Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress - Chapter 1684 - Wen Xinya, You’re a Monster

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Chapter 1684: Wen Xinya, You’re a Monster

Wen Xinya refused to reveal anything.

However, the reporters refused to let her off. They came up with multiple theories and guesses. After all, Old Mr. Wen was the director of the Wen Corporation, and the media was extremely concerned with his health. They would not be distracted by the theatrics of the Wen Family Couple.

“Miss Wen, are you willing to speak about Old Mr. Wen’s condition? Is this because he is not doing well now? Is that why you are unable to say anything to us?”

“Miss Wen, ever since the Wen Corporation experienced all these conflicts, Old Mr. Wen has not appeared to clear the air at all. Does this mean that his body condition does not allow him to come out in public to speak for the Wen Corporation?”

“Miss Wen, how is Old Mr. Wen’s condition exactly?”

Wen Xinya coldly replied, “I hope that all of you will not try to make wild guesses about my Grandpa’s health. My Grandpa is over 70 now. When one is old, it is natural to have all sorts of illnesses, so he would not have the energy to deal with all the issues of the huge Wen Corporation.

“Ever since the establishment of the Wen Corporation tens of years ago, we have experienced all sorts of problems, yet we have not succumbed to these obstacles. This is partly because my Grandpa has exceptional leadership skills, but this is also due to the Wen Corporation’s hardiness to struggles. All these scandals are not enough to shake the foundation of the Wen Corporation.”

Wen Xinya’s words were perfectly reasonable, and the reporters were unable to react quickly.

However, even though they were unable to react quickly, this did not mean they would give up on finding out about Old Mr. Wen’s condition. Even if they were not able to obtain any information from Wen Xinya, they would do their own investigation.

“Sources have said that while Old Mr. Wen is hospitalized, the Wen Corporation came under the dictatorship of your father Wen Haowen. Not only did he strictly disallow you from interfering in the Wen Corporation’s matters, he still got into conflict with you multiple times. Is this true?”

The topic of Old Mr. Wen was now forgotten, with the focus being shifted onto the relationship between father and daughter.

Wen Xinya was appalled by the persistence of the reporters.

Ning Shuqian suing Wen Haowen, Old Mr. Wen’s health condition, the fight between father and daughter over the inheritance. These three pieces of news were now the key points of the Wen Corporation, and the reporters seemed unwilling to give up.

“Everyone knows that I do not get along with my father. I’m sure all of you also know that I rarely participate in the operations of the Wen Corporation. Hence, it’s a given that my father would not allow me to interfere in the affairs of the company.”

These few years, to avoid conflict with Wen Haowen, Wen Xinya had not openly interfered with company matters. That was a well-known fact.

“Wen Xinya, you b*tch, I’m not crazy, I’m not insane, you framed me, b*tch…”

Her shrill voice was sharp and fraught with insanity frightened everyone at the scene.

Ning Shuqian was dressed in pajamas, her hair in a mess and her face in a frenzy. She rushed towards the reporters in a panic, saying, “I’m not crazy, I’m really not crazy. Wen Xinya is trying to frame me. She’s afraid that I will bring Wen Haowen to court and implicate the Wen Family and the Wen Corporation. Wen Xinya is a scheming snake, don’t be fooled by her.”

Ning Shuqian was like a headless fly, flying from reporter to reporter.

Upon seeing Ning Shuqian’s crazy demeanor, the reporters were undeniably a little startled. As Ning Shuqian approached them, the reporters backed away. When a person with hysteria acted up, even her closest relatives would not be able to recognize her.

Suddenly, two men in uniforms attempted to apprehend Ning Shuqian.

“Let go of me, I’m not crazy. I will not go to an asylum. Wen Xinya, you b*tch, you tried to frame me. You will get what you deserve! I hope you die a terrible death, a terrible death!”

Ning Shuqian’s shrill voice and angry shouts, along with her nonstop waving and her sharp fingernails, caused her to accidentally scratch a man in uniform, resulting in a long cut across her arm and blood to ooze out of her wound. It shocked those present.

“Ah ah—I’m not going to an asylum. I’m not sick, don’t catch me. She’s a devil that came from hell and has come to take my life. She has horns on her head, and her mouth is as big as a basin. Her teeth are as sharp as a beast’s, and her mouth bleeds fresh blood as if she wants to eat.”

Ning Shuqian’s vision became more and more blurred. The men in uniform slowly seemed to morph into monsters, as if they were there to take her life.

She flailed her hands and legs. Who dared to touch her, would be bitten by her.

In short, it was complete and utter chaos.

The reporters were stunned.

Quickly, Ning Shuqian was apprehended. The men who apprehended her handcuffed her hands behind her back with a cold, metal handcuff.

Ning Shuqian was still fighting with all her might. “I’m not crazy, I’m not sick, don’t take me away… Wen Xinya, you will die a horrible death, you will go to hell…”

“Can I say a few words to her?” Wen Xinya asked the two men, who looked disheveled from trying to apprehend Ning Shuqian, with multiple scratches and bite marks of different severities on their bodies. They did not expect a hysterical Ning Shuqian to fight so strongly.

The two men did not have the chance to apprehend her right from the beginning.

“Yes, you may. However, she’s having a hysteric episode now and is not very conscious of what she is doing. She may not remember what you say when she recovers.”

Normally, patients who suffered from Hysteria did not have clear memories of what they did during their episodes.

Wen Xinya nodded and stood in front of Ning Shuqian. She used her clear eyes to stare straight into the dark, glazed eyes of Ning Shuqian and asked, “Ning Shuqian, do you recognize me?”

She thought, with her hatred towards Wen Xinya, even if she were burned to ashes, Ning Shuqian would still be able to recognize her.

Ning Shuqian became agitated and started flailing around again. “Wen Xinya, you are a monster, a monster…”

Ning Shuqian’s actions caused the two men to hold her tightly. Ning Shuqian’s hysteria was serious and caused her to have violent tendencies.

“Ning Shuqian, the Wen Family does not owe you anything, neither do I. You can’t always get what you want. You only became what you are today because of your greed,” Wen Xinya said as she walked towards her slowly. She then whispered, such that only the two of them could decipher what she said, “Also, you’re not wrong at all. I am a monster who crawled straight out of hell, determined to take your life to repay your debts.”

After she finished, she backed off.

Ning Shuqian flailed around and screamed, “You monster, I will destroy you on behalf of this Earth!”

Wen Xinya looked at her coldly and said, “Ms. Ning, you will soon be transferred to an asylum to receive treatment. I hope that in the future, you will reflect on your actions properly.”

After she finished, she nodded to the two men to bring her away.

Ning Shuqian’s shrill screams rang through the air.

Seeing is believing. Even if the court presented the hospital’s diagnosis of Ning Shuqian’s mental illness, some reporters would still have their doubts.

As such, she decided to let these reporters see for themselves Ning Shuqian’s insane demeanor.

Before she came to the court, she had already arranged for people to see Ning Shuqian, and told Ning Shuqian about the results of the court case, in order to agitate her.

As expected, she had fallen for it.

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