Rebirth from the Ashes - Chapter 411 - Lay It All Out on the Table

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Chapter 411: Lay It All Out on the Table

The bedside lamp was the only light in the room.

Fu Qingye crawled out of bed and stared at his phone messages. Although his screen was already flooded with texts, the messages kept coming in. They were all from Fu Qingxuan.

[Qingxuan: What’s the situation?]

[Qingxuan: How’d it go?]

[Qingxuan: Did you catch them in bed?]

[Qingxuan: Do you need me to come over and help?]

[Qingxuan: F*ck! Li Yuan is an animal! I could kill him!]

[Qingxuan: He doesn’t deserve to be called a human!]

[Qingxuan: Motherf*cker, c*ck-sucking *sshole!!!]

At first, it was only asking for an update, running his mouth about Li Yuan, and blasting Fu Qingye’s phone with angry, fire-breathing, and exploding emojis, then Fu Qingxuan took it to the next level by hitting the call button endlessly.

[Qingxuan: Qingye?]

[Qingxuan: Qingye?]

[Qingxuan: Qingye! Qingye! Qingye! Qingye!!]

In the end, the overuse of Fu Qingye’s name, plus furious emojis and text symbols spammed the screen.

Fu Qingye replied, “Let’s head out and check on it.”

It was completely quiet outside and the light in the living room was shut, so everyone must be asleep.

Him? Drunk?

Alcohol did not affect Fu Qingye and it was no different than drinking cool water. Nevertheless, because he usually said no to wine, the outside world had no idea he could very much hold his liquor.

Qingxuan told Qingye that Li Yuan took Shen Xi with him. It was a bad idea for the pair to remain alone together. Shen Xi should never let down her guard even though Fu Qingye trusted that Li Yuan was not that kind of person. Still, the fact did not sit well with Fu Qingye. God forbids something might happen.

What if Li Yuan let his animal instincts get the best of him and made a move on the girl?

[Qingxuan: Hurry up then!]

[Fu Qingye: How is Mom holding up?]

[Qingxuan: I don’t know. Qingli locked me up.]

[Fu Qingye: …]

Thank goodness he decided against going home. Otherwise, he would suffer the same fate as Qingxuan.

Grabbing his phone, Fu Qingye got out of bed and tiptoed to the door. He stuck his ear against the door to listen for any sudden movements. He established that there was no one around by the utter silence before opening the door.

“Second Young Master Fu.” Li Yuan’s voice suddenly broke the silence in the dark and empty living space.

Caught by surprise, Fu Qingye nearly hurled his phone away. He pulled himself together and held onto the door as he stumbled on his footing like a drunkard. Pretending not to see Li Yuan, he inebriatedly said, “Where’s the washroom?”

“That’s some great acting, Second Young Master Fu. You do deserve the title of a movie star,” Li Yuan scoffed. “She’s asleep, so it’s only you and me. Let’s just lay it all out on the table.”

Fu Qingye had no inkling as to how Li Yuan saw through him. He was sure he played the part well or was Li Yuan just testing and bluffing him?

However, with Li Yuan waiting here, it was proof that it was not a guess. Li Yuan would never take measures unless he was 100% sure, living to the motto of surety, accuracy, and relentlessness.

Li Yuan darted at Fu Qingye with a chilling look.

Straightening his back, Fu Qingye’s eyes reflected lucidity. Like a beast in the night, he showed his fangs. “I should be asking. What are you thinking? She’s underage! Seventeen for god’s sake!”

“I know what I’m doing. She’s not a child and knows what she wants or what she’s doing.” Li Yuan stared into Fu Qingye’s eyes. “You know her well. Do you think she’d be fooled by me?”

His fair lady was perceptive!

She would not treat him as such unless it came from her heart.

That was the exact reason why Fu Qingye was worried. He was concerned that the girl with a one-track mind would keep going on even if she was kicked to the ground, afraid she would be too stubborn for her own good and be taken advantage of.

“I’m more interested in asking you Fu family about your intentions.” The taunting look on Li Yuan’s face reeked of murderous intent. “Thanks to you and Fu Qingxuan for seeing her as your sister’s substitute and refusing to get out of her face, Fu Qingli has come all the way here to threaten and give her a hard time!”

Who was he to question?

Fu Qingye sure had the b*lls to show up at his door!

“I…” Fu Qingye wanted to refute at the top of his lungs, but what could he say?

He could not say for certain that he did not take her as his sister’s substitute.

Just looking at Shen Xi brought memories of Fu Qingxi.

Fu Qingye once thought he could control himself and see Shen Xi as herself, but reality brought him down to his knees.

How could he not when he was faced with a likable girl with an uncanny resemblance to Mom?

“Fu Qingye, I’m warning you. Don’t get close to her,” Li Yuan jeered. “She’s not your sister’s replacement. She is her own person. Find someone else, but don’t blame me for what’s to come if you mess with her again.”

She was usually a decisive person but she waffled and dragged her feet when it came to the Fu family. Since that was the case, Li Yuan decided to call the shots for her and end this relationship.

He was not going to allow anyone to see as someone else’s stand-in.

His fair lady may appear tough, but inside, she was a soft-hearted and deadly loyal person. She remembered every single good deed people had done for her.

She would only be devastated and heartbroken when the Fu family ditched and snubbed her after their princess was found.

“Li Yuan, what right do you have to ask this of me?” Although Fu Qingye knew he was at fault, it did not stop him from getting angry. “You said she’s not a child and yet here you are, deciding for her?”

“She will listen to me.” Li Yuan confidently chuckled, not hiding his disdain for Fu Qingye at all. “You must know that Fu Qingli has looked for her and how he made things difficult for her. Do you really want Fu Qingli to do that again because of you and Fu Qingxuan?”

“I will think of a way to handle my brother.” Fu Qingye was in the wrong after all. Qingli had warned him and Qingxuan against hanging out with Shen Xi.

However, he could never do that, nor could Qingxuan.

Qingli himself was probably incapable of doing so either. That man was just in denial and being hard on himself, but there would be one day when he would wake up and smell the coffee.

“I don’t need you to come up with a solution. I just need you to stay away from her. Don’t speak so honorably about your selfishness.” Li Yuan then wheeled himself away and ordered, “Kun Lun, see him out!”

That was the end of the conversation.

Li Yuan did not mind resorting to some measures if they still did not get the message.

Fu Qingli’s younger brothers were the worst at taking the hint.

With his eyes sparking a fire, Fu Qingye caught up to Li Yuan and spoke through clenched teeth, “Li Yuan, she’s still a child!”

Li Yuan answered loud and clear, “You don’t have to worry about that. I’m not some animal!”

He would never hurt her.

Fu Qingye watched his receding figure as fury overtook him before curling his lips in self-deprecation.

He was aware of Li Yuan’s intentions with her, but what could he do about it? What right did he have for Li Yuan to listen to him?

Ultimately, the girl was closer to Li Yuan than to him!

Shen Xi stopped answering his calls ever since her encounter with Qingli and on the rare occasion that she did, she would say that she missed the call.

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