Reborn As A Dragon Girl With A System - Chapter 831: Training Room Part 1

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Chapter 831: Training Room Part 1

"Okay, all set!" Kana dusted her hands off as she looked at the barrier she had set up. "Tomorrow, I will begin forming each of your chaos cores. Then I can fill the space with chaos energy and allow you all to cultivate it. The only problem is Angelica…." 

Kana tapped her finger on her chin as she fell into thought. "Mama…. As a what if…. What if we made a portal to the soul realm here and allowed the energy from within to leak into the second floor?" 

"Yes! That would work! My baby is so smart! This will also help everyone else well as they can slowly refine the energy to strengthen their souls." Kana smiled brightly as she rubbed Angelica's head, causing her to giggle. 

"Then let's do just that! I will lend you my power. Angelica, you form the portal and make it so no souls can escape to this realm." Kana could do it herself, but since her daughter suggested it, she would let her daughter form the portal. 

"Okay!" Creige, Rain, and Yana all stepped back and watched from the side as Kana placed her hands on Angelica's back. Seconds later, a bright golden light emerged from Angelica that surged with power. Angelica's eyes opened wide in surprise before her lips curled up into a proud smile. 'Mama will always be the strongest!'

Angelica reached out with her index finger and began writing symbols in the air with her divinity. Slowly but surely, line after line of symbols formed in the air. When she finished, Angelica clapped her hands together, causing the symbols to all to begin to line up and spin in a circle, and within seconds, a portal half the size of a person appeared in the air. Looking at the portal, Angelica nodded her head in satisfaction. "This portal will allow only the energy from the soul realm in and nothing else. I even made it so that if a soul does try to pass through it, the soul will be dispersed and turned into a dense clump of soul energy."

"Very well done." Kana smiled and hugged Angelica from behind. She then turned to look at Yana. "Yana, I have a very important task for you."

"Anything for Mama!" Yana smiled happily. She felt much better ever since she got her powers back. So she was eager to help her Mama.

"I want you to teach me your sword stances. As the Goddess of Beginning, you are as close to chaos as it gets. Your sword stances mixed with chaos will be something that will shake the multiverse. And…" Kana rubbed her nose…. "I only know a few sword techniques and want to mix my inheritance with your sword stances." 

Kana still had to learn the next set of techniques from Tina which she planned to do in the next few days, but she also wished to learn Yana's sword stances that are strong enough to destroy worlds if she so wished it.

"We will need a place we can destroy, though. My sword stances are not something we can just practice anywhere. In the realm of blood, I trained in a basement training ground. And that was before I was as strong as I am now." Yana said with pursed lips. She did not know this world, so she did not know a safe place to use her techniques. Because if she was going to help her Mama, she would show her the true power of her attacks.

"I built a training room inside the mountain." Creige suddenly spoke up. "The day Kana left for the mystic realm, I decided to make a training room so we could work on our training. I figured in a world we do not know a lot about, it was best to have a place where we could train in secret." 

Kana hopped over to Creige and stood on her tiptoes, and kissed his lips before smiling brightly and hugging him. "My Handsome Husband thinks of everything." 

"Mmmm! Handsome Papa is the best!" Yana's words gained nods from the rest of the girls. 

"I will set up a strong protective barrier and hope that we don't blow the side of the mountain out." Kana said as she grabbed Creige's and Yana's hands and pulled them towards the stairs. She wanted to go check out this training room right away. 

The group walked downstairs and to a newly carved out room that had carved stone steps leading down. The group traveled down in a  spiral for almost an hour before coming to the entrance of a room so big that it looked bigger than the mountain itself. "Criege, how deep did you dig down?"

"Ummm…. I am not sure at that time my cultivation method had me full of energy, so I was using creating this training room as a means of exerting that energy."  Creige cheeks slightly flushed. Kana was gone for so long, and he couldn't release his pent up energy at all.

"Well, it is definitely big enough, and now…." Kana waved her hand and a three layered barrier formed on the walls and ceiling. "It should be protected."

"Alright, Yana, test it out." Kana did not know how strong her barriers were. And since she was learning Yana's sword stances, she could not only see the stances but also test the barrier at the same time.

"Okay!" Yana licked her lips. She had not used her sword skills in so long. She walked to the middle of the training room and stood in the middle of it. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She let her breath out slowly as she grabbed the hilt of her sword. "First Stance: In the beginning, there was nothing."

The ground around Yana began to tremble as it suddenly caved in under an extreme force of gravity.  Fifty blades shot out from Yana's position in a cone in front of her, tearing time and space itself. As the blades ran across the floor of the training room, the ground underneath caved in under the pressure of gravity. 


The blades all hit the wall of the training room at the same time, causing a massive distortion.  Suddenly a great suction force could be felt as a mini black hole began to form. Seeing her daughter's power firsthand, Kana smiled as she reached out and grabbed the air with her hand. The mini black hole that was at least ten Kana's tall began to compress until it was the size of a basketball and disappeared, only to reappear in Kana's hand and shrink down even further.  She examined the black hole with great curiosity as her eyes began to glow with a black light. The pressure around Kana began to rise, causing Creige and even her daughters to retreat a few steps. "My baby really has grown…."

Kana clenched her fist, making the black hole disappear as he stepped forward. "Everyone, please get back."

Yana hurriedly moved to the other side of Kana and joined the others, who all quickly backed away. Kana closed her eyes and got into the same stance as Yana. Her sword began to quiver with excitement as if it was anticipating what Kana was about to do. 


The whole floor of the training room caved in, causing everyone to quickly retreat into the air as Kana's voice, which was soft yet echoed through the room, was heard: "First stance: In the beginning, there was nothing."

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