Rebirth: Pampered Wife’s Counterattack - Chapter 578 - Horror Show

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Chapter 578: Horror Show

All of a sudden, several people sitting in the first row pointed at Fang Manxue’s face and shrieked. “Quickly look, is that a crack on Fang Manxue’s face?”

“Fang Manxue’s face is so frightening!”

As their voices grew louder, everyone’s attention shifted onto Fang Manxue.

It was as though this was a scene taken right out of a horror movie. A mark akin to a spider web had appeared on her face. In the next moment, the faint lines split open into cracks. Her face was even more frightening than that of a ghost’s!

Everyone was terrified by just looking at her.

Fang Manxue’s face had turned numb and she barely felt anything. She noticed everyone’s frightened gaze and caught the noise of her flesh cracking open…

She touched her own face and immediately felt the uneven gaps appearing there. She was instantly frightened into screaming. “Ah!”

Fang Xinxin saw clearly that karma had found its way into Fang Manxue’s hands. She was permanently disfigured!

However, she did not expect to have thousands of audience members witness this moment!

Fang Manxue could no longer remain on stage. She ran backstage and quickly escaped everyone’s eyes.

Fang Xinxin lifted the microphone and spoke through it to calm the audience. “Earlier, I performed an act of facial transformation. Fang Manxue also wished to give everyone a surprise and joined in. Now that the performance has ended, she has left the stage. From everyone’s expressions, it seemed like you were more frightened than pleasantly surprised.”

Her humour stirred the audience’s laughter and explained the reason why Fang Manxue’s face suddenly appeared so frightening.

Fang Manxue had become disfigured because Fang Xinxin used her own tactics against her. As this issue was caused by Fang Xinxin, it was best to keep a low profile.

Next, Bai Qinghao and Fang Xinxin both gave a short speech before they quickly left the stage.

An elderly lady from Yuhua district’s dance team took over as the female host. She joined Shen Jie to continue hosting the event.

In a luxury Rolls-Royce outside the Great Hall, Bai Qinghao embraced Fang Xinxin. He gently kissed her neck and looked at her with love.

From the front seat, Liu Li handed a sealed document envelope to Fang Xinxin. “You previously conducted several DNA tests at Jia Ya Hospital. The results came out today. Boss instructed me to collect it on your behalf.”

Fang Xinxin received the document and tore open the envelope to read the results.

She finally understood the relationship of every member in the Fang family.

Fang Manxue did not share any blood relations with her father, Long Yifan. She was the blood daughter of Fang Lilan and Long Shuhai.

As for Long Yifan and herself, they were both indeed father and daughter.

The most amusing matter was that despite Long Shuhai’s claims of being their uncle, he had no blood relations with Long Yifan. He was an actual outsider!

As for Fang Lilan and herself, they were not mother and daughter, but they were still related by blood. The DNA results hypothesised that Fang Lilan was likely her mother’s twin sister.

Fang Xinxin deliberated over this. Before she turned eleven, it seemed like her mother did bring up having a twin sister a few times. If she recalled correctly, this twin sister was named Fang Liyin.

Based on blood relations, Fang Liyin would be her aunt. She had once asked why her aunt was never around.

However, the mention of her twin sister always left her mother in tears. She only said that Liyin was no longer alive and had requested her not to ask anymore questions.

Afterwards, she refused to give up and went to ask her father for more information.

At the time, her father had said that Fang Liyin had eloped with a man when she was fifteen.

Several years after the incident, she wrote a letter to her family and said that she was living poorly outside. The Fang family then learned that Fang Liyin had passed away due to an accident on a boat.

Fang Xinxin’s grandparents had very poor health. Their young daughter had passed away at a young age and they were unable to even bring her remains home. This had left them depressed.

As they did not wish for her mother to be upset, and because this matter was of the past, no one ever mentioned Fang Liyin’s matter at the Fang home.

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