qu must be preparing to bite Ji Ziming’s leg.

“Yes, sir!”

Upon receiving the order, the bodyguard used brute force to pull out a metal wire from Old lady Qu’s mouth. “CEO, Old lady Qu has this in her mouth.”

When the metal wire was dug out, Old lady Qu’s mouth was bleeding as well. Blood trickled down the corner of her mouth and mixed with the saliva to form a stream of blood.

“Ha ha! Do you think you can trap me in this small prison like this? Let me tell you, this is impossible. Those people can’t kill you, but I can. If Ji Ziming had not hugged you earlier, your blood vessels would have been broken by me. You would be here right now, announced dead. How long do you think you have left to live? Ha ha! What a joke.”

Old lady Qu laughed out loud as the blood from the corner of her lips trickled down her chest to her collar. Her luxurious evening gown was in tatters and was simply unbearable to look at.

“Are you faking it?”

Pei Ge frowned at Old lady Qu as the hatred in her eyes deepened.

She and Old lady Qu were probably irreconcilable enemies. Old lady Qu had hurt her family and even Ji Ziming was hurt by her. Who else could Old lady Qu not hurt? Who else could not be hurt?

Even if there was, it would probably be Pei Ge herself.

“Ha ha! Pei Ge, you b*tch, you should have died a long time ago. Do you really think you can lock me up just because you locked me up here? Let me tell you, my trusted subordinate is the most powerful envoy in the Empire of Darkness and the most capable subordinate under that boss. You think you can trap me, but this is just an illusion. How dare you lay your hands on me with just these few police officers?”

Old lady Qu’s eyes were vicious and there was no trace of fear when she went crazy.

Humans indeed had many faces. When facing different people, different scenes, and different expressions, they would reveal different things. Perhaps you had seen them before, or perhaps you had never seen them before, but there was always one that you had never seen before.

“Heh, the messenger you mentioned? Do you want me to tell you his story?”

At the mention of the envoy, Pei Ge thought of the man whom she had already captured. Back then, Ji Ziming did not allow her to investigate. From the looks of it now, there was indeed a reason why his relationship with Old lady Qu was extraordinary.

“You know him? Did you catch him? Where is he?”

Old lady Qu suddenly became fearful. The real fear came from her heart.

“Do you want to know? Then I won’t let you know. Keep an eye on her. If she commits suicide, you can forget about leaving this prison alive.”

Pei Ge looked at the bodyguards and police around her. It was more than enough to deal with Old lady Qu.

“Madam, don’t worry. Old lady Qu’s presence here is not for him to decide. It will depend on us.”

The leading policeman’s eyes were filled with ruthlessness. This bad woman had a notorious reputation. Everyone knew that this Old lady Qu had an unclear relationship with her so-called confidant in the capital. However, due to her status, she could not verify it.

“Alright, starve her for a few days and don’t give her a drop of water. My plan has just started. Old lady Qu, are you willing to take it?”

Pei Ge’s lips curled into a faint smile as she watched Old lady Qu’s eyes turn darker. She then turned around to help Ji Ziming leave.

“Ziming, let’s go. You’re right, you’ve known about this for a long time. It’s just a pity that I only found out now. Let’s go home, I’ll bring you home.”

Pei Ge supported Ji Ziming as she spoke in a gentle voice. She did not seem to be the same person as the one who had given the orders to the bodyguards and police earlier, yet she was the same person.

“Pei Ge, you b*tch, how exactly do you want to torture me? Why don’t you kill me with a knife or a gun to end everything? Why do you have to do this to me?!”

Old lady Qu, who was standing behind Pei Ge, screamed. However, her trembling body was tightly pressed down by the surrounding bodyguards.

“Killing you would be letting you off too easily. How did you make me suffer so much that I can’t extricate myself? I want you to experience this feeling too. Only when you’ve tried it yourself will you be moved by your actions. Only then will you know if you really have that much trust in others and if you’re really as useful as you think you are.”

Old lady Qu did not understand what Pei Ge meant. The feeling of being pressed to the ground was one without dignity at all. She was the Old lady Qu who everyone respected and did not dare to offend, yet now, she was being treated this way.

“Enjoy it well, my Old lady Qu. This is what you deserve and what you must endure.”

Pei Ge pursed her lips and did not bother about how Old lady Qu was screaming in prison. The people in prison could naturally deal with her. What she needed to do now was to gather all of Old lady Qu’s evidence in the capital for a few days until no one dared to take over any of the Qu family’s collaborations.

This was not revenge on Old lady Qu but Pei Ge’s revenge on Qu family.

Regardless of whether they were familiar with it or not, they had to receive their original punishment for what had happened back then.

As Pei Ge drove, she met a large group of reporters at the traffic junction. The next day, Old lady Qu’s deeds spread across the headlines of the capital’s newspapers once again. No one seemed to remember all the ‘good deeds’ that Old lady Qu had done as a philanthropist. They only knew that there was such a Old lady Qu in the Qu family this time for the position and power she wanted.

He did not hesitate to kick his wife, who had been sponsoring him, out of the office just so that his mistress could take over. It was all so that he could gain some status in the capital city.

“Ziming, did you already know that Uncle Bai was the one who left with my grandma?”

Sitting on the bed, Pei Ge asked Ji Ziming.

“No, actually, when I first went to Uncle Bai’s noodle restaurant with you, I didn’t know who Uncle Bai was. I just happened to be looking at Uncle Bai’s vegetable plot in a very familiar manner. I asked Uncle Bai, but he didn’t tell me at first. It was only after I stood in front of him with the evidence that he began to admit who he was.”

Ji Ziming leaned on the bed and placed his left leg on the soft pillow.

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