Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser - Chapter 1170 - No Coming Back   

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Chapter 1170: No Coming Back


When Chen Jin mentioned Director Huang, Counselor Huang finally gave up on persuading him. In the end, Counselor Zhang could only take out the talismans which Shuyan had given to him and hand them to Chen Jin.

Chen Jin: …

Chen Jin looked at Counselor Zhang with a very subtle and slightly moved expression. He wasn’t as against superstitions as Director Huang and the others. Sometimes, it was good to have some faith.

Chen Jin took the talismans from Counselor Zhang and nodded in gratitude.

Counselor Zhang said, “Okay, I get it. Don’t take these talismans for granted. Keep them close to you and don’t throw them away where I can’t see. These are all real, drawn by a true Master!” To be honest, if Shuyan hadn’t seen Chen Jin’s physiognomy, Counselor Zhang would have been a bit envious and would have wanted these talismans for himself.

Chen Jin didn’t take Counselor Zhang’s words seriously, but he was very grateful for his good intentions. He put the talismans in his pocket and patted his shoulder. “Don’t worry, I’ll accept your good intentions. However, be careful in the future and don’t let Director Huang see these!”

Counselor Zhang nodded.

Chen Jin didn’t say anything else and turned around to get on the bus.

Counselor Zhang was about to go back and ask Shuyan a few more questions, when he saw Shuyan standing not far away, frowning as she stared at the tour bus. The more she stared, the tighter her frown became.

Counselor Zhang followed her gaze and gave the bus several looks, but didn’t see anything.

In Chi Shuyan’s eyes, however, it was as if the thick black cadaveric qi around the bus was a different world altogether.

The black cadaveric qi flashed with a strange red light. This red light was stronger and bigger than any she had seen before. It was especially bright red, like the color of fresh blood.

In particular, the moment Chen Jin got onto the bus, the entire vehicle glowed with the strange red light inside and out. Chi Shuyan clearly saw black cadaveric qi completely cover his entire face, followed by flashes of golden light which couldn’t suppress the black cadaveric qi.

The strange red light grew even brighter.

Chi Shuyan felt that if this bus really left, the people on it today would probably never return. Even if Teacher Chen had a few talismans, the outcome probably wouldn’t be good unless he had heaven-defying luck.

Chi Shuyan was lost in thought when Counselor Zhang walked over to her side.

Counselor Zhang felt seriously uneasy. When he saw Shuyan’s expression in particular, he felt even more uneasy; he felt that something would definitely happen if this bus drove out of the school gate today.

Counselor Zhang was about to probe Shuyan, when Chi Shuyan suddenly said, “Counselor Zhang, can I go with them?”

Counselor Zhang was stunned, but when he saw Shuyan’s solemn face, he didn’t dare disagree at all. Moreover, Shuyan wasn’t a student who acted pretentiously; there was definitely a problem if she was suddenly saying that she wanted to go with them.

He gritted his teeth and probed, “Shuyan, I just spoke to Teacher Chen, but I’m afraid that the location can’t be changed. They’re still going to North Bridge Mountain, but I’ve already given Teacher Chen all the talismans. Will anything happen to Old Chen?”

Chi Shuyan looked up at the worried Counselor Zhang and thought that it wasn’t just Teacher Chen whom he should be worried about now, but all the people on the bus.

Chi Shuyan didn’t hide it from Counselor Zhang, and directly told him the truth. “Counselor Zhang, this matter is more serious than I thought. If the location isn’t changed, I’m afraid it won’t be just Teacher Chen, but everyone on that bus will not return!”

Chi Shuyan’s light words scared Counselor Zhang so much that he almost had a heart attack and almost fainted.


What did Shuyan just say?

Everyone on the bus wouldn’t return?

Counselor Zhang’s eyes widened and filled with intense horror. His limbs and bones were cold and his face was filled with shock and disbelief. He panicked and wanted to speak, but his throat seemed to be blocked by something at that moment. Apart from swallowing his saliva, he couldn’t utter a word for a long time. His face flushed and his teeth chattered. In the end, he choked out, “Shu… Shuyan, what did you just say? Did I hear wrongly?”

Chi Shuyan looked up and met Counselor Zhang’s gaze. He knew that Shuyan was telling the truth. Counselor Zhang subconsciously looked at the bus. From here, not only could he see many students in their prime through the windows, but also Chen Jin and Old Yu, who were standing at the door of the bus and talking. Counselor Zhang was so scared that his legs turned to jelly and he almost fell to his knees.

Chi Shuyan quickly supported Counselor Zhang. At the thought of the lives of everyone on the bus, he itched to get them out immediately. “Shuyan, what should we do? Isn’t this too serious? No, I have to tell Director Huang about this immediately.”

Counselor Zhang was so agitated that his mind went blank. His only thought was to immediately run and report this to Director Huang and cancel this trip. So many lives were at stake!

He didn’t dare think about what would happen to so many lives.

Chi Shuyan had no faith in Director Huang. It was better not to let Counselor Zhang run over and be scolded. She said, “Counselor Zhang, why don’t I follow them?”

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