Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress - Chapter 1685 - The Wen Corporation's Fate Is About to Change

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Chapter 1685: The Wen Corporation’s Fate Is About to Change

On the Capital city’s Finance television channel, there was a live stream of Wen Xinya walking out of the court, with the scene of her accepting the journalists’ interview, and the journalists’ kept their video cameras pointed straight at her.

She wore a light grey coat with a white fox fur shawl, tightly wrapped around her neck. This made her delicate face, which was the size of a palm, look beautiful and exquisite. Her thick clothing did not seem to look too big on her but rather showed off her slim body and her nice back, which seemed to radiate a sort of elegance that made her look graceful.

While facing the media, she was calm and unruffled and carried herself gracefully. The media’s aggressive approach did not work on her at all, which, without a doubt, showcased her upper-class confidence and style.

Chu Jingnan swirled the glass of red wine in his hand, his expression ever-changing, making it impossible to know what he was thinking.

“Miss Wen, clearly famous not for no reason.”

Xia Ruya followed his line of sight, which fell onto the television, and she saw Wen Xinya, who was surrounded by many. Her blood started to boil and her eyes darkened as if they were a bottomless pit in hell.

Chu Jingnan slowly looked elsewhere. “Looks like this Wen Family couple scandal and the attention they’ve been getting from the media for their theatrics will be coming to an end soon.”

What no one knew was, this crisis that the Wen Family and the Wen Corporation caused such a huge uproar, yet it was ending in such a lackluster manner. It felt a little disappointing.

“Have you seen enough?” Xia Ruya suddenly turned away from him and leaned on Chu Jingnan’s chest, while lightly lifting up and seductively playing with his tie. “This uproar in the Wen Family was clearly caused by Wen Xinya alone.”

Right now, Xia Ruya was not feeling too good.

Ning Shuqian indeed had a mental condition, but based on what she knew, many of her symptoms were acted out. Her hysteria was in fact nothing serious, and it was very difficult for the psychiatrists to diagnose her in the first place.

When Ning Shuqian’s false pregnancy was exposed, Wen Haowen was insistent on getting a divorce. In order to remain in her identity as the Wen Family’s madam, Ning Shuqian orchestrated Wen Haowen’s adultery issue and made use of her own mental illness to fake losing control. This removed all suspicions from her and caused Wen Haowen to refrain from getting a divorce.

For a few years in the nursing home, Mr. Z brought over many of the world’s most famous psychiatrists in order to treat Ning Shuqian’s hysteria. Because her illness was not severe, treating her was easy.

However, what Xia Ruya never expected was for Ning Shuqian to have such an intense relapse.

Chu Jingnan was mildly confused and slowly put down his wine glass onto his glass coffee table. “Oh? How would you know?”

He also theorized that this Wen Family scandal was fueled by Wen Xinya.

However, it was obvious that Xia Ruya put in quite a lot of effort as well.

He sat at the sidelines and did not stop Xia Ruya.

“When the Wen Family couple was slandering each other, she did not come out to help. The only reason why things progressed to this stage was because of her inaction. Even when the Wen Corporation was affected, she sat at the sidelines as she knew that such slanders would not hurt the bottom line of the Wen Corporation. Yet, Wen Xinya chose to appear when the court was about to open Ning Shuqian’s case against Wen Haowen. She captured the best timing possible, which was proof that she had Ning Shuqian’s medical records all along.”

Xia Ruya’s voice was delicate and nice, like an angel, but at that moment, her heart was filled with hatred.

She incited Ning Shuqian in a bid to kickstart this uproar in the Wen Family and to stir up the Wen Family’s dynamics. In a way, this could damage the reputation of the Wen Family, and could also cause the Wen Corporation to suffer losses and damage its foundation. This could also help Mr. Z to use this opportunity to take over control of the entertainment city project.

However, all her plans and calculations were ruined by Ning Shuqian.

In the end, she succeeded due to Ning Shuqian but failed due to her as well.

Chu Jingnan thoughtfully said, “Looks like the fate of the Wen Corporation is about to change.”

Wen Xinya’s very action was beneficial to the Wen Corporation!

Without having to do the dirty work herself, she managed to get rid of Wen Haowen. Not only were there no theatrics of the father-daughter pair turning into enemies, she even painted a good image of herself in front of the media, saving the Wen Corporation when it was in grave danger, and even gained the trust and respect of many within the Wen Corporation!

This was how one killed three birds with one arrow.

Wen Xinya’s methods were as sharp as before, even more cunning than they used to be.

Xia Ruya laughed coldly. “Of course! Wen Xinya made such a calculated move, unknowingly shocking and deceiving everyone. Everyone was a part of her calculations, including you and me.”

Wen Haowen and Ning Shuqian’s mutual slanders and insults caused the Wen Corporation to suffer losses, and this caused many within the Wen Corporation to be highly unsatisfied with Wen Haowen, and they blamed him greatly.

When this whole incident occurred, as the party involved, and as Wen Corporation’s CEO and major shareholder, not only did he not explain himself to the public, he even allowed the severity of the problem to increase. This offended the board of directors and many of the shareholders, some of whom sold their shares, and this caused Wen Haowen to become a major villain in the Wen Corporation.

On the other hand, when the Wen Corporation was in such a steep crisis, Wen Xinya stepped up to solve the issue, which was a stark contrast compared to Wen Haowen.

Chu Jingnan suddenly asked, “Do you think Old Mr. Wen’s hospitalization due to an illness is real?”

When the storm in the court calmed down, the next focal point of the media would be on Master Wen, who was hospitalized due to an illness. Even he was speculating on the truth of this matter.

“It’s probably about 80% true, as although Wen Xinya has many tricks up her sleeves, she holds herself with respect and won’t resort to lying as a method. I’m guessing that Old Mr. Wen is not only sick but probably in a critical condition. Given his personality, he would probably have addressed the issue when Wen Haowen’s slander came to the media’s attention by removing him as the CEO of Wen Corporation. Yet, Wen Xinya had to resort to such tricks, which seems unnecessarily complicated.”

The person who knows you the best would always be your enemy.

Xia Ruya was treated by the Wen Family as a daughter for twelve years and an adopted one for three, and she could be said to have been personally raised by Old Mr. Wen.

In this world, no one understood Old Mr. Wen better than her.

Chu Jingnian seemed to laugh slightly, as he asked, “So, what’s next…”

He did not doubt Xia Ruya’s deductions.

Xia Ruya’s graceful and beautiful lips were just like a white rose. “Wen Xinya is playing half-truths with us, and probably trying her best to hide the truth about Master Wen’s condition. Why don’t we play this game with her?”

After finishing, she took the wine glass from Chu Jingnan’s hands and took a mouthful of it. She kissed Chu Jingnan on the lips and fed him the wine from her mouth.

Chu Jingnan accepted it generously, and for such a clearly intimate action, he did it with a sense of restraint, and as the fragrance of the wine was slowly diffused, he withdrew and said, “That was really wonderful!”

He could have been talking about the fine taste of the wine!

Or the softness of her lips.

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