Rebirth: Pampered Wife’s Counterattack - Chapter 577 - Bai Qinghao’s Tender Emotions

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Chapter 577: Bai Qinghao’s Tender Emotions

If one looked carefully, his eyes even appeared slightly misty.

Of course, he would never cry before thousands of audience and the cameras.

For Bai Qinghao, tears were things that he did not possess. All he would ever shed was blood!

His stern, indifferent appearance was working hard to conceal his emotions to the best of his abilities.

Fang Xinxin’s words had overwhelmed years of defense which he had built in his heart. In an instant, all the ice in his heartspace had melted.

He had never known that Fang Xinxin’s feelings for him were this true and sincere.

Her love for him was as deep as an ocean. It left his heart overwhelmed with sweetness.

Furthermore, he was truly taken aback that she would confess to him in front of so many people despite her shy personality.

Bai Qinghao willed away the urge to tear up. His tall and broad figure stood up from the seat and he quickly made his way up the stage. He took the microphone from the emcee and paused a step away from Fang Xinxin. He watched her lovingly and spoke in a serious and sincere voice. “Fang Xinxin, I love you.”

Thunderous applause immediately filled the Great Hall. Every wave of applause drowned out the echoes of the previous one.

In their previous life, Bai Qinghao never once said these words to her despite their ten years of marriage.

She never expected to hear the words that she had only ever dreamt of.

The love of her life had confessed to her before countless people.

She was too moved!

She jumped into his arms.

Bai Qinghao embraced her slender figure tightly as he continued whispering into her ear. “I love you, I love you, I love…”

On the live-broadcasted programme, the image of the two of them embracing lovingly moved hundreds of thousands of audience.

[Wah! This is too romantic! Fang Xinxin’s voice is so beautiful, and her appearance is absolutely gorgeous. She is definitely a goddess. Our goddess’s love is so moving…]

[Bai Qinghao really loves Fang Xinxin a lot. I’m both envious and touched…]

[Fang Xinxin was so brave to confess. With a fiancé that loves her this much, it must be worth it even if she has to sacrifice her life for this love!]

The comment section online was flooded. Almost all of them expressed their blessings for the couple.

At Fang Shaohua’s apartment, he leaned back against the couch weakly and watched as Bai Qinghao and Fang Xinxin embraced. The pain in his heart overwhelmed him while tears rolled down his cheeks.

He struggled to understand what happened.

Xinxin, you’re already mine, yet you’ve abandoned me…

The pain gradually spread throughout his body and he felt as though he had been abandoned by the entire world.

Desolation, loneliness and pain.

He struggled to endure it. He reached for the remote control and turned the television off.

At the Fang family’s villa, Long Shuhai and Fang Lilan were both trembling in anger. They pointed at the image of Fang Xinxin and Bai Qinghao embracing and cursed at her endlessly.

Beneath the stage, Jiang Xingnan who was seated in the first row felt as though his heart had sunk into an icy cellar.

He was unfamiliar with the matters of love, and this was his first experience of heartbreak.

It was as though his heart had suffered a wound and was bleeding endlessly.

Bai Chenxi alone struggled to accept his defeat. Fang Xinxin had always loved him deeply. Why was she confessing to Bai Qinghao?

Sun Jiamu was in tears because of how touched she was.

Although her own first love had ended badly, she was genuinely happy that her best friend had found true love.

“Bai Qinghao, you’re mine. Mine!” Fang Manxue shrieked in anger. As her microphone was switched off, only the audience who sat near the stage could hear her.

All of them shot her looks of disdain.

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