Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here - Chapter 26

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Chairman Gege Love Me Once Again (24)

Han Zhengyu looked at her naive appearance and began to worry about how such a Bai Weiwei was too easy to hurt.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 35.】

After experiencing the matter with Li Qingqing, Han Zhengyu seemed as if he lifted some weight off his heart. He was no longer hostile towards Bai Weiwei, and no longer resisted her.

He even returned to his room to a guest room and slept in the master bedroom with Bai Weiwei.

When Han Zhengyu left to take a shower. Bai Weiwei finally had the opportunity to relax. She immediately went to lay on the bed looking tired.

The system was silent for a long time, before opening, “If the day comes that the male lead learns you are deceiving him…”

Bai Weiwei’s heart sank, thinking of how he acted towards Li Qingqing. She hesitated before saying, “I’m brushing against the high levels of his favorability. Even if he learned that I’ve been deceiving him, it wouldn’t be enough for him to kill me.”

The system thought for a moment, “I analyzed the character of the male lead and found that he is the kind of person who can’t stand being deceived, so he is very sincere and honest. The better the favorability, the more he hate he feels towards others who deceive him. If one day his favorability towards you brushes the 70s or 80s, and you let him discover that you deceived him, it won’t end well. It will definitely be worse then what happened to Li Qingqing.

The more emotions people put into their relationships with people, the worse the revenge will be if that person backstabs them.

For example, “It’s like you with Bai Yaoyao.”

Bai Weiwei didn’t say anything more. She was really was just this kind of person, she put too much emotion with her and Bai Yaoyao, so when she was betrayed, she didn’t think about what she lost first.

The sister who she invested so many feelings into turned out to be such a piece of trash.

This kind of blow was much more painful than being abandoned by her fiancé.

If Han Zhengyu was also such a person, then she could imagine that when he finds out, the more positive feelings he had for her, the more he would want to choke her to death.

Bai Weiwei replied weakly, “At least now the feelings aren’t so deep, like how his feeling for her weren’t deep, right?”

The system was afraid to explain to her that her favorability was not the same as Li Qingqing’s favorability.

Love was at a favorability rating of 35, but that was already on the level of love.

The system tried to comfort her, “In fact, your acting is so good you don’t have to worry.”

Bai Weiwei laughed, “Yeah, acting mentally ill is actually pretty similar to my true character.”

But when she saw Han Zhengyu’s black face, she did feel afraid.

If she hadn’t quickly fixed her expression, she would have been seen through by Han Zhengyu?

The door to the bathroom suddenly opened, and Han Zhengyu walked out in a bath towel. His naked figure was like a body carved by the hands of God. His long and elegant neck, wide shoulders and slender waist, with a prominent abdominal muscles and a v line that slowly extended downwards until the edge of the bath towel… This visual impact simply made people lose control.

Bai Weiwei secretly wiped her mouth in fear of drooling.

Han Zhengyu was keenly aware of Bai Weiwei’s line of sight. He asked, “What are you looking at?”

Bai Weiwei replied very honestly, “Looking at gege.”

Han Zhengyu was about to talk when Bai Weiwei continued, “Gege is really beautiful.”

Han Zhengyu’s face was suspiciously red a bit. He opened his closet and took out a pair of pajamas to put on quickly.

Can’t look because he’s too pure.

Bai Weiwei drilled into the bedding and laid down well-behaved.

When Han Zhengyu turned back, he saw Bai Weiwei’s head with long, messy hair coming out of his sheets. Her soft and tender cheeks had a lovely blush on them, and her eyes were as watery as the black grapes in water.

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