Rebirth of the Best Businesswoman at School - Chapter 500 - Owner of Zhenhua

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Chapter 500: Owner of Zhenhua

In the yard, Yang Jie was talking to the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man’s name was Wang Dazhi, and his nickname was Wang Er. Although his name was not pleasant to the ears, he was a true millionaire. Over ten buildings of nearby martial arts schools had been handed down by Wang Er’s ancestors.

Wang Er didn’t have to do anything else. He just had to look at which martial arts school’s annual rent was due and collect rent. He didn’t have to hire anyone else. He could easily complete it alone. Millions of yuan of rent went into his pockets every year.

This was before the real estate industry expanded. In a few years, when China’s real estate develops, Baiyun City will be expensive. If this area was demolished again, Wang Er’s net worth would probably exceed a hundred million yuan.


When Wang Er heard Yang Jie say that he would pay the rent on time, he couldn’t help but look suspicious.

It was no wonder he had such a reaction. Everyone in the vicinity knew about Longxing Martial Arts School’s business, let alone a landlord like him.

He was the one who had extended the rent for a month last year. Yang Jie had to scrape together enough money to give it to him.

Yang Jie nodded. “Dazhi, don’t worry. I’ve already prepared the money. When the day comes, you can come and get it.”

Yang Jie never called Wang Er by his nickname, but by his name. It was obvious that this person was righteous.

After interacting with him for so many years, Wang Er more or less understood Yang Jie. He was not a person who knew how to lie. He immediately nodded and sighed. “Alright, with Brother Yang’s words, I’m relieved. The rent for the other martial arts schools will increase as usual this year, but your martial arts school business is not improving. I won’t increase the rent for you this year, but don’t tell the rest anything. Otherwise, the other schools will cause trouble for me!”

“Alright, thank you for taking care of me, Dazhi. I’ll treat you to a drink another day,” Yang Jie said with a smile when he heard that.

Wang Er smiled and waved his hand. “Our families have been in contact for a few generations. Brother Yang, don’t stand on ceremony with me! I’ll take my leave first. When the lease expires, I’ll come and get the money.”

Yang Jie sent Wang Er to the gate before returning.

“Wang Er!”

As soon as the door of Longxing Martial Arts School closed, a voice stopped Wang Er, who had gone down the stone steps.

Wang Er looked over and saw Liang Shaopeng, the owner of Zhenhua Martial Arts School next door, poking his head out of the door and waving at him.

A look of surprise flashed across Wang Er’s face, but he still walked over.

In front, Wang Er frowned at Liang Shaopeng. “Owner Liang, what are you doing? You look like a thief!”

“Tsk, don’t talk nonsense. Come in and talk!” Liang Shaopeng pulled Wang Er into Zhenhua’s doors mysteriously and closed the door.

Seeing Liang Shaopeng’s expression, Wang Er was even more surprised. “Why? What’s the matter?”

Liang Shaopeng was about 1.85 meters tall and was burly. This kind of person should be honest, but Liang Shaopeng had a pair of rat eyes that exuded shrewdness and calculation. Just his appearance alone made people have a hard time having a good impression of him.

And he often did things that were not presentable.

Liang Shaopeng also had China’s traditional martial arts background. Two years ago, the traditional martial arts schools received an influx of foreign martial arts. Liang Shaopeng was the first to undergo a transformation. He even hired Taekwondo and Judo coaches recently. These two were the main businesses of his school now. Although his business was not the best, it still ranked above average among the dozen or so martial arts schools nearby.

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