Rebirth: Pampered Wife’s Counterattack - Chapter 581 - His Own Home

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Chapter 581: His Own Home

Bai Qinghao pursed his lips and smiled mockingly.

He had met countless shameless people, but not someone as lowly as these people were.

“CEO Bai, did you come to see me?” Fang Manxue had a surgical mask on as she rushed out of the Fang family’s villa in agitation.

She wanted to throw herself into Bai Qinghao’s arms but noticed that six bodyguards had alighted from the SUV next to him. Their expressions were especially stern and their aura was intimidating. She did not dare to come closer.

She could only pause ten steps away from Bai Qinghao in hesitation.

She glared at Fang Xinxin in hatred. Her harsh gaze was filled with murderous intent. “You must have done something to my face. Why else would I be disfigured?”

Her gaze then became gentle as she turned to Bai Qinghao. She teared up. “CEO Bai, Fang Xinxin caused me to become disfigured. You have to help me find justice. You have to!”

If he was willing to take pity on her, even the slightest bit of attention that fell from the gap between his fingers would be sufficient for her to live in wealth and glory for the rest of her life.

Before Bai Qinghao could respond, Fang Xinxin lifted her brows. “Why should he find justice for you?”

A hint of humiliation flashed past Fang Manxue’s face.

‘Fang Lilan’ rushed up instead. “A woman’s appearance is akin to her life. Manxue is Bai Qinghao’s relative and she has suffered a serious grievance. It’s natural that he should help her.”

“What a good ‘relative’! But since you guys believe I was the person who did this…” Fang Xinxin was expressionless. “Do you think that my fiancé would interfere in this matter?”

“CEO Bai, you are the Bai family’s successor.” Long Shuhai’s heart ached heavily for Fang Manxue’s face. “If the person who actually harmed Manxue is Fang Xinxin, you have to be fair and place justice before family.”

“Hahaha…” Their words caused Bai Qinghao to laugh. However, his voice did not contain any warmth whatsoever.

Forget disfigurement, even if his Xinxin had killed someone, he would only accept the matter and protect her.

Long Shuhai and the others felt the scalp prickling uncomfortably. However, they couldn’t fully understand Bai Qinghao’s intentions.

‘Fang Lilan’ gathered her courage and made an inviting gesture with her hand. “My good son-in-law, don’t just stand there. Come in and have a seat!”

Fang Xinxin paid no attention to her as she stepped into the Fang family’s villa..

This was the home which her father, Long Yifan, had bought for herself. She could enter it as she pleased.

Bai Qinghao did not even offer ‘Fang Lilan’ a look of disdain. He followed Fang Xinxin into the Fang home’s living room.

Long Shuhai, ‘Fang Lilan’ and Fang Manxue followed them in.

There were a lot of fruits left on the table. Several of them were half-eaten.

Long Shuhai rushed to explain. “CEO Bai, we ate something besides deep fried food, but according to our contract, it’s been a few days since the promised three months have concluded. It’s no longer a problem for us to eat this.”

“That’s right.” Fang Lilan chimed in. “My son-in-law, you’ve really tortured your mother-in-law’s taste buds badly over the past few months.”

Fang Xinxin glanced around and scanned the villa’s living room thoroughly.

She sighed internally. Fang Manxue’s family of three had truly taken advantage of them for more than seven years.

A bodyguard placed a luxurious, hand-sewn cushion on the couch. Bai Qinghao took his seat like an emperor. His aura was intimidating.

Although he was seated and the Fang family’s people were standing, they could nonetheless feel his powerful aura.

‘Lilan’ knew that Bai Qinghao was only biased towards the cheap whore. She rushed to speak up. “Xinxin, you’re such a child. Why aren’t you attending to CEO Bai?”

“This is my home, as well as Bai Qinghao’s home.” Fang Xinxin’s expression was indifferent. “He doesn’t need me to attend to him in his own home.”

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