Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser - Chapter 1169 - Don't Go, North Bridge Mountain Is Dangerous   

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Chapter 1169: Don’t Go, North Bridge Mountain Is Dangerous


After giving the talismans to Counselor Zhang, Chi Shuyan returned to class, mainly because she probably wouldn’t be able to apply for leave even if she wanted to go and investigate. She also didn’t want to make things difficult for Counselor Zhang again.

As for the lives and deaths of other people, she couldn’t care that much. She could only care for those whom she had an affinity with. For everyone else, it would depend on their own fate.

Chi Shuyan’s departing words scared Counselor Zhang witless. He didn’t bother to stop her and ask for clarification, but immediately went to look for Chen Jin, afraid that he would be a step too late.

In any case, in Counselor Zhang’s opinion, Shuyan’s words were true. Thinking of the consequences of what she said, he shuddered violently.

Fortunately, Counselor Zhang’s luck was good. He found Chen Jin on the sports field in the back. At that moment, Chen Jin was pretty much done with getting the students of two classes to board a tour bus which had been booked earlier. Most of the boys and girls, who were in high spirits, got onto the bus in groups of two or three. Only a few dragged their feet and stood on the sports field as they chatted with the students beside them.

Chen Jin was gentle by nature and didn’t rush them. The two teachers who were coming along couldn’t wait, and hurriedly urged everyone to get onto the bus. These two teachers were also the counselors for the two classes; one was surnamed Yu and the other was surnamed Cai.

The person with the surname Cai was a young female teacher who didn’t have much patience, and she found an excuse to go to the washroom first.

At that moment, a few female students replied both happily and reluctantly, “Got it, Teacher Yu. But look at Teacher Chen. He has the best temper and never rushes us. It’s still early; can’t you learn from Teacher Chen? Besides, something came up with Teacher Cai at the last minute. Can’t we hang out here a little longer?”

“Save your breath. If you don’t want to go, get off the bus. Forget about getting approval for you to go out sketching. Don’t go this afternoon; it’s better to go back to the art room. In any case, you can also draw there!” the person called Teacher Yu threatened.

Many of the girls and boys who had been dragging their feet earlier were so scared that they obediently got onto the bus and didn’t dare say another word, afraid that this rare opportunity to go out and draw would really disappear.


After Teacher Yu said this, he glared at Chen Jin and said, “It’s only because your character is so soft that these brats ask for so much.”

Teacher Yu was about the same age as Chen Jin and was one of the few teachers in the university who didn’t dislike him. The two of them had a good relationship. Chen Jin also knew that Old Yu didn’t take what the students said to heart. Hearing Old Yu’s retort, he wasn’t angry, but chuckled instead. “Fortunately, you’re here to help me manage these brats for this occasion.”

Teacher Yu grinned. Seeing that it was about time, Chen Jin called Teacher Yu to get on the bus and wait for Teacher Cai.

Yu Yang nodded and was about to get on the tourist bus, when a familiar voice rang out not far away. “Old Chen, wait!”

Chen Jin stopped and looked up to see Counselor Zhang rushing over. He was stunned. Seeing him in such a hurry, he thought that it was something urgent. Chen Jin patted Teacher Yu on the shoulder and told him to look after the students on the bus first, before he went down to ask Old Zhang if he needed anything.

Most of the teachers at Yanjing University had good academic qualifications and characters, and everyone was familiar with each other. Teacher Yu also knew Counselor Zhang, but they weren’t that close. Looking at his harried appearance, Teacher Yu also thought that he had something important to discuss with Chen Jin, so he immediately nodded. “Okay, then you go down first, but keep an eye on the time. When Teacher Cai comes back, it’ll be about time to leave!”

Chen Jin nodded.

After getting off the bus, he walked up to Counselor Zhang and asked bewilderedly, “What’s wrong, Old Zhang? What’s the matter?”

Counselor Zhang had a belly full of things to say before. Now that he really saw Chen Jin, he couldn’t utter a word, afraid that he wouldn’t believe him. Back then, Shuyan, that child, had given him talismans and said that something would happen to his family, but he hadn’t believed a word of it. Fortunately, Shuyan arrived later. Both Counselor Zhang and his wife would tremble in fear whenever they thought about what happened back then.

Counselor Zhang knew how serious the matter was. Otherwise, Shuyan wouldn’t have said the words “very bad.” His face was quite grave as he gritted his teeth and said, “Old Chen, you… you’re going to North Bridge Mountain?”

Chen Jin nodded. “Yeah, didn’t I tell you just now? What’s with this late reaction?”

It was rare for Chen Jin to joke and tease him.

Counselor Zhang stared at Chen Jin’s physiognomy and tried to see what Shuyan had meant with “very bad.” Unfortunately, he really couldn’t read faces. No matter how he looked, he couldn’t see anything wrong.

Although he didn’t see anything wrong, Counselor Zhang’s heart dropped even more. He gritted his teeth and said, “Old Chen, why don’t you go somewhere else? Don’t go to North Bridge Mountain. I heard it’s especially dangerous and not suitable for the students!”

Chen Jin was very puzzled by Counselor Zhang’s sudden change in attitude. When he mentioned North Bridge Mountain just now, Old Zhang had agreed with him that the environment was good. Why was he suddenly saying that it was especially dangerous?

Chen Jin didn’t doubt Old Zhang’s good intentions, and said, “Old Zhang, this arrangement really can’t be changed. Besides, the university already sent people over to investigate. The environment is good and there’s no danger. It’s a good place for drawing. Didn’t you agree earlier that the place is quiet and good?”

Counselor Zhang choked and didn’t know what to say for a moment. It was just that he was really worried about Old Chen. More than half of Old Chen’s life hadn’t been good, and he might really die young. Whether it was true or not, Counselor Zhang felt very uneasy.


Counselor Zhang gritted his teeth and said, “I really think we can suggest changing the location. I heard that that place is a little strange and evil. It’s really not a good place for you to take students to draw.”

When Chen Jin heard Old Zhang use the words “strange” and “evil,” he looked at the yellow talisman on Old Zhang’s wrist for a moment. His eyes flashed and he looked a bit embarrassed. He smiled and said, “Old Zhang, even if I’m willing to suddenly change locations, I still need Director Huang’s permission. I’m afraid he won’t agree to it!”

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