Rebirth from the Ashes - Chapter 400 - The Change of Investors

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Chapter 400: The Change of Investors

Shen Xi touched every inch of her face before calmly asking Fu Qingxuan, “Is there something on my face?”

Toffeecito licked her face during the car ride.

Fu Qingxuan shook his head. “No.”

Shen Xi then turned to look at the beautiful lady who took another look at her. The beautiful lady kept her eye on Shen Xi, adding a friendly nod in greeting.

Shen Xi returned a smile to the beautiful lady, albeit feeling a little speechless as she wanted to ask the lady why she was staring. However, faced with those kind eyes, Shen Xi really did not know where to begin.

It appeared that unauthorized personnel were not allowed at the medical center and Shen Xi, as a new face, had all the attention like a monkey in a zoo.

Since Fu Qingxuan had his hands on an ongoing project, he was on a tight schedule and barely made time to come and pick her up. He walked Shen Xi to her requested lab and assigned her an assistant before leaving in a hurry.

The assistant was a poised blue-eyed blond named Jennifer. Although shrewd and highly capable, she did not give out the rigid impression a research scientist would.

Shen Xi merely wanted to use the cutting-edge equipment and had no need for an assistant. Hence, she left Jennifer to go about her business and went into the laboratory on her own.

Along the way, it became absolutely clear to Shen Xi why this was the world’s leading medical laboratory.

The size of the medical center aside, every research department had its own standalone building. Shen Xi had not viewed the facility at other buildings.

Nevertheless, the building she was in was undoubtedly the core of the entire medical center. From the research scientists to the medical facilities, everything was held to the highest global standard. The facilities alone put the Situ family’s medical equipment to shame, never mind the experts here.

This was only the tip of the iceberg. For the medical center to become renowned and developed to such a massive scale in several decades, it all boiled down to money.

Shen Xi would not dare dream of establishing such a medical center without the Fu family’s inheritance. Since she could not afford to splurge the cash, Shen Xi was thankful enough to borrow the place.

She stepped into the lab and took a glance at the equipment before placing the incubator on the tabletop. She then pulled out the blood sample and got to work.

Amid getting a sample analysis, Yuan Yu called in to ask her about National Idol. Their office just had a meeting about a qualifying strategy for the contestants and was ready to go forth with publicity and guidance.

Shen Xi seemed to have a plan of her own but kept mum about it. With only two weeks left to broadcast, Yuan Yu wanted to pick her brain on it.

Yuan Yu could never guess what was going on in the girl’s mind. It was not easy acquiring sole investment rights for National Idol, and they could finally stick it to the Su family. Yet, Shen Xi gave in to Su Yi’s request to provide Su Ruowan with a debut opportunity. She even invited Su Muyan to be the vocal coach.

“Me? Just get me a mask. The half-mask kind.” Shen Xi chuckled. “I’ll explain when I get back. I’m busy here!”

Yuan Yu replied, “Why can’t you let me know sooner?”

Shen Xi retorted, “Didn’t we get the sole investment rights of National Idol two days ago?”

Yuan Yu had no choice but to let the whole matter go, knowing Shen Xi had a plan and would not do anything rash. He hummed in acknowledgment. “When are you coming to the office?”

“I’ll need to see when I’ll be done here. The latest would be two days from today,” Shen Xi replied. “I’m busy, got to go.”

She hung up.

Sighing, Yuan Yu stood by the floor-to-ceiling window and glanced at the entrance to the company. The fangirl who had been here for He Pei every day for the past few days was still at the door!

She must be some rich heiress with nothing better to do as she drove another sports car to keep watch by the door. The sports car was filled with balloon flowers.

Yuan Yu caught wind that she was a fan of He Pei and was here for an autograph. In assistant Lil’ Chen’s words, He Pei claimed that his favorite flower was balloon flowers.

The staff had tried to persuade her, but the fangirl refused to leave. They let her be since she had not caused any trouble. At least she was a fan, instead of a fanatic.

A fanatic would go to extremes to stalk He Pei. So, in comparison to a fanatic, a fan that acts by the book was always the better choice.

Yuan Yu stood there for a while before returning to his seat to go through his documents.

The handover of National Idol’s investor was drawing to a close. After tomorrow’s meeting to deal with other small-time investors, their company would become the sole investor.

The switch of National Idol’s investor was done in secret. Barely a handful in the business knew about it, let alone those outside the circle.

The Su family were National Idol’s biggest investor. However, Su Yi experienced severe losses lately from Su Mushi’s debt of almost four billion on the online betting platform to Su Muyan’s setback in his new album release. Not only did he fail to bag the profit as predicted, but Su Muyan was also outshined by a debutant.

During this period, the Su family’s company encountered operational and capital chain difficulties. Su Yi had no choice but to let another investor take their place at National Idol for double the price. No matter was more urgent than getting hold of capital to keep the organization’s operations up and running.

A heavy air had not left the Su household for a long time, causing tensions to rise in the family. Everyone had their own hidden agenda.

“Honey, National Idol is filming in two weeks. You have got to tell Wanwan about it!” Li Jingran sighed and looked at Su Yi.

As someone who raised Wanwan, Li Jingran was no stranger to Wanwan’s brilliance and talent in singing and dancing. Even if it was no longer pre-decided that Wanwan would win, Li Jingran was sure that her daughter would debut and be a hit.

Already upset at the mention, Su Yi snapped back. “Fine, tonight. Find a time and you talk to her.”

If it were not for this show, Shen Xi would not butt heads with Wanwan, nor would she leave home and hate him till today.

Su Yi first intended to reconnect with Shen Xi through the program and give her the opportunity to debut. However, Su Yi had to get another investor in for the show due to the incessant problems at home just to address the immediate needs.

He was left anxious and resentful about the whole ordeal. He got steamed up at just the thought of it, wanting nothing more than to beat up his useless sons.

Had things gone smoothly without them throwing the wench in, Su Yi would have used the debut opportunity as bait for Shen Xi to return to the family.

While the husband and wife were in conversation, Su Ruowan suddenly walked into the room.

Following Su Ruowan’s presence, Su Yi got to leave and had a chip on his shoulder.

Li Jingran gave him a look. Even if he presently was not fond of Wanwan, there was no need to show it in a hurtful manner. This was the child they both doted on, loved, and raised together after all!

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