Reborn Aristocrat: Oppressing - Chapter 341 - Since You Love Me So Much (9)

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Chapter 341: Since You Love Me So Much (9)

Actually, she did not fall in love with Di Yi at first sight. She had played with Di An since she was young and would often see him in the Di family’s villa. He was more mature than them and did not like to talk much since he was young. Gu Xin did not like men like him either. She found them too boring.

And Di Yi had never taken the initiative to pursue her.

The only reason they were together was because Di Yi had hugged her for a dance during a banquet, and it had made her heart skip a beat.

That moment had made her heart race. Then, after the dance ended, she had confessed.

Di Yi had agreed.

They had been together for so many years.

They were ready to get married.

She looked at Di Yi’s cold face and kissed him on the lips.

Di Yi’s eyes flickered.

Slowly, the two of them kissed passionately.

Gu Xin knew that she loved Di Yi a lot. Otherwise, she wouldn’t want to be closer to him at this point.

It was a passionate room, and Gu Xin even wanted to give herself to him right here.


But Di Yi pushed her away when they were both stimulated.

Panting, they looked at each other in silence.

“Di Yi?” Gu Xin looked at him.

Di Yi looked at her silently.

“You’ll marry me, right?” Gu Xin asked him.

Di Yi pursed his lips.

“You’ll marry me, right?” Gu Xin asked him again, her eyes turning red.

She did not like the quiet Di Yi, not at all.

She hoped that he could tell her firmly that he wanted to marry her!

“Di Yi…”

“Xiao Xin, I’m sorry,” Di Yi suddenly said. His first words made Gu Xin feel like the world was falling apart.

She looked at Di Yi in disbelief.

She felt that perhaps she had misunderstood.

He was sorry, or perhaps he was saying that she had gone through so much unhappiness.

“I’ve decided to back out,” Di Yi said again. “We can’t get married.”

After comforting herself for a second, she felt even more devastated.

How embarrassing was it for her, who had been persevering all this while?!

“Why?” Gu Xin asked him very seriously, trying her best to control her emotions.

“You know that my father likes Di An more. He forced me to let go last night, and he told me to give you to Di An,” Di Yi said with a dark expression. “He also said that if I didn’t let go, he would sue you in court, and you would go to jail.”

“I’m not afraid of going to jail.”

“But I’m afraid!” Di Yi said.

“Di Yi…”

“Xiao Xin, I can’t let you get hurt!”

“I’m not afraid of being hurt,” Gu Xin said anxiously. “I just want to marry you.”

Di Yi looked at her, his heart aching. “Gu Xin, don’t be like this.”

“I refuse!” Gu Xin said stubbornly as she hugged Di Yi. “Let’s get married. I’ll give myself to you now. Once I’m yours, no one can force us!”

“Gu Xin, it’s not as simple as you think,” Di Yi said. “So what if we have sex? Are you sure that Di An won’t marry you?! My father will use all sorts of methods to force us to break up. As long as it’s Di An who wants it, my father will do anything. You can’t even imagine what they’ll do to us!”

“Unless you kill me, I’m not afraid of anything.”

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