Rebirth from the Ashes - Chapter 381 - Two-Faced

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Chapter 381: Two-Faced

Not far behind, Song Wenye arrived on a motorcycle. She got off the bike and rushed over. “Pei Xu, Xixi, are you guys okay?”

Pei Xu raised his eyebrows nonchalantly. “I can’t die just yet!”

Shen Xi smiled. “Pei Xu is a little injured.”

Song Wenye knew that Xu Wei did this. When she saw the two of them shrug it off, she swept a glance at the crashed car and turned around wanting to kill someone.

The two of them said the brakes were broken when they were on the race track. Song Wenye thought about how scary it was at that time. These two had just escaped death.

Shen Xi tugged her. “Where are you going?”

Song Wenye looked like she was looking for a fight and roared indignantly, “Where else?! I’m gonna kill that b*tch Xu Wei!”

‘F*ck! Xu Wei dared to tamper with the car and almost killed Pei Xu and Xixi, so I need to kill her!’

“We don’t have any evidence, so take it easy.” Shen Xi pulled her back. There was a bloodthirst that surged in the depths of her eyes.

‘I’ll definitely get my revenge… Since Xu Wei dared to do this, she must also be ready for our revenge.’

Song Wenye was hot-tempered and could not stand this. She wanted to look for Xu Wei and teach her a lesson first even if she could not kill her.

Shen Xi kept persuading her to calm down and managed to stop her, but Song Wenye was still furious and kept cursing nonstop.

Fu Qingxuan quickly took care of Pei Xu’s injuries. He looked at him and said, “That’s all I can do for now. You should go to the hospital and get it checked again.”

Pei Xu hooked his lips and raised his eyebrows slightly. “Thank you, Lil’ Young Master.”

Fu Qingli’s patience had been exhausted. He looked at Fu Qingxuan. “Let’s go.”

Fu Qingxuan paused in packing his first aid kit. He gathered enough courage, stuck out his neck, and looked at Fu Qingli. “Big Brother, I’m not leaving!”

Fu Qingli’s cold eyes turned sharp and dangerous. His voice carried an unquestionable authority. “Say it again?”

Fu Qingxuan chickened out and looked to Shen Xi for help.

Shen Xi shrugged her shoulders and gave him a look that said, “You’re on your own… I wouldn’t dare offend the eldest Fu brother…”

From the time Fu Qingli carried her out of the car, Shen Xi felt that he was very strange, but she could not pinpoint it.

Fu Qingxuan could not resist and was taken away by Fu Qingli. He looked at Shen Xi with worried eyes, got into the car, and poked his head out to admonish Pei Xu. “Take care of her!”

“Okay.” Pei Xu waved his hand at him.

Fu Qingxuan was so afraid of his big brother, like a rat seeing a cat. He did not want to leave, but he dared not even make a sound.

They left in Fu Qingli’s car and left Fu Qingxuan’s car behind.

After they drove away, Fu Qingli looked in the rearview mirror and saw the girl who was smiling leisurely. She did not look the slightest bit nervous and afraid. His hands unconsciously tightened like he was about to crush the steering wheel.

‘Look! She looks as if nothing happened, as if this crash had nothing to do with her. She looks like she doesn’t care about her own life or whether she just escaped death.’

Fu Qingli became angrier when he saw her like this. He could not control his emotions and felt that his worry and fear were all a joke.

He did not know if he had lost his mind because she stirred up all the emotions in him, which was very unlike him.

Perhaps his aunt was right. Fu Qingli just pretended not to care because he cared too much about her.

If he did not care about her, he would not have cared if she lived.

He would not have rushed over when he heard someone said their car was tampered with.

He would not have felt so much self-blame when he saw her car crashing into the boulder.

He would not have felt so relieved to see that she was okay.

Most importantly, he would not have been so angry when she smiled like nothing happened after she had just escaped death.

Fu Qingxuan looked at the girl in the rearview mirror and muttered with a distressed look on his face. “Big Brother, she must’ve been scared to death.”

Fu Qingli sneered and smirked, “Is that so?”

‘Why can’t I tell that she’s scared? Is she so frightened that she smiles when she sees people? She’s pretty ballsy, so much so that I gotta admit I kinda admire her.’

Fu Qingxuan nodded and felt heartbroken. “She’s good at pretending and she’s actually scared of feeling pain. Second Brother said that she’s like a little turtle that will hide in its strong shell because she’s been hurt too much. I think he’s right.”

She never showed any weakness in front of outsiders. Fu Qingxuan and Fu Qingli were not yet qualified for her to shed her disguise in front of them, which saddened Fu Qingxuan a little.

“If it’s a disguise, then she’s too good at pretending,” Fu Qingli sneered. He could not see a trace of weakness or fear from her eyes. “Tell your Second Brother that she can be nominated for the Oscars.”

“Big Brother, why do you always think the worst of her?” Fu Qingxuan was a little annoyed.

Fu Qingli snorted and replied, “Fu Qingxuan, I’ll warn you one last time. Even though she looks like Mom, she’s not our little sister! You’d better put away those useless feelings!”

“If she’s not our little sister, why did you run to save her?” Fu Qingxuan asked him back.

“Why do I have to explain my actions to you?” Fu Qingli sneered. “You’d better think about how to explain why you came to China!”

“I don’t wanna talk to you.” Fu Qingxuan twisted his head and averted his question. He looked out the window, paused for a moment, then grunted in defiance as he glared at his brother. “You’re so two-faced! It’s fine if you don’t wanna admit that you care about her, but don’t tell me what to do! I want to like her and be nice to her regardless of who she is!”

Fu Qingxuan knew that Shen Xi was not his little sister, but he just could not control his feelings and wanted to treat her well. If he could not stop himself, then he would just follow his heart.

‘But that meanie doesn’t even know how much I struggled before deciding to be good to her. She still treats me like I’m an acquaintance…’

The moment Fu Qingxuan saw Shen Xi, he truly wanted her to jump into his arms and cry her heart out while telling him about her helplessness, panic, and fear, but she did not. She was just smiling at him, telling him that she was fine and that she could solve whatever problems she encountered.

Shen Xi was abnormally strong, which made him angry and heartbroken. It made him feel useless.

She did not let her guard down around him, but he was curious what kind of person would make her let her guard down.

The car was silent.

After a long while, Fu Qingli asked him, “You know that Pei Xu guy, right? I caught a witness earlier. Xu Xu will send the guy to him, so you can contact him.”

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