Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser - Chapter 1174 - Fortune-telling (2)  

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Chapter 1174: Fortune-telling (2)

Seeing that the other party believed her without a thought, Chi Shuyan had a better impression of her, but she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Before Chi Shuyan could react, Ji Mingshu took out a small wad of money from her bag and stuffed it all into Chi Shuyan’s hand.

Although Yu Bo didn’t believe the young lady in front of him, he couldn’t bear for Mingshu to spend her own money. He took out a lot of money from his pocket and fawned on her. “Mingshu, use my money. I have money!”

He moved quickly and put back the money which Ji Mingshu had stuffed into Chi Shuyan’s hands in exchange for his own. He also thoughtfully added, “Mingshu, if it’s not enough, I still have more here!”

Chi Shuyan couldn’t help but think of how she had just broken up with that cold-blooded and heartless man. She gritted her teeth gloomily.

Chi Shuyan looked at the money. It was almost 1,000 yuan. She nodded and said, “Okay, I can do a reading for each of you!”

Yu Bo shook his head and said to use all the money to do a reading for Ji Mingshu. He didn’t need one, as long as Mingshu was happy.

Ji Mingshu was both distressed and moved by Yu Bo, who pursued her so enthusiastically and boldly. She was distressed that the person chasing her wasn’t the boy she liked, and moved that Yu Bo had been really good to her for the past two years.

The trio had already attracted the attention of many people. The person sitting next to Yu Bo, called Mao Di, couldn’t stand it. He didn’t expect this good-looking junior sister to be a swindler. He couldn’t help but say in a low voice, “F*ck, Yu Bo, you didn’t go crazy chasing a beauty, did you? Giving money to a swindler? You might as well treat us brothers to a drink another day!”

As soon as Mao Di finished speaking, the other two in the backseat, Meng Ping and Huang Shanming, immediately echoed him. They felt that Yu Bo was wasting his money, so he might as well treat them to a meal.

Or, they suggested that Yu Bo take this money to some fortune-telling stall outside the university, which would be more reliable.

Although Yu Bo knew that this was a waste of money, his heart didn’t ache. It was fine as long as Mingshu was happy.

Chi Shuyan pretended not to hear the others. Ji Mingshu’s attention was also on the fortune-telling, and her hesitant gaze fell on Su Yu in front of them from time to time. She blushed and said in a low voice, “Shuyan, I want to calculate my marriage fate!”

Chi Shuyan said, “Miss Ji, I calculate that you’ll face a life and death calamity soon. Although marriage is important, your life is more important, right?”

Ji Mingshu was about to ask Chi Shuyan to call her by her name, when she heard her say “life and death calamity.” She jumped in fright and her face turned pale. Even Yu Bo, who was next to her, turned pale. He completely forgot that he didn’t believe the girl in front of him. He hurriedly asked anxiously, “What’s going on? Junior Sister? There will be a calamity later? Can it be averted?”

Chi Shuyan thought about how she had just accepted 1,000 yuan from the other party. She looked at the black cadaveric qi on the forehead of the boy in front of her and didn’t forget to say, “Not only will Miss Ji suffer a life and death calamity, Mr. Yu will also suffer a calamity soon!”

Without waiting for their reactions, Chi Shuyan continued, “Of course, there’s no way to change fate, but I have some solutions!”

As Chi Shuyan spoke, she took out a few Safety Talismans and said that they were 30,000 each, and could protect them. It was up to the two whether they wanted them or not.

If it were just Yu Bo, he might have believed that this young lady in front of him was definitely a swindler. However, this involved Mingshu, and Yu Bo’s family didn’t lack money. After pondering for a moment, he immediately transferred 60,000 yuan to Chi Shuyan. Chi Shuyan gave each of them a Safety Talisman. However, this Safety Talisman was different from ordinary Safety Talismans. Before she gave it to the two of them, she thought about how powerful that thing was, and poured a lot of spiritual energy into the talismans before handing them over.

After Shuyan spoke, two yellow talismans were immediately exchanged for 60,000 yuan. The people in the back, including Yao Zhao and Su Yu, were stupefied.

Except for Yu Bo and Ji Mingshu, everyone else treated this junior in front of them as a swindler. When they heard her duping them and saw that Ji Mingshu and Yu Bo still treasured the talismans after being tricked, their faces immediately twisted, as if they were constipated.

After watching the show, Yao Zhao really couldn’t help it. This junior was really too good at duping people. She was shameless enough to sell two pieces of paper for 60,000 yuan.

Yao Zhao coughed softly and suddenly said, “Junior Sister, it’s not good to scam your classmates like this!”

Chi Shuyan looked at the man in front of her and said indifferently, “My talismans have always been this price, or are even more expensive. Do you want them? I can give you 30,000 for one now, but that might change later!”

Yao Zhao choked even more at Chi Shuyan’s words, and his face turned uglier than if he had constipation. He obviously didn’t expect this beautiful junior sister to actually target him. Did he look as stupid as Yu Bo and Ji Mingshu?

It seemed that Ji Mingshu and Yu Bo were really a perfect match!

Chi Shuyan felt around in her pocket at that moment and took out two more talismans. “I still have two talismans left. Whoever wants them, 30,000 for one!”

Except for Yu Bo and Ji Mingshu, who looked eagerly at Chi Shuyan, no one else wanted the talismans. To be honest, it wasn’t that Yu Bo still wanted talismans. Looking at this junior sister’s age, he felt some regret after buying the talismans. Forget it, it was more important that Mingshu was happy.

At that moment, the bus suddenly stopped. The driver indicated that they were almost there. Before getting off the bus, Chi Shuyan stressed to Ji Mingshu and Yu Bo that they should stay away from the water today.

“I want them!” Su Yu suddenly said!

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