Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! - Chapter 63 - Rescue

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Chapter 63: Rescue

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When the man heard that the little girl knew Battalion Commander Yang, he quietly put away the pistol. As he spoke, his voice was already too weak to be audible. “Little girl, run to tell Battalion Commander Yang that the target has been alarmed.”

“We will be there soon. Don’t talk. Save some strength. We will tell Battalion Commander Yang when we see him,” said Ye Jian with a cold and stern look on her face. Even when the nearly 1.8-meter-tall soldier was leaning on her, she was walking at a steady pace.

Battalion Commander Yang was answering a phone call. As he heard the cold voice from the phone, his facial expression was unprecedentedly grave. “Okay! I will send troops to search immediately! I will report to you as soon as I hear any news!”

“The target is the number one foreign spy from the Southern Province, please be careful!” A low-pitched and cold male voice, which contained a majestic chill, was heard from the phone. “I will arrive at Fujun Town ten minutes later!”

Ye Jian appeared at the camp post, surprising the two soldiers who were on guard duty.

One soldier called to inform Battalion Commander Yang, while the other one carried the injured man on his back, running into the camp.

Battalion Commander Yang happened to be running out from the camp with the military surgeon. They immediately laid the man gently on the stretcher.

“It is a gunshot wound on his left shoulder. He has lapsed into a coma due to excessive blood loss. The wound is likely to be infected, and it needs to be treated immediately.” As soon as Ye Jian saw Battalion Commander Yang, she told him every detail she knew. “The Chunyang Grand Hotel is fishy. Five foreign men have arrived there. One of the foreigners has the accent of Hongkou City and is injured!”

Hongkou City Accent! Was it not…? Gazed at Ye Jian, Battalion Commander Yang said in a deep voice, “Girl, it is going to be a long night for you.”

“You go back to the dormitory first. The military surgeon will handle the wounds of this soldier.”

Ye Jian slightly tightened her eyes and whispered, “Uncle Yang, there is only one military surgeon here, right? I’m afraid that is not enough. I know a little about gunshot treatment. Let me go with you.”

When this girl talked, her demeanor and words would always be inexplicably convincing. Barely pausing, Battalion Commander Yan nodded, “All right, you may assist the surgeon.”

Ye Jian was in medical school for more than a year, and her professional knowledge was better than the medical students. She could do more than just acting as a paramedic.

But tonight, she could only assist the surgeon. The 14-year-old Ye Jian had never been exposed to gunshot wounds, except for learning some theoretical knowledge in the army.

Injecting anti-inflammatory drip, cleaning up the wound, removing the bullet to clean the wound again… As long as the military surgeon needed anything, she could immediately hand it to him, and she could even aptly use the sterile cotton cloth to wipe the sweat from the military surgeon while he was pulling out the bullet.

When Xia Jinyuan came in, he saw a slender figure standing beside the operating table. As Ye Jian heard his footsteps, like a sentinel on guard duty, she turned around to look at him coldly, with a scalpel in her hand.

“It’s me, Xia Jinyuan,” he said in a low-pitched voice. As he took off his combat helmet, his handsome and exquisite face was revealed.

Wearing a land force combat uniform, Xia Jinyuan looked fiercer and gloomier than when he wore the military suit. The moment he came in, the entire infirmary was filled with the lethality on battlefields.

Ye Jian became relieved and exhaled lightly as she learned that it was Xia Jinyuan who had entered the room.

The military surgeon was conducting debridement of the necrotic tissues of the shoulder of the wounded soldier. Without raising his head, he said to Ye Jian, “Left raking light. Prepare the one-time pulse-type debridement flusher.”

Ye Jian glanced at the surgeon, immediately handing the tweezers equipped with the left raking light to him. Meanwhile, she also prepared the one-time pulse-type debridement flusher, which would immediately flush the wound to prevent anaerobic infection once the bullet was removed.

Ye Jian remained focused, whether Xia Jinyuan was present or not.

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