Rebirth of the Tyrant's Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce - Chapter 559 - She seemed to be full of affection, but she’s actually not (2)

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Chapter 559 She seemed to be full of affection, but she’s actually not (2)

Gong Yimo rubbed her eyes tiredly. Although she was all freshened up, she was still sleepy. Seeing as that someone came to the Taiji Hall to look for her this early in the morning, although she felt bad for him, she was still feeling rather sluggish and spiritless.

“Jin Yun…… why are you here so early?”

She hadn’t seen him for quite some time, Jin Yun had lost a lot of weight…… It seems that it was because he still couldn’t let go of what had happened? Gong Yimo secretly sighed, what is going on! The crown prince finally came to terms with what had happened, now it’s Jin Yun’s turn……

Jin Yun’s facial features were rather exquisite, but at the moment, his tear mole at the corner of his eye seemed even more droopy than usual, making him look even more depressed.

“Mo’er, how can you be so cruel? For so many days, I’ve been in Dayu, but you’ve never came to see me even once.”

The corner of Gong Yimo’s lips twitched, why does it feel like she was being unfaithful? But she…… She didn’t even do anything that harmed Jin Yun, right? Wasn’t he the one who suddenly confessed? Otherwise, she would have gone to look for Jin Yun to have a drink and catch up, how awkward it is now……

“Jin Yun……Let’s put it this way, although I’m always very comfortable around you, but in my heart, I see you as my big brother! We’ve been there for each other for the past few years, you……” Can’t you fall for someone else?

She wanted to say this outloud half-jokingly, but at this moment, Jin Yun suddenly laughed. His smile looked extremely miserable, and Gong Yimo couldn’t bear to go on. Even the heartless her found it too cruel?

“Do you know, when you said that I was your big brother, it hurt me even more than if you just chose to reject me?”

He smiled, his gaze slowly taking her in, his every word indirectly taunting her.

“You said you treated me as your big brother, but how did you treat your younger brother? Would you do the same for me?”

Gong Yimo’s face turned pale, “I……” She wanted to say that she was forced that night, but she couldn’t muster herself to say it out loud. If she was persistent about it, no one could’ve forced her to do anything, right?

Her expression gave Jin Yun a glimpse of hope, “You wanted to say that you were forced to do so, right?” His gaze suddenly lit up, “I knew it, I knew you wouldn’t have fallen for him so easily!”

Gong Yimo’s lips moved, did she fall for him? This question seemed like…… there was no right answer to it.

“Why do you think so?”

Gong Yimo felt helpless, whether or not she had fallen for him, whether she had done it willingly or not, if she had to be blunt, it would have nothing to do with Jin Yun.

At that moment, a bitter smile appeared in Jin Yun’s gaze.

“Because……My Mo’er is the most innocent!”

Gong Yimo was taken aback and looked at him with her eyes wide open, as if she didn’t understand what he meant by that.

Jin Yun smiled softly, hinting that he felt helpless.

“Mo’er, you’re too innocent. You’re kind, but you’re kind to everyone. If I really had to find a difference in your kindness, maybe it’s the longer you know someone, the better you’ll treat him.”

His words left Gong Yimo speechless, but her heart surged with emotions!

……She felt this way towards Gong Jue, was it really only because they grew up together?

“You seem to be full of affection, but you’re actually not. Your heart can hold so much, but it can’t fit another relationship. This was why I didn’t dare to express my feelings to you before.

You are amazing, so amazing, but when you face your own feelings, you act like a coward, you try your best to escape from it. I was terrified that you’ll leave me, that’s why I kept quiet. “

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