Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here - Chapter 1112 - Reality (2)

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Chapter 1112 Reality (2)

Fortunately, in reality, Ye Yuxuan was powerful enough as the epitome of reason.

Otherwise, Bai Weiwei being only this abused wouldn’t have been enough for him.

When Ye Yuxuan heard the clattering sound of the chain, he was unable to bear the throbbing pain.

He didn’t turn his head, only quietly standing on the balcony, a cigarette in hand. At times, the expression in his eyes was twisted and conflicted, at other times clear and rational.

Most of the time, it was a crazy obsession.

He knew that something was wrong with him.

Moreover, his unwavering mind was gradually slipping closer towards a massive, uncontrollable vortex.

That black hole was the insecurity of losing Bai Weiwei.

He was no more than a few paces away from Bai Weiwei, and he already wished to tie her up, else she would be gone as soon as he turned away.

It wasn’t normal. He had already done his utmost to suppress and analyze his emotions.

But for the first time, he felt powerless.

He watched the cigarette ash fall to the floor. His head suddenly throbbed with pain, and he tremblingly pressed his hands against the edge of the balcony.

The image in his dream was like a viscous vortex, incessantly spinning, dragging him within.

Completely pulling him into the dream, the most painful scene of what happened after losing her.

– – – – – – – – – –

《The Reborn Young Master’s Pampered Cousin》 Epilogue

All the members of the Bai family trembled.

Spilled on the bluestone road outside the gates was the blood of the Bai family.

Bai shi tremblingly carried over a cup of tea, imploring in a humble voice, “Qi daren, please enjoy the tea.”

Qi Chimu silently glanced at the white orchid outside the window.

This was Bai Weiwei’s boudoir.

After her death, this room had been sealed up by Bai shi.

Bai shi had joined hands with the fifth prince, and before the third prince took the throne, she had secretly contacted the fifth prince.

Even the scene of Bai Weiwei taking the Five Step Powder, and the fifth prince using her family members to threaten Bai Weiwei into killing Qi Chimu had been planned by Bai shi.

All to switch over to the fifth prince’s side.

Qi Chimu slowly took the tea, his movements unhurried as he scraped away the tea foam with the tea cover1.

She’d changed the poison.

That’s to be expected. After all, Bai Weiwei’s orchid fragrance was quite unusual.

One would be unable to find the same scent in this world.

Thinking here, his expression grew absentminded, and his heart twisted in pain.

To relieve the pain, he ordered lightly, “Drag out another to kill.”

Two soldiers appeared and immediately pulled one of the Bai family clan members out.

“Jiejie save me ah! Save me! I don’t want to die!”

The one who was dragged out was Bai shi’s biological younger brother.

Bai shi trembled, nearly collapsing to the floor.

She begged Qi Chimu, “In the past I was blind and foolish2 to treat you that way. I didn’t know the fifth prince would be so cruel. He told me he would not take Weiwei’s life. Only then did I help him deceive Weiwei.”

But she never expected that the fifth prince would truly poison her.

She also never expected that Bai Weiwei would rather die than poison Qi Chimu.

That day she’d been released, if she had poisoned Qi Chimu, she could have immediately rushed back and taken the antidote.

But even by dawn, she never saw her daughter return.

At that time, she’d felt a vague unease.

It was only when she came back that she found out that Bai Weiwei was dead.

And Qi Chimu shut himself in for a day before reappearing, holding Bai Weiwei’s corpse.

Then he calmly held a funeral for Bai Weiwei and insisted on burying Bai Weiwei in the Qi family’s ancestral cemetery.

And Bai shi, with her guilty conscience, didn’t dare to say anything.

But everything that followed caused the entire situation to spiral out of control.

The old emperor died, and the third prince became the legitimate successor.

The fifth prince and the crown prince were confined3.

And all the losers involved in the struggle died.

1: 茶盖: tea cover or tea lid.↩


2: 瞎了狗眼蒙了心: blinded dog eyes and muddled heart/mind.↩

3: 圈禁: could be a number of different punishments, but in context it’s probably a kind of house arrest where soldiers surround the fifth prince and crown prince estates and forbid them from leaving.↩

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