Reborn As A Dragon Girl With A System - Chapter 597 - Body Fortification Realm Part 3

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Chapter 597 - Body Fortification Realm Part 3

A little while later, Kana was led to a bath where the water was solid green in color. She stood there with a thin white robe on, looking at the water with a bit of curiosity. Shi Yu walked up and slipped Kana's robe off as she said: "Elder Di told me no matter how unbearable the pain is, you must endure. Do not pass out. Take this..." Shi Yu passed Kana a round white pill. "Once you get into the bath, eat this pill. We will be sitting at the side. Just endure."

Kana had a small chill run down her spine as she realized that she might be in for a horrible experience. But she still nodded her head and took the pill. "Thanks."

She wasted no time as she quickly got into the bath and sat cross legged inside. She popped the pill into her mouth and closed her eyes. To her surprise as soon as the pill entered her mouth it dissolved and a warm energy flowed down her throat and spread across her body. But this sensation only lasted for a few seconds when she suddenly felt every part of her body scream out in pain.

"Ahh!" A whimper escaped Kana's lips as the intense pain began to overwhelm her. She gritted her teeth and clenched her fist. She knew she was going to need to endure the pain as much as possible. She kept her eyes closed tight and began thinking of her family, her babies, and her handsome husband. She used them to try to keep her mind off the pain.

Shi Yu and the girls looked at Kana's scrunched up brow, the sweat beads forming on her forehead, and knew she was in a lot of pain. Shi Yu knew just how much pain Kana was in. earlier to test the waters, she only dunked the tip of her finger in the bath, and that was enough to make her gasp in pain, never mind her entire body.

Hours passed, and the water Kana was in was slowly becoming clear at the top and black at the bottom. The impurities in Kana's body were being ejected out of her body, making it, so she was able to enter the body fortification realm. Once she passed this point, she would be able to begin her harsh training of working her body to become strong.

As more hours passed, the water was now completely black and came with a strong stench. But the girls did not even make a face at this as Kana opened her eyes. "Junior Sister Na, get a new bath ready. Kana will need to wash the filth off."

"Mmm.." Liu Na quickly went to work.

"I will help too." Mei Ling said as she followed after Liu Na.

"How long has it been?" Kana asked weakly. She felt like she had no energy left in her body.

"It's already the next day. It's been hard on you. But let me be the first one to congratulate you on entering the body fortification realm." Shi Yu said as she reached out and placed her hand on Kana's head. She knew if she was in Kana's position, she would not have been able to persist through the intense pain. Such a thing would not be possible for her. She now admired Kana's dedication to being able to endure.

Kana smiled weakly as she said: "Thanks. But Right now, I truly wish to clean this black stuff off me..."

"Haha! Don't worry, Mei Ling and Liu Na will be back soon with a new bath for you to soak in and clean up." Shi Yu held her hand out to Kana to assist her in getting out of the bath. Kana smiled and took her hand.

When she stood up, she could feel her body had some changes to it. She felt much lighter than before. She did not know the total effects of it all, but she could tell so far that there were definitely changes in her body. As she stood there waiting for the new bath to be ready Shi Yu covered Kana in a robe. " After you wash off, rest for a while. Your next bit of training will be to temper your skin. For that, we will be going to a place near here in the mountains. That place should help temper your skin."

"That place?" Kana was curious. She wondered what Shi Yu was going to have her do.

"The place that I will be taking you is called heaven falls. It is a place with many waterfalls of varying heights. You will need to endure the pressure of the water falling onto your body. It will temper your skin over and over, making it much stronger." Shi Yu explained.

Kana nodded her head. She never thought there would be a day where she would be sitting under a waterfall to temper herself. She was happy that it was at least a slow progression. "Besides doing that, you will also be running back and forth with weights on your body. We will start light with five hundred kilos on your back and work our way up. Once you can run around with ten thousand kilos on your back, we will switch to a different form of training."

Kana pursed her lips. She was unsure if she would be able to even lift so much in her current state! But if she must do so, then she would. For her, as long as it would make her stronger, she was willing to do it.

"That will be your first part of the day. After that, you will come back here and work on your swordsmanship. I will do my best to hopefully help you learn sword intent. I know you are rather skilled with a sword, but sword intent will be very useful in battle." Shi Yu explained. She couldn't teach Kana much, but she could at least teach sword skills.

"Then I will be in your care. Thank you, Shi Yu.." Kana couldn't wait to bathe, then rest for a bit, and really get started on her training.

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