Rebirth from the Ashes - Chapter 421 - Seconds Felt Like Years

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Chapter 421: Seconds Felt Like Years

Shen Xi thought, ‘I wish I was on a getaway with Li Yuan…’

However, the truth was she had been exhausted from flying around the globe and working for four days in a row. Shen Xi cast a sidelong glance at Song Wenye and did not answer her question. “Go back to your seat.”

Song Wenye thought Shen Xi acquiesced and gave Shen Xi a knowing look. She teased Shen Xi, “It’s useless even if you don’t admit it because I saw you were with Toffeecito’s Dad on a private jet!”

Others might not know who was behind Toffeecito’s social media account, but Song Wenye was clear about it because she was Toffeecito’s godmother.

Everyone in the International Class was happy that Shen Xi was finally back in school.

These days, Song Wenye had been going to the Top Class daily to find Chen Bingbing for the bet. However, the Top Class had been stubborn and insisted they still had time. They refused to admit defeat, so Song Wenye would get pissed and curse them every time she got back.

During the break before the second period, Song Wenye, Chu Ying, and a group of girls went to the Top Class again. They finally came back happy for once.

Shen Xi looked at Song Wenye’s smug face and raised her eyebrows slightly. “You got it?”

“Yup, I finally got it! Since I won’t be in school next week and I’m afraid Yingying won’t be able to handle Chen Bingbing, it’s better to get it from them now while I’m still around.” Song Wenye snickered and showed Shen Xi the e-receipt. Her tone was nonchalant and smug as she said, “Although we’re not short of this 70,000 album sales, consider it a bonus.”

Shen Xi asked, “They didn’t resist?”

Song Wenye said, “With me around, will Chen Bingbing dare? I’ll f*ck her up!”

Shen Xi heard Song Wenye’s foul mouth and said, “When you went to the office two days ago, didn’t you learn how to manage your expression, speech, and demeanor?”

If Song Wenye spoke like this on the show, someone who wanted to smear her name could easily do so.

Luckily, Song Wenye was from Capital No. 4 High School, the place where the children of the rich and powerful in the Capital were concentrated. Thus, no one would say anything that would damage the school’s honor and reputation.

At the mention of this, Song Wenye got worried. “Oh, right… I’m supposed to be a cold and aloof goddess and maintain my elegant persona. That way, it’s easier to gain fans.”

Song Wenye originally did not want to agree to it, but after some thought, she should practice her acting skills in front of people. She even thought of imitating Shen Xi.

Shen Xi had no clue about Song Wenye’s intentions, but she was pleased that Song Wenye was 100% compliant with the company’s arrangement.

After school, Pei Xu came to pick up Shen Xi in the evening.

After the racing accident, Pei Xu finally conquered his trauma, so driving was no longer a problem for him.

When Shen Xi and Pei Xu arrived at the hospital, Ning Sinian’s parents were in the ward watching over their son. They dared not hope for more or for their son to wake up.

Their son’s attending doctor, Dr. Tang, who was amongst the top medical experts in China, brought a group of experts from the hospital for a consultation in the morning. They did a comprehensive check on Ning Sinian and found his condition had improved significantly. They even called it a miracle.

However, these doctors in the hospital, including Dr. Tang, did not dare to give any guarantee that Ning Sinian would wake up or that he would recover.

Mr. and Mrs. Ning were so eager that every second felt like a year.

Mr. Ning looked at Mrs. Ning anxiously. “Give Xu a call and ask if he’s picked up Dr. Shen.”

“Why don’t you call? He’s only been gone for a while. It’ll take some time. If Dr. Shen says he’s coming over, then he will come. Let’s just wait.”

Even though she said so, she was more anxious than anyone else. Since the consultation in the morning when the doctors mentioned her son’s bodily functions had begun to recover, Mrs. Ning had longed for Dr. Shen to come over sooner.

However, she did not dare to call Pei Xu. After all, they treated him horribly all these years.

Mr. and Mrs. Ning had been so resentful toward Pei Xu because of their son. They did not want to see Pei Xu and never allowed Pei Xu to visit their son.

“Okay, we’ll wait a little longer.” Mr. Ning looked at the ward’s door from time to time and would also go to the window to look downstairs. He paced back and forth anxiously and rubbed his hands together.

When the door was pushed open, Mr. and Mrs. Ning rushed over, but they did not know what to say when they saw that it was Dr. Shen.

In the end, Shen Xi nodded to them first and said hello.

Only then did Mr. Ning look at her with excitement and greet her, “Dr. Shen, please come in.”

Mrs. Ning wanted to say something, but she was a little stumped as to how to express her gratitude, so she just looked at Shen Xi gratefully and greeted her. “Dr. Shen.”

Shen Xi was informed by Pei Xu of Ning Sinian’s situation. She went over to do a checkup and found that Ning Sinian’s health was indeed improving. She double-checked the other doctor’s consultation report and body checkup, then said, “His health is improving well.”

Mr. and Mrs. Ning stood next to Shen Xi and did not dare to breathe loudly for fear of disturbing the doctor’s diagnosis. After getting Shen Xi’s affirmation, they finally put their minds at ease.

“Dr. Shen.” Mrs. Ning choked on her words as tears streamed down her face. She looked at Shen Xi expectantly. “Does he… Have any hope of waking up?”

They just wished their son could be alive, even as in a vegetative state. For them, that was a kind of consolation.

However, people were always greedy. After finding out their son’s health improved, they hoped he could wake up even though the chances were slim.

“I can’t give you a 100% guarantee on this,” Shen Xi had to speak objectively as a doctor. “But his body functions will slowly return to normal.”

Shen Xi was confident in her antidote, but she could not guarantee that Ning Sinian would wake up. If there were no complications, it was certainly not a problem for him to regain consciousness.

When Mr. and Mrs. Ning heard Shen Xi, tears welled up in their eyes. They were so emotional and surprised that they had no idea what to do.

Mrs. Ning thanked Shen Xi and began to cry on her husband’s shoulder, but she did not want the doctor to see her like this and wiped her tears silently.

Just this one sentence was enough for them.

It meant that Ning Sinian had a chance at survival.

Mr. Ning was still able to hold back his emotions. He looked at Shen Xi with embarrassment. “Dr. Shen, what do we do next?”

Shen Xi said, “Let’s finish the medication and see what happens.”

Mr. Ning thanked her again. He was not great at expressing his feelings, but he would remember Shen Xi’s kindness for life.

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