Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser - Chapter 1168 - Chen Jin   

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Chapter 1168: Chen Jin


Seeing Shuyan’s confused gaze, Counselor Zhang felt that he was probably thinking too much. He knew quite well what kind of person Shuyan was. He immediately said, “I’m thinking too much. I saw you staring at Teacher Chen; of course, he really is much better-looking than your middle-aged, fat teacher in front of you!”

Counselor Zhang really liked this child, so when he said this, his tone was a bit teasing.

Chi Shuyan: …

Counselor Zhang had a very good impression of Chen Jin and a good relationship with him. Thinking about how Chen Jin had said to lend Shuyan to him as a model, Counselor Zhang was afraid that the gossip around the university would affect Shuyan’s impression of Chen Jin. Besides, in Counselor Zhang’s eyes, Shuyan was the student he was closest to and liked the most. He couldn’t help but give her a heads-up. “Although your Teacher Chen likes men, he’s a really good person. Unfortunately, he met a bad person. Shuyan, in today’s society, we shouldn’t be prejudiced. Some men just innately like other men. It’s their own business and has nothing to do with us.”

That being said, Counselor Zhang had tried to straighten Chen Jin out over the years, and still couldn’t accept homosexual love. He wanted to introduce a good woman to Chen Jin so that he could have a good family and wouldn’t be alone all the time.

Besides, what was so good about liking men?

Continuing the family line was more important.

Counselor Zhang was the typical conservative man. He could just barely accept that Chen Jin was gay, but he still couldn’t accept that men could like men.

Only then did Chi Shuyan realize what Counselor Zhang was getting at. She said, “Teacher, you’re right. It’s Teacher Chen’s own business whether he likes men or women. It has nothing to do with us! Besides, it’s not wrong for men to like men!”

Because of Yu Jinzhou and Lu Chengfu’s relationship, Chi Shuyan had some understanding of homosexuality and was very accepting of things, so she didn’t think much of it.


Counselor Zhang wanted to say something, but hesitated. Seeing that Shuyan really thought so, he heaved a sigh of relief. However, he was still very wary of homosexuality. Fortunately, Chi Shuyan wasn’t a boy. If she was, Counselor Zhang was really afraid that his words would lead this child into a pit.

In Counselor Zhang’s opinion, just because a man liked a man didn’t mean that it wasn’t a crooked path.

Fortunately, Shuyan wasn’t a boy. Otherwise, Counselor Zhang felt that he would have to reason with this child.

Counselor Zhang didn’t want to talk about Chen Jin anymore. After all, this was someone else’s private matter, and it wasn’t good to talk about it. He still had something on his mind. Because of the severity of what Shuyan had told him a few days ago, he had been paying attention to the news for the past day or two. Early in the morning, he heard of a death on the news.

Counselor Zhang was alarmed. If Director Huang hadn’t stopped him, he would have immediately approved Shuyan’s leave, but he was also worried about her safety. At that moment, Counselor Zhang asked, “Shuyan, has Director Huang approved your leave?”

Chi Shuyan thought about how Brother Feng hadn’t called her or come to school yet, so he was probably occupied with something. However, taking leave shouldn’t be a problem. Chi Shuyan said, “Counselor Zhang, I have other arrangements for taking leave. It’s just a small issue!” Seeing that Counselor Zhang was concerned, Chi Shuyan revealed, “Someone from the police department will apply for leave on my behalf!”

Counselor Zhang heaved a sigh of relief. Thinking of the news this morning about a murder, he felt very uneasy. He was mainly worried about the child’s safety. He still wanted to ask about it, but Chi Shuyan beat him to it. “Counselor Zhang, why did Teacher Chen leave in a hurry?”

Counselor Zhang thought that Shuyan was interested in what Chen Jin had said about being a model, so he said, “Teacher Chen is an especially talented art teacher in the university. He mainly teaches oil painting and has classes in the afternoon. He was able to get rare approval from the university today to take some students out sketching this afternoon. Why? Shuyan, are you also interested in drawing?”

Hearing that they would be going out to draw, Chi Shuyan got a bad feeling, and didn’t answer Counselor Zhang directly. However, Counselor Zhang was worried that she would suddenly become interested in drawing and be distracted from her studies. He advised, “Drawing is one thing, but it can’t affect your studies!”

Chi Shuyan asked curiously, “Where is he taking the students?”

Counselor Zhang frowned but still said honestly, “North Bridge Mountain!”

He heard that a few students had suggested going there. The scenery was good and it was quiet, so Chen Jin went along with the request.

When Chi Shuyan heard the words “North Bridge Mountain,” her heart jumped. The more she thought about last night, along with the black cadaveric qi that covered Teacher Chen’s forehead, the more uneasy she felt.

Counselor Zhang originally wanted to continue exhorting Shuyan, but he saw that her expression was very strange and grave. Counselor Zhang inexplicably felt uneasy, and he heard Shuyan say, “Counselor Zhang, if possible, you should advise Teacher Chen not to take students to North Bridge Mountain!”

Counselor Zhang’s face changed drastically, and the pen in his hand fell to the floor at her words. The young lady in front of him continued, “I saw Teacher Chen’s physiognomy just now. I’m afraid it’ll be very bad if he goes to North Bridge Mountain!”

Counselor Zhang was even more terrified when he heard the words “very bad.” Shuyan took out a few talismans and handed them to him. “If Teacher Chen insists on going, pass these talismans to him!”

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