Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! - Chapter 1391 - Standard Template

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Chapter 1391: Standard Template

Ye Jian’s steps were very fast. After walking a few steps, she saw the young and immature faces of the four young men behind her. She couldn’t help but smile, “If you don’t walk faster, I’m afraid that you will have to accompany me for the entire afternoon to complete the tests.”

“I’ve asked the squad leader. If I finish my morning test in one and a half hours, I’ll be just in time to catch up with our class’s test when I get back. It’s starting soon. If we walk faster, we’ll be just in time for the gathering.”

Another class was running their 1,500 meters on the field. Two girls stood at the front and shouted. The entire class started running.

One round, two rounds, three rounds… The girls who were shouting the slogan gradually fell behind. The boys who were shouting the slogan till their throats were sore also gradually distanced themselves.

The sun continued to emit heat. Every student’s training uniform was drenched in sweat. As they ran, they could see their sweat scattering.

No one gave up. All of them ran till their faces turned ‘hideous’ just to persevere and win.

At around 3 pm in the afternoon, the sun was as powerful as it was at noon. The students who could squeeze water out of their training clothes felt that their bodies were about to dry up. The male students who were running more fiercely pulled down the collars of their training clothes, revealing two distinct pieces of skin. They were tanned above the neck and fair below!

The boy who was running closer to Ye Jian unintentionally glanced at the skin on the back of her neck.

The boy who noticed it first widened his eyes. He thought that he had seen wrongly and looked again carefully. It was indeed a sunburned wound. He signaled the other three boys with his eyes.

Ye Jian noticed the small movements of the four of them. She raised her hand and touched the sunburn that hadn’t recovered. “The consequences of being exposed to the sun will probably take half a month to recover.”

“Did you… train somewhere else?” Finally, a boy asked. After asking, he immediately introduced himself. “I’m Qian Yanjun, Datong City.”

“I’m Wei Jiaming, Zhejiang Province.”

“I’m Hu Huan, Xi’an City.”

“I’m Ge Jinglin, Dalian City.”

After introducing themselves, the distance between them seemed to have shortened. Ye Jian said, “I’m Ye Jian from the Southern Province. Nice to meet you.”

“Hehe, we all know you. You’re the top scholar of the National University Entrance Examination. We’ve seen your name in the newspapers. We just didn’t know that you were in the same class as us.”

“That’s right. I didn’t expect you to want to apply for military school too.”

The topic was easily diverted. When they returned to the gathering point of Class Three, the four boys didn’t ask Ye Jian if she was training somewhere else.

Ye Jian didn’t want to answer them. She didn’t want to lie to her classmates either so she changed the topic.

The five of them returned to the team and followed the squad leader’s instructions. One by one, they completed the three horizontal bar exercises.

The fourth horizontal bar exercise was to pull the body upward, leap backward on the bar, support yourself with both hands and cross one leg on the bar. At the same time, the exercise needed to be done a certain amount of times to qualify.

The four students from the horizontal bar team took turns to start the test. The atmosphere became tense and serious.

The one month of military training was for today’s test. No matter if they passed the previous tests or not, they would grit their teeth and complete the tests today as long as their bones were still intact.

“Ye Jian, go!” The student in charge of marking and counting reported Ye Jian’s name. In an instant, she walked out and grabbed the horizontal bar. Ye Jian became the focus of the class again.

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