Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser - Chapter 1175 - Called a Liar   

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Chapter 1175: Called a Liar


As soon as Su Yu said that, everyone looked at him in disbelief, not understanding why he suddenly wanted to buy these yellow paper talismans. Could it be that Su Yu had taken a fancy to this girl in front of him because she was too beautiful?

The more Huang Shanming, Meng Ping, and Mao Di thought about it, the more they felt that was the case. Su Yu’s voice also attracted the attention of many girls and boys in the front.

The pretty girl at the center of the group was called Jiang Tongle. She had always been at odds with Ji Mingshu because of Su Yu. Not to mention whether or not this junior sister had deliberately sat next to Su Yu earlier, her pretty face had now drawn Su Yu’s attention.

How could Jiang Tongle tolerate this? She found out what had happened from the others and, when no one was paying attention, she immediately had someone secretly tell Cai Xuanqiao that Chi Shuyan was scamming money out of people.

She kindly advised Su Yu and mocked Chi Shuyan in the same breath. “Young Master Su, this piece of paper costs 30,000 yuan. It’s simply too much. Why doesn’t this junior sister just give it to us directly? If she had just told us that her family has it tough, we’re not short of money, and we can treat it as a donation. However, she’s brazenly duping everyone and taking their money. This is too much!”

At that moment, most of the students had already gotten off the bus. Jiang Tongle’s voice was quite loud, and drew the attention of everyone who was left.

Su Yu was also a little stumped by the fact that he had blurted out the words. In fact, he and the others also felt that this girl was scamming them. He had wanted to get off the bus earlier, but he had been momentarily possessed when he saw the talismans in the junior’s hand. When he said those words, he surprised even himself.

Su Yu didn’t speak for a long time. Although Yao Zhao and the others couldn’t stand how this junior sister was scamming them, when Jiang Tongle really attacked her in front of everyone, this junior sister didn’t say anything. Her little face was exquisite and indifferent, and the boys couldn’t help but feel protective of her. They didn’t want Jiang Tongle to stir up trouble now. If she did, this junior sister would really be embarrassed.

Yao Zhao was really afraid that something would happen. At that moment, he exhorted, “Tongle, this is all a misunderstanding! A misunderstanding! It’s rare for everyone to come to North Bridge Mountain, so don’t fuss over such a small matter!”

As soon as Yao Zhao spoke, Huang Shanming, Meng Ping and the others echoed him and had everyone get off the bus.


Ji Mingshu had always been at odds with Jiang Tongle. She already didn’t have the slightest favorable impression of the high and mighty Jiang Tongle, while she had a good impression of Shuyan, who had been silent all this time. Besides, she really didn’t believe that Shuyan was lying to her. Even if she was lying to them, Ji Mingshu felt that Shuyan had no other choice. At that moment, she said to Jiang Tongle, “Jiang Tongle, you don’t know anything, so why are you calling Shuyan a liar? What evidence do you have? Besides, how does Young Master Su’s willingness to buy the talismans have anything to do with you?”

Jiang Tongle’s face turned very unsightly at Ji Mingshu’s words. This woman was indeed stupid. Recalling how someone had just told her that Ji Mingshu had also been tricked by this junior sister, Jiang Tongle gloated in her heart and was about to snap back.

Chi Shuyan finally spoke. She looked at Su Yu and said indifferently, “Do you still want these talismans? If not, I’ll get out first!”

It was up to them whether they believed her or not. She couldn’t be bothered to take part in this love drama. He wasn’t her man, so there was no need to be jealous.

Su Yu was stunned. She had already been exposed, but she still dared to calmly hawk these talismans to Su Yu. Jiang Tongle was even more angry and amused. She said mockingly to the girls next to her, “This junior sister is simply crazy poor.” She looked up and suddenly took out a few hundred yuan from her pocket. She casually tossed the money in front of Chi Shuyan and said unkindly, “Junior Sister, I really didn’t expect you to be so short of money. Take this money as my donation to you. There’s no need to return it!”

A few girls next to Jiang Tongle also casually threw out ten or dozens of yuan, their faces filled with schadenfreude and derision, making the others feel that Jiang Tongle had gone too far.

Ji Mingshu was so angry at Jiang Tongle’s insulting behavior that her face turned white. Although she had never met Chi Shuyan before this, they got along well. In addition, she had never liked Jiang Tongle. Ji Mingshu was even angrier than Chi Shuyan. Her face flushed red and white, and she wanted to scold her, but she was a civilized person and really couldn’t say anything. In the end, she only gritted her teeth and spat out, “You’re too much!”

Jiang Tongle originally wanted to scold Ji Mingshu, but seeing that her protector, Yu Bo, was next to her, she didn’t say anything. She directly treated Ji Mingshu as if she was invisible, and continued to gloat arrogantly as she chuckled at Chi Shuyan. “If you’re still short of money, why don’t I go back and get you a donation box so that everyone can give you money? In any case, you’re so short of money. Oh, not only do you want money, you’re also shameless, right?”

For the first time in their lives, Yao Zhao, Huang Shanming, Meng Ping and the others felt that Jiang Tongle’s mouth was really poisonous. Her words were simply too sharp, and she was being a real bully. Just as Yao Zhao and the other boys thought that the junior sister would cry from being bullied by Jiang Tongle, they glanced at her out of the corner of their eyes and saw that her expression was the same as ever. It was as if she didn’t hear Jiang Tongle’s words at all. They remembered that in the past, all the girls Jiang Tongle acted against would cry from being bullied. Yao Zhao, Huang Shanming and the others really admired this junior sister’s strong mentality.

There was no reaction on Chi Shuyan’s face, but on a closer look, her eyes were cold. Chi Shuyan saw the dense, black cadaveric qi on the other party’s forehead, and she curled her lip. She glanced at everyone indifferently and said, “Since no one else is buying talismans, I’ll get out first!”

At that moment, a girl came over and said, “Who’s Chi Shuyan? Our Teacher Cai wants you to go see her!”

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