Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife - Chapter 992 - Let’s Have A Child (3)

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Chapter 992: Let’s Have A Child (3)

Although he was not biased against girls, this Sun Huihui compared very poorly to the boys on the Zhou family’s side.

As for Zhou Furong, he hated her.

He detested her.

Although Zhou Haibin did not have much ability, the Old Master had a much better impression of him than of Zhou Furong.

Times were so hard in the past that it was not surprising that he did not have much ability. His oldest son, Zhou Changsheng, had not spoken much during his time in the house, but he did not make trouble either.

Zhou Dalong and Zhou Erlong were not very well brought up, but besides being mischievous and greedy when it came to food, they did not do anything too outrageous. But Zhou Furong and Sun Huihui were really despicable!

Old Master Mo ignored them and said to Mo Beihan, “I’ve improved very much lately. I’ve been waiting here for you because I have something to discuss with you.”

Mo Beihan said, “What is it?”


“What is it? What else can it be? Of course it’s the matter of Haibin and Changsheng’s jobs. We’ve been here for so long, but you, the master of the Mo family, haven’t arranged jobs for them! What kind of master are you?”

Mo Beihan: “…”

Before he could speak, Great-aunt Gu continued, “Young people are like that. They have no foresight. Can you manage a large family like the Mos?”

Mo Beihan said icily, “Since you know that I’m the master of the Mo family, be more courteous when you speak to me in the future. The arrangement of the Mo family’s sons and grandsons is my business. Your son’s surname is not Mo!”


Great-aunt Gu’s eyes widened, and she looked incredulous!

“You… you dare speak to me like that? You…”

“What about me? Great-aunt, I’ve tolerated you for a long time. I’ve shown you respect because you are distantly related to my grandfather. I’ve taken your entire, large family in and provided you with food and all your living expenses. Why? Is it not enough?

“From the moment you entered the Mo house, you have been trying to make trouble for either me or Yao Yao. Do we owe you anything? Who do you think you are? You married and left the family long ago, why are you putting on airs now that you’re back?”

This time, Mo Beihan did not mince his words!

In his previous life, he had traveled widely and undertaken many missions. He had been important and powerful.

In that life, he had met all kinds of people. He had come into contact with people from all walks of life and he knew how to handle people like Great-aunt Mo.

If you gave people like her an inch, they would take a foot.

Although he knew this woman was not part of the Mo family and although he knew that her children did not belong to Fang Zhenguo, Old Master Mo still did not know!

The banishment of Mo Huai and Mo Yunhao’s family had been a severe blow to the Old Master. Mo Beihan was worried about the old master’s emotional state, which was why he permitted the family to stay in the Mo house for a while. But if he did not deal with them, they would not know their limits!

Now, not only Great-aunt Mo was frightened, even Zhou Furong and Sun Huihui were terrified!

Besides them, Zhou Haibin and his three sons were frightened by Mo Beihan’s demeanor. They turned pale and did not dare to say anything.

Great-aunt Gu quivered with rage. “You… You… You have gone overboard. Older Brother, listen to that, listen to that. What is he saying? How could you choose a successor like that?”

Old Master Mo looked grim but did not say anything.

Mo Beihan said, “Grandfather, I don’t object to your loyalty to Uncle Fang. I support you. Of course the Mo family is willing to help Uncle Fang’s descendants.”

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