Rebirth from the Ashes - Chapter 382 - Long-Term Plan

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Chapter 382: Long-Term Plan

Fu Qingxuan volunteered, “Big Brother, I can send it over personally!”

Fu Qingli swept a sidelong glance at him. His voice was cold and deep, and extremely dangerous. “I still haven’t settled the score with you for running out here…”

Fu Qingxuan shut his mouth. ‘Fine! What’s the big deal anyway…’


In the arena.

When Xu Wei received news that Shen Xi and Pei Xu were still alive, she went crazy and kicked the car. She pointed at the group of people in front of her and yelled, “Useless crap! Go find him! I don’t care what method you use, but you must find him!”

Pei Xu was not dead.

Qiang Zi, however, was missing. After searching around, no one knew where he had gone to.

The only person who knew about the brake malfunction was Qiang Zi because Xu Wei had asked him to do it. Qiang Zi was Brother Zhao’s most trusted subordinate, so he definitely would not betray her.

If Qiang Zi was caught by Pei Xu and forced to confess, would he betray her? In that case, everything would be over and Pei Xu would not let her get away with it.

The more Xu Wei thought about it, the more frightened she became. When she saw her men scattered to find Qiang Zi, she got into the car and dialed a phone number. “Brother Zhao, what should we do? Pei Xu already knows about you and me. I tried to kill him today, but he escaped. Qiang Zi also disappeared. I’m afraid that he caught Qiang Zi.”

“What’s the hurry? Speak slowly.” Lu Zhao’s voice was fierce.

Xu Wei told him everything that happened. “If our relationship is exposed, the Ning family won’t let me go. Let’s leave the country! Let’s leave China now!”

She had an ominous feeling that things were moving in an unexpected direction. If Xu Wei did not escape now, she might never have a chance again.

“Are you sure Pei Xu knows about us?” Lu Zhao sneered. “You’re overthinking this. If he knew, would we still be alive now?”

Xu Wei said, “I don’t know… I think he knows. Brother Zhao, let’s go far away. Let’s leave China and find a place where no one knows us to start over.”

The last time Xu Wei was on a date with Lu Zhao, she bumped into Pei Xu and felt that things would be bad. Pei Xu’s words earlier made her even more certain that he must have known something, so she wanted to silence him forever.

“If you leave, what about the Ning family? We’ve planned this for so long, so we can’t just throw away all our effort!” Lu Zhao was not willing to give up the piece of pie that was about to fall into his lap. He was convinced that Pei Xu did not know about their relationship. “If Pei Xu comes looking for trouble, just tell the Ning family that you want to kill him to avenge Ning Sinian. The Ning family will surely be on your side.”

Pei Xu could not have known. If he had, he would not have allowed Xu Wei and Lu Zhao to continue dating.

Xu Wei listened but was still worried. “Qiang Zi is missing… What if Pei Xu caught him? What if he said something about us?”

“Qiang Zi must’ve taken the money and left. Don’t worry, he’s smart, so how can he be caught by Pei Xu? You women think too much.” Lu Zhao reassured her. “Even if Qiang Zi is in Pei Xu’s hands, he won’t betray me. Don’t worry. Aren’t you pregnant now? The Ning family will do whatever it takes to keep you at all costs.”

Xu Wei said, “But…”

Lu Zhao interrupted her. “Listen to me. There’s no but. Our child will be the fourth generation of the Ning family. When those old farts are gone, the Ning family will be ours.”

This was his long-term plan. He wanted the Ning family fortune and absolutely would not let Pei Xu ruin his plans.

Lu Zhao managed to calm Xu Wei’s emotions after a while.

Xu Wei hung up the phone and touched her stomach. The panic in her eyes disappeared and she became more resolute.

She was in a panic earlier.

Lu Zhao was right. Qiang Zi might not have been caught by Pei Xu and might have just ran away with the money.

Qiang Zi’s hobby was hiring prostitutes and getting high, so he was probably having too much fun that he did not answer his phone.

Even if Qiang Zi was caught, Pei Xu might not even be able to pry his mouth open. As long as Qiang Zi did not admit it, Pei Xu could not do anything to them without any evidence.

Xu Wei wanted to kill Pei Xu to avenge Nian. Moreover, the Ning family hated Pei Xu because of Nian and would stand by her.

Most importantly, she was pregnant with Lu Zhao’s child.

For the past six months, she had been using Ning Sinian’s sperm for IVF.

The Ning family assumed she was carrying Ning Sinian’s child because of all her acts of love and sacrifices. They cared for her and were grateful that she was pregnant with the eldest grandson of the Ning family.


On the mountain road.

Fu Qingli’s car just left. Shen Xi and the rest got into the car, ready to leave when a sports car stopped in front of them.

Yu Qiubai got out and greeted them with a smile. He threw a flash drive to Pei Xu and said, “Pei Xu, a gift for you. No need to thank me.”

Pei Xu raised his eyebrows slightly, thinking that this fox would not do anything nice. “What is it?”

Yu Qiubai swept a glance at Shen Xi and Song Wenye, then asked him, “Are you sure you wanna see it?”

Pei Xu nodded his head.

Yu Qiubai beckoned with his finger, “Then come into my car and watch it.”

Song Wenye was annoyed and jumped out of the car. “Yu Qiubai! Who are you looking down on? Why can’t Xixi and I see it?!”

Yu Qiubai was in a pickle. “It’s not good for you girls to see this kind of thing.”

Song Wenye insisted on seeing it and would get mad at him if he did not show them.

Yu Qiubai had no choice but to take his laptop over and let them watch it together.

Shen Xi finally knew why Yu Qiubai said they should not watch this because it was Xu Wei’s sex tape.

Song Wenye was watching with great interest and even commented. “This man is so ugly. It’s so tiny, like the size of lipstick! He’s also so unskilled. Xu Wei’s taste is truly questionable. Even if she wants to cheat, she should find a larger one, right?”

She was doing a full-on review.

Yu Qiubai and Pei Xu were used to watching such videos in private like many men, but this was the first time they watched it in front of girls.

They did not care about Song Wenye because she was like a bro to them, but Shen Xi was sitting quietly nearby like a goddess. The guys felt embarrassed and blushed as they were afraid she would think badly of them, especially Yu Qiubai.

Shen Xi had never liked him, so if this continued, her impression of him would be shattered, despite not having much of an image to begin with.

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