Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! - Chapter 1627 - Female Special Forces

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Chapter 1627: Female Special Forces

The more he spoke, the colder Commissioner Cai’s expression became. Principal Chen frowned when he heard this.

He didn’t expect his comrades from Ye Jian’s mother’s military unit to come to Fujun Town! He didn’t expect that the news of Ye Jian dying would be spread!

Three years after her death… Wasn’t that when Ye Zhifan was transferred to Fujun Town?

Principal Chen couldn’t help but say, “The situation is extremely complicated. Someone put in so much effort to stop you from meeting Ye Jian. At the same time, they even instructed Ye Zhifan and his family to cripple Ye Jian so that the truth will never be revealed.”

If her biological daughter didn’t investigate the truth behind her mother’s death, who would?

No one would pay attention to something that happened more than ten years ago. No one would investigate this matter intentionally either! Even if it was Old Cai, he might not have investigated it if he had never seen Ye Jian.

After all, it had been too long. Who would remember?

Uncle Gen didn’t want Ye Jian to investigate further. If not, he wouldn’t have kept it a secret for so long.

However, if Ye Jian insisted on investigating, he wouldn’t stop her.

Commissioner Cai frowned even more. He fumbled in his pocket and took out a pack of cigarettes. Holding the cigarette, he bent over and lit it by the fire. He smoked a few times before blowing out a string of smoke. He kept thinking about it.

No, he couldn’t let Ye Jian take the risk. He couldn’t let Hongmei’s only daughter take the risk. If something happened to Ye Jian, he wouldn’t be able to answer to Hongmei!

Principal Chen didn’t say anything. Whether they investigated or not…. He and Uncle Gen had the same thought. As long as Ye Jian walked far and stood high, they didn’t want her to lose her happiness because of hatred.

“Old Chen, leave Hongmei’s matter to me. If there’s any news, I will tell you in time! I waited for so long before I knew that Hongmei’s daughter was still alive. As long as Ye Jian wants to investigate, I will definitely help her.” Commissioner Cai finished his cigarette without any expression on his face. The high-ranking police commissioner of the Public Security Bureau said in a deep voice, “Hongmei saved my life. Now, it’s time for me to pay with my life! Brother, tell Ye Jian not to move for the time being. Let me do it!”

Principal Chen didn’t say anything else. He just asked, “Why must we investigate?”

“Brother, let me tell you about Hongmei. After you hear it, you will know why I should.” Commissioner Cai’s eyes turned gentle again when he mentioned his comrade who died. He recalled his youth.

That year, the country started to form a female Special Forces unit. It was used to carry out special and dangerous missions that male soldiers couldn’t complete. Red Plum stood out from more than 6000 female soldiers and appeared in their unit in a clean military uniform. She became a flower in the unit.

She was even more skillful than a male soldier. One of her comrades accidentally made a grenade. Just as a major accident was about to happen, Red Plum kicked the grenade away.

One male soldier was bitten by a venomous snake. Without a word, Red Plum helped him and saved the male soldier’s life.

When there was an avalanche, it was Red Plum who dragged two male soldiers who had broken their legs back without caring that she could die.

After entering the desert and encountering a sandstorm, the entire team got lost. It was Red Plum who saved 20 lives!

He would have died at a certain border, but it was Red Plum who risked the rain of bullets to save him. Her calf and shoulder were even pierced by bullets.

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