Reborn As A Dragon Girl With A System - Chapter 832: Training Room Part 2

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Chapter 832: Training Room Part 2


No one knew if Kana ever drew her sword. Within an instant, a massive black hole formed as Kana's attack hit the barrier she had set up. She stood there under the suction of the black hole with a small smile on her face. Another barrier had formed around her family as they all watched the destructive power in front of them.

If not for Kana's barrier, the attack that blew out a large coned gorge that revealed the molten core of the planet, the planet itself might have just been cut in half.  Kana flew over to the black hole that had formed and floated in front of it. She watched parts of dirt and debris along with magma from the planet's core slowly flowed into it. She reached out with her hand and stuck it inside the black hole before pulling it out, but as she did, she had something in her hand. It was a large clump of blackish ore that looked like it had its own universes within it. "Hmmm… Handsome Husband will like this." 

Kana smiled as she waved her other hand, causing the black hole to shrink before grabbing it and crushing it. The room once again became still as Kana turned and flew back to her family with the ore. "Creige, I got you something!" 

Creige looked at the ore in Kana's hand, and his eyes went wide in shock. "This is…. Universal  ore!?"

"Have you seen this before?" Kana asked.

"Yes, only once, and it was the size of a pebble. But this…. This came out of that portal?" Creige asked.

"That portal is what is called a black hole. It sucks in all kinds of matter and does not allow it to escape." Kana answered before turning to Yana and saying: "But I must say, Yana, your first sword stance was amazing. I had kept my power output to ten percent, and it still did that much damage." Kana truly did not use all her power. She dared not to but even with her restraining her power output to ten percent, it was still too much.

"Mama is not fair! It took me a while to learn these sword stances, and you did it on your first try, and that is a stance that I created after merging two separate styles!" Yana complained, but she still smiled. She was amazed at how strong her Mama had become.

"Hehe…" Kana rubbed her nose." "I do wonder what would happen if I were to merge the stance with my new abilities."

"This nothingness you were talking about?" Creige asked. He was quite curious about Kana's new abilities. He was in no way jealous of Kana's newfound strength, in fact, he was very happy Kana was so powerful and could protect herself no matter what came to be.

"Hmmm…. Instead of using gravity as its core, it could be a supporting power that would weigh enemies down while the actual strike would be made of nothingness." Kana explained. She could feel that if she were to merge her new abilities into her sword attack, like how she had death element in her sword qi, it would mean that she could easily erase anyone that touched it. 

"That does sound like it would be plausible. You could also try it with your life element. It would heal, would it not?" Creige wondered if the sword stances could be used in two different ways. While it could certainly be done with normal sword strikes or even without a weapon, he saw the ability to heal an entire planet with one swing of a sword. It was more of how it was done that interested Creige.

Kana pursed her lips as she placed the ore on the ground. "While it would definitely be fun to try, the problem is that….. I haven't had a chance to unlock my life element yet…."

"Mama, is the life element hard to control?" Angelica asked. She was the one who fought the Goddess of Life, well, more like she was the one who insta killed the Goddess of Life. So she did not have a good grasp of the life element.

"I am not sure. While I can feel the power within me, it is like it is locked, like I must find some kind of key to unlock my powers." Kana answered. 

"What about asking the old man?" Rain suggested.

"Hmmm…. I guess I could." Kana lazily reached out to her right, causing a tear in time and space to form. Her hand went into the tear, and seconds later, an old man was pulled out with a very confused expression on his face. 

"Kana, you really want to give this old man a heart attack!?" The old man yelled out.

"Hehe…" Kana mischievously grinned. She was getting even for all the crap this old man had put her through. But her grin only lasted a few seconds before her expression became serious. "I brought you here because I need to know how the life element works."

The old man had frowned slightly but nodded his head soon after. "I figured one day you would ask me about it. The Life element needs an event like the death element to awaken. It is a fundamental law for those who are to become the goddess of life. Even I can not change this rule, or it would destroy the whole concept of life for the person who is to use the power."

"An event, huh?" Kana couldn't help but frown. She did not like events to unlock her powers. She looked at the old man who was standing there looking up at the ceiling and bowed her head. "Thank you for your help. And sorry for abruptly bringing you here."

"It's fine. Just give me a heads up next time." The old man waved Kana off before walking over and placing his wrinkled old hand on her head. "Do not try to rush things. Your life element will one day become another strength for you. I will return. If you need me, like I said before, just send me a message first."

"Mmm… Thanks…."

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