Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser - Chapter 1085 - Qi Zhenbai Coming Clean (1)

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Chapter 1085: Qi Zhenbai Coming Clean (1)

Feng Yuanlin saw Qi Zhenbai’s little act and couldn’t help but sigh at Zhenbai’s extraordinary possessiveness. He felt that this kid usually restrained himself when Shuyan was clear-headed. Now that she was drunk, this kid didn’t hide his possessiveness at all.

Seeing Zhenbai leave, Feng Yuanlin followed.

When he saw that Zhenbai had come to pick Shuyan up, he also planned to leave. Because of Qin Qing’s affair, he wasn’t in the mood to chat with Zhenbai.

“Wait, wait a moment!” Qi Zhenbai suddenly said.

Seeing that Zhenbai had something to say to him, Feng Yuanlin could only stop next to his car.

Qi Zhenbai patiently and carefully placed his wife in the backseat and let her sleep as he took off his jacket and covered her.

For some reason, Feng Yuanlin was a little entranced by Zhenbai’s actions. From his angle, he saw that although Zhenbai’s face was cold, his eyes were serious and patient as he carefully tucked the corners of his jacket under Shuyan.

This patient and serious look left Feng Yuanlin speechless. The cigarette box he had just taken out fell to the ground. Looking at Zhenbai’s considerate action, Feng Yuanlin clicked his tongue in wonder.

He had known Zhenbai for so long and, frankly speaking, he had never been a patient person. He was also absolutely chauvinistic and wanted people to listen to his orders.

Seeing how the chauvinistic Zhenbai had quickly changed into a good and filial man, Feng Yuanlin gaped wide enough to swallow an egg.

Although he knew that Zhenbai liked Shuyan, he had never realized how hard his best friend had fallen!

Shuyan was definitely Zhenbai’s bane.

In the car, Qi Zhenbai still didn’t know what Feng Yuanlin was thinking. After confirming that his wife wouldn’t catch a cold, he got out of the car and carefully closed the door.

Feng Yuanlin bent down to pick up the cigarette box. Seeing Zhenbai stride over, he suddenly said, “You’re not planning to settle accounts with me for getting Shuyan drunk, are you?”

“Let’s talk over there!” Qi Zhenbai motioned.

Feng Yuanlin could only helplessly follow Qi Zhenbai a little further. He took out a cigarette from his cigarette box and lit it for him.

Qi Zhenbai returned the cigarette to Feng Yuanlin, who widened his eyes. “You’re not smoking? When did you quit smoking? No, you were still smoking a lot a few days ago!”

Qi Zhenbai didn’t want to say that his wife didn’t like the smell of smoke, so he just said indifferently, “I don’t want to smoke!”

For some reason, Feng Yuanlin looked at his friend in front of him, then turned his head in the direction of Zhenbai’s car and suddenly probed, “Shuyan doesn’t like the smell of smoke?”

Qi Zhenbai had an impatient look on his face.

Feng Yuanlin’s eyes widened. “F*ck, Zhenbai, I think you’re going to become an immortal. Are you going to quit smoking?”

Qi Zhenbai had indeed been planning to do so. He had good self-control and rarely smoked to begin with. Since his wife didn’t like the smell of smoke, he did indeed plan to quit smoking.

Qi Zhenbai didn’t like people gossiping about him, so he pretended not to see Feng Yuanlin staring at him with shocked, wide eyes. He changed the subject and said directly, “You now know about that Qin woman cheating on you?”

He glanced at Feng Yuanlin, whose face changed drastically and who almost stomped his foot. Qi Zhenbai nodded. “It’s good that you know. It saves me having to spend time with other women! The two of you aren’t compatible either!”

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