Reborn As A Dragon Girl With A System - Chapter 598 - [Bonus ] Waterfall And A Rock

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Chapter 598 - [Bonus ] Waterfall And A Rock

--AN: Bonus Chapter 12/15--

A majestic lake filled Kana's eyes, and flowing into this lake from high above were multiple waterfalls. Each one falling from different heights. This was to be Kana's training ground to temper her body. Kana was by herself now after dropping her off Shi Yu, and the girls all left to go on a mission. Kana walked over to the waterside and dipped her toe inside. The lightly chilled water felt refreshing. Without hesitation, she walked right out into the lake and began swimming to the far side towards the lowest waterfall.

The lake was big, and for a normal person, they would have tired out quickly, but Kana easily swam across it and arrived at her destination. The large rock that was placed directly underneath the waterfall was covered in moss and was very slippery. Kana frowned seeing this because she knew it would not be easy to get up on the rock, never mind trying to sit under the waterfall.

The water flowing down was heavy, and the spray from it hitting the rock hit Kana's face as she fiddled around the rock, trying to find a grip. She ended up circling around the entire thing until she finally found a decent hold on the backside of the rock. She exerted some strength and tried to pull herself up. But as she used her knee to try to brace herself so she could get on top of the rock, a surge of water fell down that was heavier than before, slamming down on top of her making her lose her grip altogether and fall back into the water.

"Damnit!" Kana cursed as she stared hatefully up at the waterfall. She knew this wouldn't be easy, but just now, the waterfall seemed to have been laughing at her.

Kana once again grabbed the hold she had found before and tried to climb back up. This time she got both knees on the rock and was about to move to the top of the rock when another surge of water came crashing down, slamming into her and sending her back into the water once again.

"Not fair!" Kana yelled. She felt indigent. She really wondered if there was some kind of spell on this rock to make fun of newbies like her who were trying to train.

Kana continued her attempts to sit on the rock. Her stubbornness to not give up was clear as day. While she was busy doing her best, a young man sat on top of one of the cliffs staring down at Kana as she continued her attempts to climb on top of the large rock. Behind him, an old man in black robes stood watching the show as well. "Master, why did you bring me out here to watch some trash try to climb a rock?"

The old man snorted and slapped the young man's head. "You idiot. That little girl did not have a shred of spiritual qi in her body yet still fought against a peak qi condensation demon cultivator's blood clone while protecting a qi gathering cultivator. She is much stronger than she looks. She also has a rare spirit root. Once she starts cultivating, her achievements will be numerous. Plus, look at her. She seems to be some kind of rare divine beast. "

"Oh? That is a little interesting." The young man said while rubbing his head. "But what is more interesting is how you are so willing to hit this prince's head whenever you please."

"Your father told me to do what I need to knock some sense into you. Just because you are a prince and gifted doesn't mean you can go around acting arrogantly as you please. But your father also said if this girl becomes a shining star that he wants her to stay in this kingdom. While the Moon Crest Academy may be its own territory, it is still within the borders of the Dustwind Kingdom. He wants as many talents as he can get. And having a divine beast marry into the royal family, one who is able to grow stronger than the king himself, the security of the kingdom will be set in stone. That is why I brought you here." The old man explained.

The young man's eyes narrowed as he turned to look at the young woman who was still trying to achieve her goal. He looked at her soaked body and unique features more closely. When he did, he realized something he had missed before. The girl was breathtakingly beautiful! He reached up and rubbed his chin, and nodded his head. "It seems having her as my bride would not be so bad. This may also secure my place as heir to the throne."

"You finally understand the bigger picture." The old man chuckled. "There is no time like the present, so go make yourself known."

"Alright, I do not believe that after taking one look at this prince that she would not fall in love with me." The young man said with confidence. He stood up and jumped on his flying sword, and flew down to the lake.

Kana, who was still busying herself with climbing on top of the rock, was making steady progress. She was in her own little world as she kept trying to climb up. She could feel her muscles growing tired by the minute and her skin being tempered as the heavy water fell onto her body. As she was making her umpteenth attempt, a hand stretched out towards her making her look up at the young man who was smiling back at her while floating on his flying sword and then… She completely ignored him and continued to try to climb on top of her rock. After all, how could this young man compare in handsomeness to her handsome husband? To her, he looked like some beggar on the side of the road. She decided not to bother with him.

The old man who was still on top of the waterfall saw his disciple getting completely ignored after he had made such a statement as 'I do not believe that after taking one look at this prince that she would not fall in love with me', caused the old man to burst out laughing. "Hahahaha! That brat finally met his match!"

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