Reborn As A Dragon Girl With A System - Chapter 599 - A Helping Hand

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Chapter 599 - A Helping Hand

The young man looked at his empty hand with a frozen smile on his face. Never in his life did he ever expect that the young woman would not even acknowledge his existence. 'Is it because I'm too handsome? Does she think I am some kind of god like being, so she thought I was nothing more than a figment of her imagination?' Pondering this for a bit, this was the only logical conclusion he could think of. There was no way any girl would not fall in love with him at first sight. He was someone who was ranked first on the North Land continent's Heaven's Chosen rankings and a prince of the Dustwind kingdom. There would be no girl not willing to jump in his bed in hopes of rising up in the world.

With this thought in mind, he put on his most handsome smile as he once again reached out his hand to Kana. "Miss, I can help you up."

Kana, who was almost up on the rock, once again looked up at the young man floating on the sword and felt a headache coming on. "Can you move? You're disturbing my training. Also…. Your breath stinks."

Up on the cliff, the old man was rolling around, clutching his stomach. "Hahaha! Your breath stinks! Rich! Hahaha!" If someone were to see his disheveled appearance right now, they would not know he was a golden core realm cultivator. They would think he was some vagabond who had no home to speak of. But after calming down and looking at the young woman who was slowly making her way on top of the rock after many hours of trial and error, and seemed to have taken a liking to her. He liked her stubbornness and her unwavering determination. She looked to be someone worthy of him teaching, unlike that brat who only chased girls' skirts.

As for said brat, he was once again frozen in place as the dainty white hand reached up and pushed his flying sword towards the middle of the waterfall. Before he could even react, he was pressed down upon by the waterfall, causing him to lose his balance and fall into the lake water below along with his sword. At the same time, Kana finally crawled her way under the waterfall with a pleased accomplished smile on her face as she sat down cross legged and allowed the waterfall to rain down onto her body. She could feel the weight and pressure of the water as it pelted her skin. She knew right away that this was going to be a good training session.

Taking this chance, Kana fell into a state of meditation. She wanted to examine the elements of the world that she saw before. The little balls of light floated around her body, but to her surprise and unlike before, she could see the balls of light relentlessly banging against her skin as if wanting to enter her body. Seeing this, Kana wondered what she had to do in order to let these balls of light inside her. She felt that if she did, it would be a great boost to her path of cultivation. She couldn't really think of any way of doing it since she had no idea how to gather spiritual qi in her body yet. The only thing that came to mind was to relax her body and try to will the balls of light inside her.

As Kana was lost in trying to let the balls of light enter her body, the young man was once again floating in front of her, albeit very wet. His face was ugly. This damnable girl who was completely ignoring him had actually pushed him under the waterfall, making him lose his balance, and even then, not only did she not check to see if he was okay, she didn't even have the slightest bit of courtesy to apologize and now she was completely ignoring him again!

He was so angry his whole face was turning purple. He wanted to give even with this damnable girl. He stretched out his hand wanting to push her off the rock, but before he could even touch her, an old wrinkled hand grabbed his wrist. "Brat, don't even think about touching this little girl. Or this old man will strip you naked and tie you to the front gates of your palace."

The young man looked up at this supposed master whose face was stern and lowered his head. He did not dare do anything now because this old man was not one to mince words. If he said he was going to do something, he would do it! But he still felt this was not right! "Are you really siding with her!? Look what she did to me!"

"Look closely, you idiot! Do you not see the white haze on this girl's body? She is only a stage one body fortification realm cultivator, and she is already about to allow spiritual qi into her body. This is a rare thing and can help a cultivator progress at a much faster pace. Her internals will go through two realms of nourishment, making them ten times stronger than any other cultivator. If you disturb her now, she might lose this sensation and miss this chance. This is what we call a fruitatious experience." The old man said. Only then did the young man look at the young woman and see the white haze. He pursed his lips and flew up into the sky. He would let the young woman off today, but he would not give up on her just yet.

Seeing the young man fly off like a defeated enemy made the old man chuckle. He stretched out his old finger and pointed it at the spot between Kana's brow. A light shot out from the tip of it and entered her head. Only then did the old man nod and fly off after the young man.. "Let's hope this bit of knowledge will be useful to you little one."

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