Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here - Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: Chairman Gege, Love Me Once Again (12)

He was obviously not a hot-blooded youth anymore and yet, he was still aroused to the point that his body trembled.

In the middle of his dilemma, a sudden faint voice broke the tense atmosphere.

Bai Weiwei weakly groaned, feeling her whole body aching with pain. As she dazedly raised her head, she saw Han Zhengyu looking at her with a dark face.

The corner of her mouth twitched, nearly forgetting to pretend like a child. After that, her mouth reflexively turned flat as she pitifully looked at Han Zhengyu. Her eyes condensed with tears as big as a bean, rolling down her delicate face.

“Gege, Wuwu…1 gege, it hurts.”

Han Zhengyu looked at Bai Weiwei’s innocent face as she stretched out her fair arm for help.

It was obviously such a devilish and tempting body and yet, her face was like an angel from heaven. So pure and innocent, unaware of the dirty things in life. With such a combination, it created a very tempting scene for him.

Han Zhengyu nearly couldn’t control his desire on taking a step forward. Am I crazy? This is my enemy.

He ruthless glared at her as he once again remembered what she had done to his mother. “Shameless.”

After that, he swiftly turned to leave. Yet, the image of his back seems to cut a sorry figure.

Bai Weiwei was left dumbstruck, what does he mean by shameless? How is she shameless?

Isn’t she just an idiot?

Besides, she’s currently just a child ah!

【Shameless~~】 This sentence was filled with ridicule, as a wave of gloominess hit Bai Weiwei.

Her body unconsciously trembled after hearing the system’s voice.

Seeing its Host suffer, the system gloated: 【If your planning to use your body to seduce him in order to increase the favorable value, you must first reach the right requirements ah. Zeze,2 take a look at your sorry figure that’s thin as a bean. Then take a look at your extremely rough skin and droopy eyes. What about your flat nose and thick lips that is ugly as a… frog. *laughs*】

Bai Weiwei nearly spits out a mouthful of blood as she listened to the system.

As she glanced at her body laying on the floor she felt her mind explode. When she saw Han Zhengyu earlier, she unconsciously acted like an idiot.

And now, apparently, she was seen half-naked by a man in the middle of acting.

Bai Weiwei’s face was dyed red as she tightly clenched her fist. The sacrifice was too big, she regretted not being able to dig out Han Zhengyu’s eyes earlier.

How long was she seen by him?

Bai Weiwei gritted her teeth, “My body was seen and yet I only earned one affection point? The sacrifice was truly too big.”

System: 【. . . . . 】

Although she’s correct but Host seems to be focusing on the wrong matter.

* * * * * * * *

Han Zhengyu didn’t let Bai Weiwei suffer long, not a while after he left, a few maids immediately came in.

They seemed to have been trained for this type of situations as they bandaged and dressed her with ease.

As soon as Bai Weiwei was properly dressed, she was then sent to the dining room to eat.

Han Zhengyu’s face totally covered up his thoughts. Probably about his dead family… his family used to only consist of him and his mother and now, he’s the only one left. Could it be that the only one that he could consider as family be Bai Weiwei who he hasn’t divorced yet?

Bai Weiwei felt as though she had swallowed a housefly when she thought about that analogy. She cautiously looked at Han Zhengyu while she fiddled with her skirt worriedly. “Gege…”

“Shut up.” Han Zhengyu coldly answered.

Bai Weiwei bit her lips as her eyes slowly condensed with tears. Suddenly, she heard Han Zhengyu say: “If you dare cry then don’t bother eating.”


1. The same thing as saying boohoo when crying. ↩

2. The sound of clicking one’s tongue↩

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