Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! - Chapter 2076

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Chapter 2076: Setting A Trap

Even though Ye Ying interrupted Sun Dongqing in time, Ye Jian had already recorded what she wanted to record. As expected, it was Staff Officer Du!

In her previous life, Ye Ying did not join the army but successfully married into the Du family.

In this life, if she joined the army, she would probably be able to marry into the Du family all the same.

However! A ruthless glint flashed across Ye Jian’s eyes as she stared at Ye Ying for a while. Then, she smiled lightly. This smile made Ye Ying suddenly panic. Especially the look in Ye Jian’s eyes, which was like a sharp knife that suddenly brushed past her scalp. It made her feel cold.

Before she could calm down from her panic, she heard Ye Jian say to her slowly, “Ye Ying, even if you enter the capital city’s political regiment, you’re just a literary soldier. Even if you have a chance to become an officer, I belong to the field army. Can a literary soldier like you extend your hands into the field army?

“Don’t you dare try to mess with the field troops. My leader won’t let you do whatever you want. Ye Ying, what do you think the troops are? People you can abuse your power on?”

Her voice was majestic and powerful. Every word was like a sudden thunderclap, causing Sun Dongqing to panic.

She turned to Ye Ying. “Is she telling the truth? Isn’t it possible with Staff Officer Du? It’s…”

Ye Ying was also stunned by Ye Jian. She was in a daze for a moment. Sun Dongqing had already uttered the name of the person she shouldn’t call out.

Ye Ying was so shocked that she exploded. “Mom, I’m going in for a check-up! Come in with me!”

Not again! Dad had repeatedly reminded her not to let anyone know who sent her into the army, but her mother couldn’t help but mention Staff Officer Du!

Fortunately, she didn’t say anything else. She only mentioned Staff Officer Du… So what if the wretched girl heard the name? She had no evidence that Staff Officer Du was helping her!

Ye Ying, who was panicking, quickly calmed down. However, she didn’t dare to talk to Ye Jian anymore. Sun Dongqiang still hadn’t reacted. She only thought about how her daughter wouldn’t be able to deal with Ye Jian after entering the army… If that was the case, what was the point of being a soldier?

“Yingying, I think—”

“Mom, I’m going for a check-up now. Stay with me and stop talking!” Ye Ying said in a low voice. Her voice gradually softened. “Dad already said not to mention Staff Officer Du. Mom, you can’t be so impulsive!”

Sun Dongqing, who had wanted to say, ‘I think you should transfer to the field troops’, was shocked when she heard this. Her eyes flickered, and she was rather uneasy. “Did I mention Staff Officer Du? Did I really?”


She did. She even said it twice. It was all recorded on Ye Jian’s phone.

Although Ye Ying stood a good chance of entering the army in this life and marrying into the Du family again, changes could happen before she formally entered the army.

The capital city’s political regiment? Did she really think she could enter as she pleased?

Ye Jian’s cold and sharp gaze met Ye Ying’s. They could see the hatred in each other’s eyes. That was right. She and Ye Ying had to fight!

The door of the examination room opened and the doctor came out. Ye Ying pulled Sun Dongqing in. The door of the examination room on the other side opened. Principal Chen and the attending doctor walked out while laughing.

Ye Jian turned off the recording and greeted him with a smile.

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