Rebirth from the Ashes - Chapter 380 - Escaped Death

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Chapter 380: Escaped Death

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The boy coughed and moved.

Shen Xi, who was being protected by the boy, also let out a muffled cough.

She then coughed violently and reached out to push Pei Xu as she complained. “Pei Xu! You should stop going to the gym. Your chest is so hard that I think I got a concussion.”

“Good.” Pei Xu responded lightly and forced himself to straighten up so that she could get some fresh air.

“Pei Xu, I have the answer to that question earlier.” Shen Xi’s voice was calm with a hint of relieved laughter.

He would..

If Pei Xu had been sitting in the passenger seat and Ning Sinian was in the driver’s seat, he would have rushed over to protect him without hesitation.

Just like this time, at the last moment, before she hit the boulder, Pei Xu rushed over and shielded her.

Pei Xu let out a low laugh. “How can you even think about this right now? Shouldn’t we celebrate that we escaped death?”

The two chatted and did not notice the man standing beside the car, who was staring at them grimly.

Fu Qingli listened to their conversation and felt a complex emotion. He could not tell whether he was worried, surprised, heartbroken, or angry.

After such a shocking car accident, this girl was still in the mood to chat?! This was the first time Fu Qingli witnessed how brave they were.

Pei Xu propped up his arms and moved away slowly. He looked up and noticed that someone was standing next to him.

Shen Xi pushed Pei Xu. “You’re suffocating me. Move!”

Pei Xu stared at Fu Qingli warily and slowly moved his body away.

When Shen Xi could finally see what was in front of her, she stared incredulously at the man that was emitting cold air like he was a ghost. She gulped and asked him with a smile, “Mr. Fu, why are you here?”

Fu Qingli saw her smile and somehow felt a raging fire dominating his mind. He wanted to pry open her brain and see what was inside. He swept a glance at her and did not find any signs of injury, so he did not say anything and turned to leave.

He was vexed and was afraid that if he stayed, he would not be able to control his wrath and yell at her.

Fu Qingli was tempted to ask her if she had a heart and a brain. After such a big accident, she could still laugh?

‘Right. She could still smile and talk as if nothing was wrong!’

Shen Xi reached out and tugged on his clothes. She asked, “Mr. Fu, we’re injured, so can you please take us to the hospital?”

All the worry, heartache, pain, and self-blame Fu Qingli felt vanished and was only left with a burning rage like his whole body was on fire.

‘Great! She finally knows that she’s in a car accident!’

Shen Xi felt goosebumps from his cold glare and let go of him abruptly. She carefully patted away some dirt and muttered. “Forget it, we’ll figure it out.”

‘Why is he looking at me like that? It’s so scary…’

Pei Xu sat next to her and was breathing heavily. Listening to their conversation, that man was Mr. Fu, the eldest Fu brother, Fu Qingli.

He finally recalled. No wonder this man looked so familiar. Pei Xu had seen Fu Qingxuan’s lock screen and in that family photo, Fu Qingli was the most outstanding.

“Get out.” Fu Qingli gritted his teeth and looked at her.

Shen Xi’s eyes flashed with a few moments of doubt and struggled to climb out.

Fu Qingli suddenly bent down and clasped her arms with his big hands to pull her up.

His hands then swiftly clasped her waist as he picked her up and put her on the ground.

Shen Xi was so small and light that he carried her out with ease. After being cramped inside the car for so long, her legs felt a little numb when she stepped on the ground and instinctively reached out to grab his arm.

Fu Qingli looked at her with a cold face. His voice was cold and deep without any fluctuations. “Does it hurt anywhere?”

Shen Xi shook her head. “No.”

She was certain that she was not injured. According to her plan, she would not have gotten away unscathed when she hit the boulder. The powerful impact would more or less hurt her.

However, Pei Xu rushed over at the most critical moment to block all the impact, so she was intact. She did not even have any small injuries.

Fu Qingli was not assured and went forward to examine her. When he saw blood below her ear, his eyes widened and a flash of panic crossed his eyes.

Shen Xi just felt that Fu Qingli was acting strange today. His attitude towards her was abnormal. When she saw the panic in his eyes, it became clear to her.

‘Is he… Concerned about me? Is he worried about me?’

This was the first time Shen Xi had seen someone caring for another person with such an icy face.

Fu Qingli resisted the urge to reach out his hand and looked at her. “There’s a wound on your neck?”

Shen Xi felt some stickiness on her neck and touched it. When she saw her fingers stained with blood, she shook her head. “It’s not mine. It’s Pei Xu’s.”

Pei Xu looked at them and teased them. “Are you done catching up? Can you take me, the wounded one, to the hospital? If not, you can at least stop the bleeding for me!”

‘These people are too much! I’m the one who’s seriously injured, okay? This eldest Fu brother is very concerned about Xixi, huh?’

Just then, they heard a harsh braking screech. A white sports car stopped in front of them. Pei Xu turned his head to look over and saw the car door open and Fu Qingxuan stepped out.

Fu Qingxuan still had no idea what happened and only knew that his eldest brother was driving crazily, so much so that he drove past him without noticing.

He thought that his big brother caught wind of him joining the race and had come to catch him. He did not expect Fu Qingli to drive past without even looking at him.

Big Brother had always been a steady person that was not easily fazed. If it was not a big deal, he would not be so alarmed.

Fu Qingxuan knew that something was wrong and chased after him.

“Lil’ Young Master!” Pei Xu whistled and waved his hand at Fu Qingxuan. He even flashed a roguish smile at him.

Fu Qingxuan saw Shen Xi first before he saw Pei Xu. “What’s going on?”

Pei Xu laughed. “What else? It’s a car accident! What, are you blind?”

Fu Qingxuan saw Pei Xu’s face and arms were covered in blood. In the next moment, however, he rushed over to Shen Xi.

Pei Xu covered his heart and was rendered speechless.

‘F*ck. What kind of people are they? Is Xixi’s life more precious than mine?’


Shen Xi was not injured, but Pei Xu was badly injured.

Fu Qingxuan rushed over to Shen Xi and checked her body carefully to make sure she was okay before he went to check on Pei Xu.

Pei Xu’s injuries were superficial and were not severe. He bled quite a lot, but it was not a big deal.

Fu Qingxuan dressed his wounds. The head wound was a little deep and needed stitching.

Fu Qingli held a flashlight for his brother to shine on the wound.

Shen Xi leaned on Fu Qingxuan’s car and drank some water. It would be a lie to say that she was fearless. How could she not be afraid? She was not a god after all.

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