Rebirth of the Strongest Empress - Chapter 1549 - The Situation Changes 2

Chapter 1549 The Situation Changes 2

“We are mostly prepared. The Elder Cabinet has nurtured many of the younger generation. Whenever the Domain Monarch Founder is free, he can take a look,” the Inner Sect Elder said slowly.

The Domain Monarch Founder had taught the disciples in the Elder Cabinet in the past. The current Domain Monarch was a disciple taught by the Domain Monarch Founder and the Elder Cabinet.

Jiang Xun nodded slightly.

The Inner Sect Elder then said, “Since the Domain Monarch Founder has returned, there is a matter that I have been discussing with the Domain Monarch.”

“What is it?” Jiang Yu asked.

“We are considering whether to allow Ye Qingtang to enter the Elder Cabinet,” the Inner Sect Elder said.

“Her?” Surprise flashed across Jiang Yu’s eyes. Although he favored Ye Qingtang, who had saved him, she did not meet the entry requirements for the Elder Cabinet.

The Jiang Family Elder Cabinet nurtured the top talents in the Jiang Family. Almost every Domain Monarch had been selected from the talents trained by the Elder Cabinet.

Like the current Domain Monarch.

Ye Qingtang was intelligent, but Jiang Yu could tell that Ye Qingtang’s abilities were average, and she was merely at the Eighth Heaven of Arcane Supremacy.

Ye Qingtang attaining this realm at her age would have been considered fairly outstanding in an ordinary family, but in a preeminent family like the Jiang Family, she was merely mediocre.

Also, the juniors who entered the Elder Cabinet were accepted not long after birth. Ye Qingtang was already sixteen or seventeen and was long past the age for entering the Elder Cabinet.

Jiang Yu was well aware of the strict rules governing the Jiang Family Elder Cabinet. Even the son of the Domain Monarch could not enter if he was not sufficiently talented.

But he was rather curious about the Inner Sect Elder’s suggestion.

The Inner Sect Elder saw that Jiang Yu looked puzzled, so he said, “The Domain Monarch Founder doesn’t know about this. We have been deliberating over this matter because Ye Qingtang has the Heavenly Demon Devouring Bloodline within her. Such a mutant Heavenly Demon Devouring Bloodline has not appeared in the Jiang Family for ten thousand years.”

The moment the Inner Sect Elder spoke, a look of surprise appeared on Jiang Yu’s face.

“Are you saying that girl has a mutant Heavenly Demon Bloodline?”

Jiang Yu held pride in his outstanding martial arts talent. His only regret was that the Heavenly Demon Bloodline in his body had not mutated; otherwise, his powers would be doubled.

“That’s right.” The Inner Sect Elder nodded.

“Then why was she not accepted into the Elder Cabinet long ago?” Jiang Yu frowned slightly. Just possessing the mutant Heavenly Demon Bloodline alone would be sufficient to admit Ye Qingtang into the Elder Cabinet.

“Well…” The Inner Sect Elder hesitated before telling Jiang Yu about how Ye Qingtang had been kidnapped soon after she was born.

Jiang Yu looked stern when he learned that Ye Qingtang had grown up in the First Mainland and had just returned to the Jiang Family.

“A bunch of useless fools. How could you be so careless when you knew that a mutation would awaken in her bloodline in the future!” No wonder Ye Qingtang’s surname was Ye and not Jiang.

“Please, Domain Monarch Founder, calm down.” The Domain Monarch and Inner Sect Elder also felt ashamed when they thought of this matter.

Jiang Yu’s eyes narrowed slightly, and his little hand tapped lightly on the table.

“Although she spent many years outside the family, she does indeed possess the mutant Heavenly Demon Bloodline in her body. Although it has been delayed by ten years or more, it might not be too late to allow her to enter the Elder Cabinet and cultivate diligently.”


Jiang Yu paused before continuing, “After admitting her into the Elder Cabinet, you do not need to arrange for an elder to teach her. Since I have returned to the Jiang Family, I will teach the girl in the future.”

Jiang Yu had his own plans. Although he had returned to the Jiang Family, he was still affected by the Age Reversal Curse and had yet to regain his powers.