Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! - Chapter 1015 - What Is She Planning

Chapter 1015: What Is She Planning

Principal Cao was so furious the veins on his temples were popping out. He had no choice but to ask the teachers to look for Ye Jian. “Ask Ye Jian to come up. Rush the police too. See where they are at.”

“Principal, it’s useless even if Ye Jian comes.” Mrs. Tong had remained quiet all these while but she opened her mouth now. “You should probably be able to see that Yao Jing wants to force Ye Jian to come.”

This has nothing to do with Ye Jian but Yao Jing kept mentioning her. Mrs. Tong’s expression was starting to turn cold.

“I don’t have a choice. I can only ask Ye Jian to come. Go and look for her.” Principal Cao could only take a step back. As long as she comes down, he would be able to settle everything one by one! The Provincial No.1 Middle School couldn’t handle a student that wanted to commit suicide without any reason!

Yang Heng controlled the anger in his heart after Mother Yao hit him a few times. He gritted her teeth and asked Mother Yao, “Aunt, ask yourself. What does this have to do with Ye Jian? What does your daughter committing suicide have to do with her? Don’t say things against your conscience.”

“How is she not responsible? My daughter is in danger now. My daughter wants to see her! How dare she not come? Yang Heng, do you want to see Jingjing committing suicide? Tell me! Do you really want to force Jingjing to die?” The moment she thought of her daughter being forced to commit suicide, Mother Yao couldn’t maintain her composure anymore. She scolded anyone she saw.

After she finished shouting, she started calling her daughter’s name. “Jingjing, don’t do anything stupid. Mom has already asked Ye Jian to come up so that she can apologize to you. You can’t scare me. Don’t scare your mom.”

Just like Yang Heng, Ye Jian didn’t know why she had to apologize to Yao Jing.

“You don’t have to say anything. Just listen to what she has to say.” Mrs. Tong brought Ye Jian to the roof. Along the way, she reminded Ye Jian gently, “Yao Jing’s mother is present too. Just now, she even hit Yang Heng. You have to be careful.”

Ye Jian’s expression was more light-hearted than before. At the start, she couldn’t confirm that Yao Jing wouldn’t commit suicide. Now, she was sure that she wouldn’t.

“I will answer her questions. I will not open my mouth voluntarily.”

“Right, you just have to answer her questions. Also, as for the apology, just bear with it first whether it’s right or wrong. When she comes down, we can talk about it slowly.” Mrs. Tong felt the same way as Principal Cao. The school wouldn’t keep a student like Yao Jing. They would persuade her to leave the school.

At 9.40 am, close to half an hour after Yao Jing ran to the roof and 20 minutes before the math exam ended, Yao Jing secretly glanced at the first floor… The police hadn’t come and they hadn’t set up the jump cushion.

But, the person she was waiting for hadn’t arrived. Ye Jian… wasn’t here yet!

Mother Yao cried until she leaned weakly on the teachers. However, she was still persuading her daughter to come down while blaming Yang Heng for not speaking up for her daughter. She said that he disregarded their relationship that lasted for more than ten years and helped outsiders bully her daughter instead.

“Can you stop talking?” Father Yao clenched his phone tightly. He didn’t dare to get close to Yao Jing. As he dialed some numbers, he warned his wife against saying anything that would make their daughter unhappy.

He was calling the police station to ask them to send someone over as soon as possible.

The moment Ye Jian reached the roof, she felt the extremely tense atmosphere there. Everyone’s nerves were on their edge because of Yao Jing. They were afraid that something would happen to her.

“Why did you come?” Yang Heng frowned when he saw Ye Jian. He lowered his voice and said, “Something is amiss. When I said that I can just repay a life for a life, she seemed very happy.”

Yao Jing was happy when Yang Heng wanted to repay a life for a life?

Ye Jian furrowed her brows tightly when she heard this. “What is she planning? Didn’t she want to jump herself? Is she trying to force you to jump?” If that was the case… Yao Jing’s mind was extremely distorted!

Her thinking wasn’t normal at all!