Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! - Chapter 1968 - Who Will Have The Last Laugh?

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Chapter 1968 Who Will Have The Last Laugh?

“Hahaha, you wretched girl. Your mother called me her little brother back then. Who else could she trust if she didn’t trust me? Betrayal? Pfft! I did a good job and earned a lot of money. How could she make me give up on being rich with just a few words?”

Sun Yaozu stood at the same spot and said fiercely. His other two bodyguards walked toward Ye Jian.

Ye Jian, who was still retreating to the corner of the wall, heard that her mother previously called Sun Yaozu her little brother. Her eyes darkened.

Her grandfather did not have any sons!

“My mom doesn’t have a younger brother. She only has one younger sister, Sun Dongqing! Sun Yaozu, don’t try to claim connections with my mom.” If she really called Sun Yaozu her little brother, there were more things that needed to be explained.

When her mother died, she was holding a dagger in her hand. There were no signs of fighting around her, which meant that Sun Yaozu, who was stabbed by her, was actually beside her mother at that time. Her mother discovered something, so she hurriedly raised the dagger and stabbed him. Unfortunately, she was shot to death before she could finish him off.

“My surname is Sun. Your mother’s surname was Sun too. Is there a problem with her calling me her little brother?” Sun Yaozu smiled sinisterly. His fierce eyes were filled with killing intent as he stared at Ye Jian. He gritted his teeth and said, “I’ll remember the injury that blinded my eyes! I’ll make you pay for it today!” “Catch her and press her to the ground!”

When the two bodyguards heard the order, they didn’t hesitate any further. Instead, they pounced on Ye Jian.

They thought that they would be able to lay their hands on Ye Jian easily. In the end, Ye Jian rolled on the spot and dodged agilely. At the same time, she rushed toward the exit that she noticed earlier.

If there was wind, it meant that the flow of air was smooth.

This was the exit that led to the underground garage. The bodyguard from South Asia was guarding this spot. He didn’t expect the girl who was dragged in by the hooligans to be so agile. When he reacted and reached out to grab her, he only managed to grab a corner of Ye Jian’s clothes.

Within a few seconds, Ye Jian rushed out of everyone’s sight. Even Sun Yaozu, who had been staring at her intently, didn’t have time to react.

When he finally realized what was going on, he roared angrily, “F*ck! Go after her! I f*cking hired a bunch of trash!”

The four bodyguards lifted their sleeves and chased after her.

Ye Jian had already rushed out of the exit of the second-floor garage and was heading toward the entrance of the villa. Now, she needed the people sent by Hou Zi to distract the bodyguards.

Hou Zi’s assistant wasn’t an ordinary assistant. Ye Jian walked past him and saw a few figures chasing after her. He immediately knew what he should do.

Ye Jian heard the meow of a wild cat and quickly hid. Soon, four figures were seen running over.

The three people guarding the villa were already tied up. Even the three people who were chased out by Sun Yaozu were tied up and thrown into the van they drove over.

Six of them were tied up while four bodyguards were chased after her. Sun Yaozu was the only one left in the huge villa.

When he saw Ye Jian coming back, before he could say anything, Ye Jian knocked the back of his neck with a broken wooden chair leg… His fat body instantly turned limp as he fell down.

When the two people who came in with Ye Jian saw this, they lifted Sun Yaozu and left without saying anything.

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