Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! - Chapter 1628 - Punishment

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Chapter 1628: Punishment

Don’t underestimate Hongmei. She was a female soldier whose bravery and fearlessness made the male soldiers respect her!

“Brother, Red Plum was good. She’s worthy of respect. That year, the prime minister personally gave her a red flag because he knew about Red Plum’s heroic deeds and called the entire army to learn from her.”

As long as Sun Xueqing was mentioned, Commissioner Cai’s sitting posture was the same as when he held a meeting in the military unit in the past. His back was straight, and his legs were slightly crossed. His hand that was holding the cigarette rested on his knee respectfully. There was no need to mention the expression on his face. It was solemn and respectful!

Principal Chen didn’t know much about Ye Jian’s mother. After listening to everything, this world-class sniper was full of respect for this martyr. “So Ye Jian’s mother was really this great! Brave and fearless and not afraid to sacrifice for her comrades.”

“But this child is stronger than Hongmei. Too many emotions won’t influence her!” Commissioner Cai exposed the biggest difference between the mother and daughter. “Hongmei’s most lethal flaw was her soft-heartedness. She’s very soft-hearted and trusts others very easily. She always thought that people are kind, but she ignored the complexity of human nature.”

“Ye Jian is different. Although I only met Ye Jian once, her handling of matters is much better than Red Plum. If Red Plum was able to make a prompt decision in the past, things might not have happened as they did.” Although he didn’t find Ye Jian, Commissioner Cai felt he didn’t make a wasted trip.

As long as Red Plum’s daughter suspected his mother’s death and wanted to investigate, he would be at ease!

“Although I suspected that Red Plum’s death was suspicious, I have never thought of going back to investigate. After all, seventeen years have passed. Also, a few things happened in Red Plum’s team that year. After sending away Red Plum, the entire team threw themselves into a new mission. I was the same.”

“It was more than half a year when we came back. At that time, I felt that Hongmei’s death was suspicious, but I didn’t think too much about it because of the time issue. This time, when I saw Ye Jian, this child didn’t know much about her mother. It made my heart hurt.”

“Her mother was so outstanding. She dedicated her entire life to the country, but her child doesn’t even know what kind of soldier she was. This shouldn’t be!”

“To let Ye Jian understand her mother better, I went back to the old military unit. However, I realized that there was not much information about Red Plum in the old military unit. I asked those young soldiers… No one knew that there was such a respected martyr who was their senior!”

The sparks in Commissioner Cai’s eyes seemed to have turned red. He clenched his fist placed on his knee and even the cigarette butt that was still burning in his hand.

He was too angry. He didn’t even feel the cigarette burning his palm.

“This is intentional! This is to erase Hongmei’s existence completely! A soldier died for the country, leaving her daughter. Someone not only wants to erase her existence but also wants to cripple her daughter. This person is evil!”

Towards the end, tears were shimmering in the eyes of the police commissioner!

Even Principal Chen gritted his teeth.

If he was serious, those people must be punished!

What on earth was it that even the traces of a person’s existence had to be erased? A soldier who died for the country and had outstanding military achievements became an unknown ordinary person!

How dare they be so bold!

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