Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! - Chapter 1630 - Don’t Be So Amazing, Female Soldier

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Chapter 1630: Don’t Be So Amazing, Female Soldier

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Next was the 300-meter distance limit of 100 accurate shots. Everyone only had three minutes to inspect, count the bullets, equipment, and confirm the shooting target. They needed to complete it quickly.

No one spoke. The north wind that blew was filled with killing intent. It was intimidating.

The forest was filled with the sounds of guns being checked. Ye Jian smiled slightly while listening to these familiar sounds that made her blood boil.

She liked this sound. It was so bright and lively. She liked the moment when the bullet was fired from the barre, and the recoil came. She felt as if the sound of her bullet was running around her heart. She felt motivated as she listened to it.

“Checked! Clear!”

“Checked! Clear!”

“Checked! Clear!”

In less than three minutes, the team members were already reporting one after another. Li Jinnian, who was leaning against Ye Jian, lowered his head slightly. His cold voice, which was mixed with the north wind, became even colder. “The front is synchronized. In the back, you completed ten bullets before me! According to the calculation of 0.15 seconds for every single bullet, you need to complete changing the magazine and exchanging rifles with me within 15 seconds.”

“Yes, I will calculate the time, and the number of bullets fired.” Ye Jian nodded. Her calm voice was filled with confidence. “I will control the time. Don’t worry.”

Ye Jian didn’t feel unfamiliar when she cooperated with the Demon King again.

She held the gun in her hand. In her heart, she only had eyes for the gun in her hand. When she aimed at the target and pulled the trigger, she could feel the gun barrel hitting the back of the bullet shell violently. The gunpowder gas expanded in the bullet shell in an instant. The burning gunpowder produced gas and pushed the bullet with lethal force. Bang! The gun sounded, and the bullet flew out of the magazine. The first bullet was fired!

Yes, that was it. The crosshairs and the gap were placed on a parallel line. The bottom line of the target was formed into a three-point line. Without any hesitation, she pulled the trigger, and the bullet passed through the center of the target.

The bullet flew out and landed on a rock in a perfect trajectory. With a ding, the first bullet was fired.

Some people said that 300 meters was a blind shot within the range of light machine guns. It was a suppression of firepower. However, for a sniper, even if they were holding a rifle, they only had one goal— to shoot accurately!

This was what Uncle Chen had taught her. There wasn’t a single bullet from a sniper that could be wasted. She needed to ensure that every bullet hit the target without missing a single one. She needed to complete her mission 100%.

She remembered everything UncleChen said to her. She would never forget it.

After taking a few steps forward, another gunshot was heard from the forest. It was from Ye Jian’s rifle again. In less than six seconds, she completed her second shot. She hit the target 100%!

“The second bullet was fired,” Ye Jian reminded Li Jinnian in a low voice. At the same time, she moved forward quickly. Even though she carried 25 kilograms of combat equipment, it didn’t affect her mobility or agility.

Li Jinnian was stunned for a second. There was a 300-meter distance limit for 100 accurate shots. One could shoot while walking. Everyone knew that the further the shooting distance, the harder it was to be accurate!

However, she aimed at the target after checking the gun and fired her first shot accurately!

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