Reborn Aristocrat: Oppressing - Chapter 342 - Since You Love Me So Much (10)

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Chapter 342: Since You Love Me So Much (10)

“Gu Xin.” Di Yi did not seem to know what else to say. He held her face and slowly said, “Marry Di An, and he’ll treat you well.”

“No!” Gu Xin shook her head, devastated. “I thought that when the whole world was urging us not to get married, you would be as determined as I am. You would be like me, marrying me no matter what happens. Why did you have to back out? Why did you have to compromise?!”

“I’m sorry, Gu Xin. I’m not as determined as you. I can’t use you as a bet. I can’t be stubborn when I can’t protect you completely.”

Gu Xin was utterly disappointed.

She had thought that love was not like this.

The love she always believed in was that they would be together no matter what happened.

She never thought that love could be like this. It wavered so easily.

“Gu Xin…” Di Yi called out softly when he saw how upset she was.

He actually hated the situation as well.

Why did his father have to give Di An whatever Di An wanted?

This morning, his father had even negotiated with him without room for compromises.

His father had said that he would give him twenty percent of the company’s original shares if he gave up Gu Xin.

His father knew his character, so he knew that he would agree.

He had agreed without hesitation.

He liked Gu Xin a lot, and it was genuine. In the past twenty-six years, he had never been interested in any woman, but he was really interested in Gu Xin. Moreover, her family background matched his criteria for a partner!

He had never thought that another woman would appear in his world!

But at this point, he had to let go because of Di An.

He gritted his teeth and looked at the transfer agreement his father had given him.

The contract said that he would give up on marrying Gu Xin, and from this point onwards, he would not be in a relationship with Gu Xin anymore. He also could not do anything more intimate with her than a friend usually would. Otherwise, the transfer agreement would be invalidated!

He had signed it!

He had completely given up on Gu Xin for twenty percent of the shares.


Gu Xin was tearing up.

The hatred in his heart grew.

“Let’s go. I’ll send you back,” Di Yi said.

“No need.” Gu Xin rejected him. “I don’t need you to send me off!”

“Gu Xin.”

“Di Yi, I don’t need you to send me off. I don’t need you to be so nice!” Gu Xin screamed.

Di Yi looked at her.

“I’ve had enough! Enough of all of you forcing me to marry Di An! Why must I marry him? Why must I marry him? I’d rather die!” Gu Xin suddenly ran out of the room.

Di Yi chased after her.

At this point, he could only clench his fist and watch her leave.

Gu Xin got into her car and drove off.

It drove very quickly.

She actually did not have good driving skills, but at this point, she was driving like crazy towards the streets.

She stepped on the accelerator.

If she died now… If she died from a car crash, would there be nothing left to force her?!

Would Di An know that she would not marry him even if she died?!

Her eyes were bloodshot, and she bit her lip. She looked at the huge stone pillar in front of her and tightened her grip on the accelerator.

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