Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife - Chapter 991 - Let’s Have A Child (2)

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Chapter 991: Let’s Have A Child (2)

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Grandma Mo immediately grew even more envious.

Grandma Mo carried the beautiful flowers away in search of a vase. Gu Qingyao and Mo Beihan brought the things to the kitchen and went to wash the strawberries.

Meanwhile, Great-aunt Mo and Zhou Furong were pouting. “They’re not very presentable. What’s so great about these cheap things?”

Old Master Mo frowned.

When Grandma Mo heard that, she said angrily, “You don’t even have cheap things like that!”


Great-aunt Mo fumed. “Did I say anything wrong? These really aren’t valuable items. What kind of family are the Mos? Are we short of things like that? And they still bring these things home. They’re so unsophisticated.”

Old Master Mo’s expression was rather ugly.

Grandma Mo did not mince her words with them. “What kind of family are the Mos? Is the Mo family’s dignity shown by looking down on others? This is Yao Yao’s grandparent’s family. The Qiao family is also a noble family. The old master and old madam grew these themselves and sent some over for us to try. If we’re not going to look down on them, then who are you to look down on them?

“If you look down on such things, don’t eat them. No one is offering you any.”

Grandma Mo shouted towards the kitchen, “Yao Yao, your great-aunt thinks that the strawberries are not presentable. No need to give her any!”

In the kitchen, Gu Qingyao glanced at Mo Beihan and shrugged. She deliberately raised her voice and replied, “All right!”

Outside, Great-aunt Mo was livid. She could not do anything to Grandma Mo, so she turned to the Old Master. “Older Brother, look at them. Say something!”

Old Master Mo said heatedly, “What do you want me to say? They were kind enough to send us some things to try, and they didn’t offer them to you anyway. Why are you so worked up?”


Great-aunt Mo was bewildered. “Why is it suddenly my fault? I only…”

“It is your fault. In the future, don’t meddle in Mo family affairs!”

Mo Beihan brought the washed strawberries over and handed one to Old Master Mo. “Grandfather, try this. It’s very sweet!”

Sun Huihui looked on greedily. Few girls disliked fruits like strawberries. Sun Huihui seldom had a chance to eat fruits, especially expensive ones like strawberries.

Zhou Dalong and Zhou Erlong already rushed over to grab some.

Mo Beihan glanced at them but did not stop them. But when Sun Huihui came over for some, he refused to allow her to have any.

“You had better not have any. You don’t like these things anyway!”

Sun Huihui was stunned!

Mo Beihan said, “These are not presentable. Better not eat them, or it might affect your status. Don’t you agree?”

“I…” Sun Huihui wanted some so badly that she almost cried. Meanwhile, Zhou Dalong and Zhou Erlong were munching furiously. As they bit into the soft flesh, the fragrance of the strawberries filled the air. She really wanted some!

Mo Beihan ignored her and looked at Old Master Mo. “Grandfather, you’re looking good today. Don’t worry so much. Get more exercise and keep in the sun.

“I’m free over the next two days. If you like, I can bring you and Grandma out. What about it?”

Old Master Mo looked at Sun Huihui but decided to ignore her.

To be honest, he had been very grieved to hear that Fang Zhenguo had passed away so early. He wanted to take good care of Fang Zhenguo’s children.

He heartily disliked this half-sister, but he tolerated her for the sake of the children.

But after interacting with them for some time, he felt very disappointed in them.

He could not find any traces of Zhenguo in any of them.

He showed some respect to Zhou Haibin and his sons, but less to Sun Huihui.

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