Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser - Chapter 656 - Seeing Lin Haoxing Again

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Chapter 656: Seeing Lin Haoxing Again

Before Qi Hao could finish speaking, Chi Shuyan received another call, and saw that it was Lin Chongchang.

Chi Shuyan was afraid that Lin Chongchang might be looking for her about a serious matter, so she could only ignore the brat’s call first, saying that she would call him later.

Qi Hao was depressed. “Got it, Sister-in-law. You must call me back later!”

Chi Shuyan immediately picked up Lin Chongchang’s call. Hearing his anxious tone, she panicked.

Chi Shuyan was slightly alarmed. She thought that there was a side effect from when she secretly transferred the fox to a token for Lin Haoxing last time.

“Elder Lin, don’t rush. Calm down and speak clearly. What on earth happened to Haoxing? Only then will I be able to think of a concrete solution.” Chi Shuyan interrupted Lin Chongchang’s incoherent ramblings and hurriedly pursued the matter.

After listening carefully to Lin Chongchang, Chi Shuyan heaved a sigh of relief. It was just a false alarm.

It turned out that Lin Haoxing had run into evil again and had almost used up the jade magic weapons on him. This time, he had relied on the little fox that had been transferred to the token to scare away the evil.

But this little fox already had old injuries, and was even weaker this time.

Chi Shuyan thought that Lin Chongchang was going to ask her about magic weapons, but after he tactfully finished speaking, she realized that Lin Chongchang wanted to entrust Lin Haoxing and the little fox to her for a while to see if she could help Lin Haoxing resolve this physique that attracted yin energy and ghosts.

Chi Shuyan frowned slightly. If Lin Chongchang had made such a request a while ago, she would have been quite willing to help. After all, Lin Chongchang was generous and Haoxing was obedient. It was just that she had just started school recently, so it might be inconvenient to have the child with her.

When Lin Chongchang heard Chi Shuyan’s tactful refusal, he was terribly anxious. He had used many talismans and magic weapons for this evil encounter with his grandson. It had been a daunting experience, and had really made him sweat. After all, these talismans and magic weapons could only be used a number of times. They could protect Lin Haoxing for a while, but not forever.

Coupled with the fact that Master Chi was in the capital and they were in Fuzhou, if something happened again, distant waters couldn’t save a fire close by, which made them even more worried.

More importantly, he had gotten into a heated argument with his son-in-law, Fan Ming, and Lin Chongchang’s weakness was Lin Haoxing. It wasn’t safe to keep him by his side, so he hardened his skin and spoke to Master Chi.

Hearing that Master Chi was going to refuse, Lin Chongchang was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan. He didn’t care about dignity at all. No matter how tragic it was, he exaggerated the recent situation and made it sound worse than that of a migrant worker on a construction site. Hearing this, the corners of Chi Shuyan’s mouth twitched. A jade artifact tycoon was worse off than a migrant worker? Who would believe this?

Lin Chongchang didn’t wait for Chi Shuyan’s reply, probably afraid that she would refuse, and hurriedly explained that he had some connections in the capital. He didn’t need her to bring Lin Haoxing around all day and night. He had a villa and some property, and as long as Chi Shuyan checked in occasionally, it was fine.

Chi Shuyan pondered for a moment. Lin Haoxing’s physique, which was a draw for ghosts, was indeed a bit special, and Lin Chongchang had arranged everything properly. Hence, she agreed and asked when Haoxing would be coming over, so that she could pick him up at the airport.

Who would have thought that Lin Chongchang would give an embarrassed laugh on the other end of the line as he said that Lin Haoxing was already on a plane to the capital and would be there at 7 or 8pm. He also explained in an embarrassed and jealous tone that when Lin Haoxing heard that he would be going to Chi Shuyan’s place, he hurriedly packed his little school bag.

Chi Shuyan’s face instantly darkened. Sure enough, all businessmen were evil. It seemed that Elder Lin had planned to act first and report later if his persuasion failed. Was he certain that she couldn’t return the goods? Okay, she really couldn’t!

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