Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! - Chapter 1629 - Justice Will Not Be Late

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Chapter 1629: Justice Will Not Be Late

Commissioner Cai’s voice turned colder. It was like the north wind in the extreme cold. It was so cold that it could chill people’s hearts. “If I don’t stand up, I will feel guilty towards Hongmei! I will feel guilty towards my conscience!”

“Old Cai, I would like to thank you on behalf of Ye Jian!” Principal Chen’s expression was serious. He would not stop Ye Jian from investigating the cause of her mother’s death anymore. This was no longer a personal matter!

This concerned the honor of a soldier!

Commissioner Cai heaved a sigh of relief and shook his head. “I can’t accept Ye Jian’s thanks. I was too careless. I thought about it many times, but I always thought that I was thinking too much. That year, if I persevered a little more, everything might have been different.”

He never left his briefcase. He took out a small phone book and passed it to Principal Chen. “This is the contact number of the comrades who were friends with Hongmei in the past. They were comrades that Hongmei risked her life to save. I contacted four comrades who have a certain status now. I will lead the investigation on Hongmei’s death.”

“When I contacted them, I knew that they suspected that Hongmei’s death was not simple. This is their contact information. If anything happens, Brother, you must let Ye Jian continue investigating. You can’t stop until you find out the truth!”

Principal Chen took the phone book. “Ye Jian once wanted to investigate her uncle, Ye Zhifan. Later, someone reminded her that someone was supporting him secretly. Old Cai, if you want to investigate, you can start with Ye Zhifan.”

“There’s also Grandma Ye and her son-in-law, Sun Yaozu. You can investigate them. I think you will find something. However, you have to be careful. We haven’t touched these people until now because we are worried. We don’t want to alert them and ruin Ye Jian’s future.”

Commissioner Cai, who had a serious expression on his face, narrowed his eyes slightly. His expression was not only cold but also contained a hint of killing intent. “This person must have an extraordinary status. His family background must be extraordinary too. He’s either from the military unit or someone from his family is in the military unit.”

“Brother, don’t worry. We will take note of it. We won’t let anyone find out easily! I’m not afraid of accidents. I just need to seek justice for Hongmei! Justice for a soldier!” Even her past deeds were secretly erased. How could they not be angry?

It was not too late to reveal that there was a problem with Red Plum’s death.

The sky was starting to change. Those dusty pasts, those late truths, one day, they would wait for the truth.

Justice will not be late. Persistence is important!

Winter was a cold season. It was a season where everything was sleeping and waiting to wake up. After Principal Chen sent away Commissioner Cai, who came for justice, he stood under the roof for a long time and didn’t return to his room. He stared at the sky until it was slightly blue and white before sighing.

Uncle Gen, I’m sorry. He’s going back on his words.

He wouldn’t stop Ye Jian from finding the truth behind her mother’s death. He wouldn’t hide the past anymore. Ye Jian must know the truth and help Sun Xueqing find the glory a soldier should have!

It finally started snowing in the mountains in December. It was the first snow of the year. It started snowing around 5:30 AM. At 6:00 AM, it started snowing heavily.

Ye Jian and the rest finally wore the cold-proof clothes and cold-proof pants in their luggage. At first, the military map was easy. Now, it seemed especially bulky. It seemed to affect their sensitivity.

“Everyone, check your equipment, count your bullets, and confirm your accurate shooting positions!” With the command of the two captains, the team members, who looked bloated, moved exceptionally agilely and quickly counted each other’s equipment.

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