Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here - Chapter 1111 - Reality (1)

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Chapter 1111 Reality (1)

【Host completed the mission, obtained 30 days of life. Side task sympathy award, obtained 20 days of life. Total: 560 days.】

【Deducting for low life guarantee (5 days), Delicate Flower, Precious Jade sticker (5 days), system-grade instant noodles (5 days), popcorn (2 buckets, 5 days), analgesic cream (10 days).】

【Substitute patches, 130. Obtained the main system’s specially approved wholesale discount: 50 days of life.】

【Remaining: 480 days of life.】

【Maximum storable external life value: 800 days.】

Bai Weiwei awoke to the sound of the deducting life value.

She knew she’d used a lot of patches.

But she didn’t think it was this many.

When she first used the patch in the last plane, 3 patches was 15 days.

If it weren’t for the wholesale price, her life value of over a year wouldn’t have been enough to deduct the frequency of Qi Chimu’s bed activities in that plane.

Sure enough, in order to live, one must stay away from harmonious exercise in bed.

A year and a half of capture time, and how much life value did she spend?

If she didn’t have Ye Yuxuan, she would have long been as dead as a doornail.

The system discussed happily, “Wholesale price, it’s the first time I’ve seen wholesale price. I heard that the purchased volume has to be large enough before you can get the wholesale price. I’ll fight for it next time, see if I can get a few more wholesale prices.”

After all, the power of discounted wholesale prices was cheaper than the clearance prices of expired food in supermarkets.

Bai Weiwei’s face went pale. There was a next time?

If the next capture target dared to pull her into bed, she’d strangle him to death.

Fifty days. Even if it was the wholesale price, it was so expensive it felt like a part of her heart was carved out.

No good. She was going to see Ye Yuxuan and look at his face that was shining with life value.

Only then would her injured soul heal.

Was there any host as miserable as her?

She desperately worked to the end, and she still made a loss in life value. Was it easy for her to live?

Bai Weiwei rose from the bed and suddenly realized something fishy.


She raised her hand and saw a thin silver chain clasped around her wrist.

On her white wrist, where light blue blood vessels could be seen, the delicate silver chain was even more eye-catching.

Bai Weiwei was momentarily speechless. She silently leaned back into bed.

“Tongza, am I still in the capture plane?”

She clearly saw she was lying down in her bed at home.

Why was she locked up?

This was totally illogical. She must be dreaming. Let’s keep sleeping ba.

System: “Wake up, Ye Yuxuan’s over by the balcony looking sad1. His life value’s calling out to you.”

Bai Weiwei: “Where’s my dad?”

With her father here, it was impossible for her to be chained up.

System: “Sent to the U.S. by the male lead to find a doctor.”

Bai Weiwei: “Qin Qiu?”

System: “Went with your dad to look for a doctor.”

Bai Weiwei frowned. “Is there some sort of terrible change in my body? So they locked me up, then everyone went to look for a doctor?”

System: “No, it’s just that the male lead simply wanted to take you, so he looked for a reason to send your doctor and your dad out. Then, towards the unresisting you, he locked you up with a chain, soothing his restless heart.”

Bai Weiwei: “Wasn’t I just asleep for three days ba? Three days ago, weren’t we still sweetly watching movies?”

Ye Yuxuan’s three days and her one and a half years.

Why did she feel like they weren’t even close to being the same2.

Clearly the one who went through more things was her, but she found that she couldn’t keep up with the rate at which Ye Yuxuan acted up.

The system really didn’t know how to justify it. Ye Yuxuan was becoming more and more influenced by the planes.

It was worried about whether Ye Yuxuan wouldn’t be able to stand it and his mind would splinter.

1: 悲春伤秋: ~ sadness for spring, sympathy for autumn; an expression of sentimentality or sorrowful emotions due to the changes in season.↩

2: 不是一个次元: not within the same dimension, as in two things are so different, they couldn’t even be placed in the same dimension of reality (?)↩

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